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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Zatanna

    Beach Magic with Zatanna

    A Zatanna guide by The_Dycer
    Last updated: Mar 1st, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/solo-lane-zatanna
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    Why Zatanna on Coast City?: She works wonderfully as a solo laner or support. Her wave clear is insane so she can help a team push, or hold a turret for a good amount of time. And finally her team fight abilities are amazing. She will nuetralize your most potent enemy with her ult allowing your team to focus them right out. 

    Mods: Since you can easily see them, let me just cover the reasoning. The power pen is there for a reason. Having higher early pen means that you can afford a level or two into your passive early if and when you need it. Your passive increases will regen and power armor. This is a double bonus for when you want to stay in lane longer. 

    Build Path: Start Nil Ring, 2 health and will pots. Rush Abin Sur's T2 and then build Eye of Ekron. Take it up to T3 before picking up Logoz and going T3 Abin Sur's and capping Ekron. Explanation: This is a math equation to be quite honest. You are investing your money to achieve the highest yeild possible out of her kit in form of buffs/debuffs and damage. 

    Now your goal is to cap Starheart as soon as possible. Once you do, a E+Q combo in the middle of their team will be decimating. Most teams don't prioritize power armor until end game so this also works in your favor. 

    Now for your decision making! If they have a lot of AD, or just focusing you hard, you can never go wrong with Neron's. If they have a lot of PD, you may want to consider picking up Entropy Aegis or Oa Gambit. You should have one item in the end game dedicated to your defenses.

    If the game is still going, you have some extra credits, and the enemy is building a lot of power armor, building Book of Eternity is not a bad idea. Remember, this is only a good idea if the enemy has a lot of power armor. 

    Playstyle: You are a ranged carry, keep distance as you poke and farm. Poke with your Q and E+Q combo. Sometimes you can combo a lane clear and E+Q poke together for a very effiecient use of your skills. Whatever you do, don't waste a lot skills in lane. If you do, you will run out of will too fast. Whenever an enemy dives you under your turret, turn them into a rabbit. If they get most of the way in before you do so, it will be the easiest kill you will ever get in the game. Also remember to use it when your jungler ganks. It is an easy way for one of you to secure the kill.

    In teamfights you will be off most use to your team if you stand back and cast your combo. E+Q into the largest group of enemies possible. A well placed combo can decimate a team's health before the fight really begins. Remember to save your ult for the most important target. This changes game to game so use your discretion. You may need ult Wonder Prime as she starts to ult, a Mecha Wonder Woman or Arcance Supergirl to stop their ults from melting your team, or that assassin who excels at destroying your adc and escaping.

    Whenever doing a mop up, or cornering an out of place enemy, use your W on them so your whole team can get to them, not just you. Even with the recent nerfs, the slow is still really strong. 

    Congratulations! You have survived another one of Dycer's guides. Remember to use the rating system. Any guide you think is good should get a thumbs up by you, and every guide you think is trash should get a downrate. Do you think I missed something? Comment. I love hearing other people's thoughts on build and strategies, and not even I catch all my errors. 
    Latest comments
    Weird as this guide comes online my guide of Zatanna loses more than 10 points I think...
    6:12 am, Dec 15th, 2014
    I put mine up and see how they fair. I really don't care what other people post unless it is blatantly bad. An easy example is suggesting to mod/build mega rod on Marksmen.
    6:58 pm, Dec 15th, 2014
    Why buy Marauder's ring if you don't kill jungle?
    4:19 am, Dec 15th, 2014
    Early power penetration. There is no other effiecent way to get power pen early game anymore in IC.
    6:57 pm, Dec 15th, 2014