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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Atomic Poison Ivy

    COAST CITY: Play Like A Pro! Bot Lane Support!

    An Atomic Poison Ivy guide by MinervaDH
    Last updated: May 11th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2044-Atomic-Poison-Ivy-COAST-CITY-Play-Like-A-Pro-Bot-Lane-S
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    Atomic Poison Ivy is an Enforcers, also known as a TANK and she is a Power Damage Melee Champion. It is her responsibility to jump into the middle of a team fight and absorb as much of the damage as possible to take the stress of it off of her team and crowd control the enemy team to prevent them from killing your team. You need to be aware of the placement of the enemy team in reference to your own. You need to keep an eye on who the enemy team is focusing so you can position yourself to provide the most defense for the team. You must also keep in mind not to take on avoidable damage. What I mean by this is that if you can avoid it and you team will not be hurt by it, then avoid it!



    Please READ OVER in the above skill highlighted section what each skill does. The more you understand the skills, the better you will be at using them/timing them perfectly! Ivy's POISONED EARTH (Q) is GREAT for wave clearing when you need to push. If your lane partner wants to be aggressive and push very hard (with a jungler ganking). Place your WALL OF THORNS (E) for the droids to walk through then use your POISONED EARTH (Q) on the creeps for a quick wave clear to push the lane up as far as possible while your bot lane opponents are dead. Your BRAMBLE RAPTURE (W) and WALL OF THORNS (E) are your Jungler's best friend when you are in early game to lock down the target. Her ultimate SECRETS OF THE FOREST (R) us VERY UNDERWHELMING, however, it an be useful if you want to hide your allies position in key fights, but note that as soon as they attack they will be visible form your stealth so this is more about perfect placement for an attack while stealthed not necessarily for long term buffs. In team fights mid-end game remember to lock down the marksmen, assassin and blasters (depending n who is in the fight at the time). You always want to focus on the most dangerous enemy champion.



    The key is to know how to adjust your build based on your team composition and whether you are a full group (in communication with all of your members or a partial group of 2-4 people). NEXT, know your items and know your options. The key is to figure out what items and what Teir that item needs to be as you progress through the game.

    THIS GAME IS HIGHLY SITUATIONAL! While the CORE ITEMS are KEY, you NEED to be able to adjust to the game and team comp of both you and your opponents. Play around with the build and figure out what works best for you. ALSO please keep in mind that certain items have fallen out of rotation in both CASUAL & PRO matches for a reason. Even if your enemy is beating you with a certain build DOES NOT mean it is superior. It is a combination of their Team Composition and Team Work.



    These starter items are ideal on all Enforcers (that are Bot Support) for not only their stats, but also their actives and passives that increase the chances of your team winning/surviving team fights.

    Nil Cloak This items gives you 100 Health and + 10 Health Regen per 10s. This is an ideal starting weapon for laning early game for its health and health regen for lane sustain. Passive - Toughness: Blocks 8 damage from Champion Basic Attacks.
    Olympus Gambit (1) Ideal as it gives you + 75 Health additional health early game. As you level this up you will get both attack/power armor and a push to activate team shield.
    Modular Health Vial (2) Restores 125 Health over 15 seconds. Each use consumes 1 of 2 charges. Charges are refreshed when returning to base. Charges are reset to 0 on upgrade.



    Olympus Gambit (2) Ideal for bottom lane support for the laning phase of the game for its Passive - Investment:When sharing Drone credits with one or more allies, the overall value is increased by 20%. As with all credit sharing, this bonus is distributed equally between yourself and nearby allies. Investments do not stack with other Investments, the maximum bonus is 20%. Please NOTE do not upgrade this items past Teir 2 until the laning phase is over (usually once 1-2 towers have fallen on either side). You will need to level this up once your team starts roaming the map to capture objectives OR to team push a particular tower/lane. Olympus Gambit (3) Passive - Olympus Aura: +15 Attack Armor, +15 Power Armor, and +10 Health Regen per 10s for all nearby allies. Olympus Gambit (4) Passive - Bastion: Activate to reduce damage taken by 25% and reduce damage dealt by 25% for 3s (60s Cooldown). At Teir 4 you get both the Olympus Aura and Bastion, these are both ideal to increase the chances of your team surviving.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) Will, Health , Cooldown Reduction and Movement speed as well as its Active - Mercury's Gift: Gives you 25% Move Speed buff to all nearby allies for 2s (60s Cooldown). I always build it on EVERY support as it is key for retreating or chasing down the enemy team (DON'T CHASE if they are objectives you need more OR IF the enemy team is alive and missing from their lane AS THEY MIGHT be trying to lead you into an ambush.

    Metallo's Heart (3) Health, Attack Armor & Cooldown Reduction. It's Passive - Dampening Aura: Causes -20% Attack Speed for all nearby enemy Champions. The area of effect of this item use to be very small, however, it has since gotten increased and is great for team fights with your other Crowd Control and Team Buffing items.



    I would NEVER build an items that was STRAIGHT DAMAGE. As a tank it is your role to absorb damage, while dealing some damage is also crucial considering building the items listed below to get the best of both worlds survive ability and damage.

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) Health, Power Damage and its Passive - Skill Harrier: Causes your targets damaged by your skills lose 20% Move Speed for 1.5s (10% for multi-target skills). This work AMAZING with your POISONED EARTH (Q) and you ULTIMATE SECRETS OF THE FOREST (R). This will slow them down in a team fight and prevent them from an easy escape or chasing your team mates. This is supper annoying for the enemy team especially considering the lock down you already have with you BRAMBLE RAPTURE (W) and the slow of your WALL OF THORNS (E).

    Fragment Of Mogo (3) Gives you Health and Attack Armor. Its Active - Burning Core: Activate to deal damage over time to all nearby enemies. Deals 20 Power Damage (20 + 4% (0) Bonus Health) and then 10 Power Damage (10 + 2% (0) Bonus Health) each second decaying to 5 Power Damage (5 + 1% (0) Bonus Health) over 10s (90s Cooldown) is that extra but of damage in a team fight.

    Cosmic Belt (3) Gives Health and Power Damage. If you are looking for a defensive itmes that gives you a little power damage as well. Not to mention its Passive - Devestating 2: gives you +15 Power Penetration to help get through enemy power armor.



    Kryptonian War Armor (3) This is the ideal Power Armor item to build as it gives Health, Health Regen, Power Armor and Movement Speed. The movement speed is nice as Ivy is not the fastest moving champion. In addition its Passive - Vitality 1: +20% Healing received, is GREAT for your recovery after a team fight. the reason this is great is because you could run into another team fight before you get the chance to return to base and heal up. This is ideal for when a few of the enemy team escapes OR comes back from their death before you can make it to base. This items gives you a bit of recovery for multiple fights. You could build Mirror Master's Prism (4) which gives Health, Power Armor and its Passive - Deadly Mirror 2: Gives 20% Power Reflect. HOWEVER, I would stick with just one power armor item as the majority of the time the attack damage Marksmen and Assassins are the most dangerous for damage. I would only build 2 power armor items if the team has at least 2 blasters and/or a tank like , , and they are stacking power damage over thier traditional build styles to add to a stronger pool of power damage champions. EVEN IF THE ENEMY TEAM POWER CHAMPION IS NOT A MAJOR THREAT. I would STILL build Kryptonian War Armor (3) for all of its other benefits.

    Suit Of Sorrows (4) Health, Attack Armor. Its Passive - Mirror Defense 2: Gives 15% Attack Reflect. This is another great option to deal some damage back to the Marksmen and Assassins.



    I wold suggest building one or the other not both when it comes to these items.

    Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) Attack and Power Armor: Active - Lazarus Effect 1:: If you would fall to 0 Health, you instead gain a shield worth 250 + 85/level, your Attack Armor is set to 45 and your Power Armor is set to 35, and you become Suppressed. If the shield is unbroken after 4s, the remaining shield is converted to Health and you regain 50% Will (4 minute Cooldown).

    Mobius Core (2) Active - Purge: Activate to purge negative status effects and gain a decaying Move Speed boost for 5s (60s Cooldown).



    These MODS can be changed depending on what part of the above items you want to focus on building. Keep in mind you want to choose items that are going to best buff both you and the team for surviving in team fights, let the Assassins, Marksmen and Blaster worry about building damage. You need to worry about absorbing damage and reducing the damage dealt to your team and crowd controlling the enemy team.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) Mercury's Gift:Activate to give nearby allies a 35% Move Speed boost for 4 seconds.
    Metallo's Heart (3) Improved Dampening Aura: -25% Attack Speed for all nearby enemy Champions
    Olympus Gambit (4) Improved Olympus Aura: +20 Attack Armor, +20 Power Armor, and +10 Health Regen per 10 seconds

    These augments give you the Best Health and Power/Attack Armor Combined. I build the same augments on all my controllers and enforcers. I build all support champions focusing on tankyness for surviving in team fights more than damage.

    CASTLE: 24.6 Health and 3.25 Attack Armor
    FORTRESS: 3.9 Attack Armor and 3.9 Power Armor
    FORCEFIELD: 20.05 Health and 3.9 Attack Armor
    WOLF: 24.6 Health and 3.25 Power Armor



    Regardless of what type of character you choose to run for Bottom Support whether it be a Controller, Enforcer (Tank) or even a Blaster (for those who like an aggressive push). I always suggest choosing from these listed stolen powers for ALL SUPPORT ROLES. The powers I have listed below are the most beneficial when it comes to sustaining in lane AND in team fights. I explain why each one is ideal and what it can be swapped out with. Please read over and analyze the pros and cons of these stolen powers in reference to your particular play style. There is no sense in choosing powers that do not fit how you prefer to play the game.

    Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave I love this Healing Wave over any other as it gives you additional Attack & Power Armor when you need it most. While I do admit Krypto's Healing Wave has greater lane sustain over time. A lot of the time, these team fights don't last long enough to make the over time healing wave worth it.

    Robin's Surveillance Camera These cameras give you 5 charges instead of 3. This means at mid to end game when your team is roaming around the map capturing objective you can place cameras along your way up to key points to prevent a gank from behind OR from in front of you. This is perfect for the small map of Cost City! Keep in mind you can only have 2 active cameras on the map at a time and they only last for 180 seconds. So if you are traversing the map as you place the next camera to prevent ganks keep in mind you can only have 2 active cameras at your disposal.


    When you are in a pre-made group of 3 or more , then you can change up your stolen powers a little bit. The reason I suggest these alternatives is so you can get an idea which ones usually work best in both PRO and CASUAL matches. ALWAYS keep cameras!

    ALTERNATIVE ONE You can replace Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with Psychic Assault as the targetd enemy Champion loses 40% Move Speed for 3 seconds. I prefer Zatanna's Psychic Assault as it applies a stronger slow and lasts longer, however, Star Sapphire's Psychic Assault which reduces incoming healing as well as slowing is a great alternative. This is ideal for early game ganks for your Jungler and gives that extra bit of crowd control for the rest of the game (use it to slow down an enemy to let your team mate escape or slow one down for that killing blow). When you choose this I suggest your Marksmen/Bot Partner choose the Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with his other Invulnerability Stolen Power.

    ALTERNATIVE TWO You can replace Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with any X-Ray Vision. Which allows your Champion to have increased vision range, can see enemies in Stealth, can see through barriers and into stealth pads for8 seconds. I personally prefer Atomic Poison Ivy's X-Ray Vision as it has a reduced cooldown, however, Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision with its longer vision range is a great alternative.

    ALTERNATIVE THREE As a tank, you may feel that you want a buff in shielding as opposed to healing from the healing wave. While I do highly suggest Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave over this option. I still feel it is necessary to list the best options if you want to forgo the healing (especially if your laning partner has chosen a heal). But keep in mind that while you can heal you allies with the stolen power Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave you can only save yourself with Invulnerability which grants a Shield that blocks 60 damage for 2 seconds. You also need to keep in mind that you can buy items that give team and individual shields. If you want to go with shield I suggest with
    Katana's Invulnerability which grants Attack Reflection and Power Reflection as long as the Shield is active or Doomsday's Invulnerability which has a stronger Shield.


    I Live Stream at Twitch.tv/Minerva_DH

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