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    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

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    Released March 14th, 2014
    2 alternate costumes available
    Champion select: Voice Actor: Travis Willingham
    Strong against:
    Shazam 1 votes
    Wonder Woman 1 votes
    Blue Beetle 1 votes
    Supergirl 1 votes
    Weak against:
    Shazam 1 votes
    Wonder Woman 1 votes
    Blue Beetle 2 votes
    Supergirl 1 votes
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    Mecha Superman's Consume

    Mecha Superman's Consume restores more Health based on your bonus health.

    Deal True Damage to target enemy drone or creature and you are healed. Environmental objects can also be targeted and are destroyed after healing you.

    Drill Attack (Q)

    Cooldown: 8.0s 30 Will

    Mecha Superman deals 60 Power Damage to all enemies in a line, and Stuns them for 0.2s. Any Small Environmental Objects in the line explode, Silencing nearby enemy Champions for 1.0s.

    + 50% Power Damage

    Sunstone Eruption (W)

    Cooldown: 12.0s 45 Will

    After a short delay Mecha Superman deals 55 Power Damage in target area, and creates a Small Environmental Object that lasts for 10s. Any other Small Environmental Objects in this area are destroyed, Knocking up enemies near them for 1s.

    + 40% Power Damage

    Fissure (E)

    Cooldown: 22.0s 85 Will

    Mecha Superman creates an impassible wall for 2.0s, as well as 2 Small Environmental Objects that last for 10s. Using the skill again will dispel the wall early.


    Terraformer (R)

    Cooldown: 120.0s

    Mecha Superman shakes the earth around him, dealing 360 Power Damage over 6s.

    During this time, Agent of Hope activates, and Mecha Superman's Basic Attacks create Small Environmental Objects.

    Damage Over Time:
    + 120% Power Damage + 18% Bonus Health

    Agent of Hope (Passive)

    When Mecha Superman destroys an Environmental Object, he emits an aura for 5s that grants him and his allies 5 Attack Armor, 5 Power Armor and 2.0 health per second.

    If an allied Champion is nearby, Mecha Superman will gain double this healing amount for himself.

    Heal Per Sec:
    + 0.5% Bonus Health

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    Siege Breaker 650
    Five Alarm 650

    Mecha Superman is the result of the fusion of an Earth agro-industrial mechanoid with a damaged Kryptonian probe. The crashed probe was discovered by a young Clark Kent, who connected it to the farm's Agrobot to try to download its data. The probe quickly reconfigured the bot into a humanoid shape, and explained its origin and purpose to the amazed Clark. He dubbed the bot 'KAL', for Kryptonian Artificial Life-form, and hid it from his parents. Eventually, they discovered KAL's existence, but seeing that the bot only wished to continue its mission of exploration, agreed to keep it hidden.

    Clark took it upon himself to teach KAL what it meant to be human. One of Clark's favorite methods was through playing the 'Superman' game. Superman was an imaginary, nearly invulnerable hero created by Clark. In the game, Clark - as Superman - would always save the day, righting wrongs and saving innocents from the evil 'Metallo,' an imaginary villain always played by KAL. However, no matter how many times they played the game, KAL never quite understood its point.

    One tragic day, returning home from school, Clark was killed at the hands of a drunk driver. Initially, KAL couldn't process the idea that Clark was gone forever. However, as it saw Clark's parents struggle with their grief, KAL finally understood the simple and terrible truth behind Clark's game: bad things happen, and the world needs a Superman to protect it.

    Although his hulking robotic form would indicate otherwise, Mecha Superman possesses a curious and trusting nature His remarkable intellect allows him to adapt quickly to any situation, although at times his natural curiosity may distract him from the matter at hand.

    Basic audio

    Champion select

    Rejoining the fight (respawn)

    Victory over another champion

    Level up / new abilities

    Using an ultimate ability

    Champion interactions

    Champion Cash Points Role Universe Difficulty Guides
    Aquaman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    22 guides available
    Arcane Green Lantern 650 5700 Enforcers Arcane 70%
    34 guides available
    Arcane Supergirl 650 5700 Blasters Arcane 50%
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    Atomic Green Lantern 575 5050 Enforcers Atomic 70%
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    Atomic Joker 650 5700 Marksmen Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Poison Ivy 495 4350 Enforcers Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Wonder Woman 575 5050 Assassins Atomic 40%
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    Atrocitus 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Batman 0 0 Assassins Prime 10%
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    Blue Beetle 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 100%
    24 guides available
    Catwoman 650 5700 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Cyborg 575 5050 Marksmen Prime 40%
    26 guides available
    Doomsday 0 0 Bruisers Prime 10%
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    Flash 650 5700 Assassins Prime 70%
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    Gaslight Batman 0 0 Marksmen Gaslight 70%
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    Gaslight Catwoman 375 2850 Assassins Gaslight 40%
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    Gaslight Joker 150 400 Enforcers Gaslight 10%
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    Green Arrow 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 70%
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    Green Lantern 0 0 Blasters Prime 40%
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    Harley Quinn 0 0 Controllers Prime 10%
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    Hawkgirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 40%
    7 guides available
    Joker 0 0 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Katana 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    10 guides available
    Krypto 650 6800 Controllers Prime 80%
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    Lex Luthor 650 6800 Blasters Prime 80%
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    Mecha Superman 575 5050 Enforcers Mecha 70%
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    Mecha Wonder Woman 375 2850 Marksmen Mecha 10%
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    Nightmare Batman 495 4350 Bruisers Nightmare 40%
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    Nightmare Robin 650 5700 Assassins Nightmare 70%
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    Nightmare Superman 575 5050 Controllers Nightmare 70%
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    Poison Ivy 150 400 Controllers Prime 70%
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    Robin 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 70%
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    Shazam 375 2850 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Sinestro 650 5700 Blasters Prime 50%
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    Solomon Grundy 650 6800 Enforcers Prime 30%
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    Star Sapphire 495 4350 Blasters Prime 90%
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    Stargirl 650 5700 Blasters Prime 10%
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    Starro 650 5700 Controllers Prime 70%
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    Supergirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
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    Superman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
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    Swamp Thing 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Wonder Woman 0 0 Enforcers Prime 40%
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    Zatanna 495 4350 Controllers Prime 70%
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