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    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

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    Released January 21st, 2015
    1 alternate costume available
    Champion select: Voice Actor: Maria Canals-Barrera
    Strong against:
    Green Lantern 6 votes
    Star Sapphire 6 votes
    Zatanna 6 votes
    Sinestro 6 votes
    Weak against:
    Superman 6 votes
    Doomsday 6 votes
    Green Lantern 5 votes
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    Hawkgirl's Super Speed

    Hawkgirl's Super Speed allows your Champion to gain a longer Move Speed bonus for each Basic Attack.

    For the next 4s, you gain 20% Move Speed. During this duration, your Champion gains 0.5s for each Basic Attack while Super Speed is active, up to a maximum of 3s, and may move through Champions.

    Mace Throw (Q)

    Cooldown: 8.0s 25 Will

    Hawkgirl throws her mace, dealing 60 Attack Damage to the first Champion it hits. Mace Throw deals 50% damage to creatures and drones.

    Soar: Mace Throw will mark and Reveal the Champion it hits, allowing Hawkgirl to activate it again in the next 5s to dash to the target, dealing an additional 30 Attack Damage and Stunning them for 0.2s.

    + 60% Bonus Attack Damage
    Dash Damage:
    + 30% Bonus Attack Damage

    Soar (W)

    Cooldown: 18.0s 40 Will

    Hawkgirl breaks free from Slowing effects and soars into the air, gaining 15% Move Speed and empowering her next skill use for 5s. Using an Empowered skill will deactivate Soar.

    On Champion kill or assist, the cooldown on Soar is reset.

    Move Speed:

    Haymaker (E)

    Cooldown: 6.0s 35 Will

    Hawkgirl empowers her next Basic Attack within 5s to deal an additional 40 Attack Damage to the next enemy she hits and Silences the target for 1s.

    Using this skill resets your Basic Attack cooldown.

    Soar: Hawkgirl empowers her next Basic Attack within 5s to additionally deal 2.0% (+1% per 50 Bonus Attack Damage) of the target's Maximum Health as bonus Attack Damage and Silences the target for 2s. (Maximum of 225 Attack Damage to non-Champions).

    + 50% Bonus Attack Damage

    Howling Eye (R)

    Cooldown: 120.0s

    Hawkgirl Knocks Up the target enemy Champion for 1s and deals 175 Attack Damage. Additionally nearby enemies are Knocked Back and dealt 50 Power Damage. Each enemy Champion struck by Howling Eye grants Hawkgirl a Shield blocking 40 Power Damage for 3s.

    + 100% Bonus Attack Damage
    Area Damage:
    + 50% Power Damage

    Thrill of Battle (Passive)

    Each Basic Attack against any target grants Hawkgirl 4 Power Armor, stacking up to 4 times.

    The buff resets if she has not Basic Attacked in 5s.

    Power Armor:

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    Fly High with Hawkgirl! (This pun has never been used before)
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    Guide Author Map Score Views Updated Freshness
    Fly High with Hawkgirl! (This pun has never been used before) Anth895 13 3,552 2015-04-09 Practically a fossil
    Armored Vigil 650

    While growing up, Kendra Saunders' father was murdered by a corrupt police officer who had continually harassed their family. She later tried to help people from inside the system and became a police officer herself, but soon felt that she was being held back by the rules and regulations of the job.

    When she was on yet another disciplinary suspension for breaking the rules, she encountered Hawkman. The hero told her that she was a reincarnated Egyptian princess and that the two had been both heroes and lovers in their previous lives. She thought him insane and asked to be left alone. Surprised she didn't remember him, he agreed to leave, but insisted she take the Nth mace and flight harness she had used in previous lives. She took the items just to be rid of him. However, as time passed and she came to the realization that a hero could do things a police officer never could. They could work beyond the rules and do more to help people. She decided to put the equipment Hawkman had left to good use and became the heroine, Hawkgirl.

    In addition to her Nth metal mace and flight harness, Hawkgirl is a martial arts expert. She is a brutally effective warrior and shows little restraint in battle. She will take down her enemy and makes sure they stay down.

    Basic audio

    Champion select

    Rejoining the fight (respawn)

    Victory over another champion

    Level up / new abilities

    Using an ultimate ability

    Champion interactions

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    Aquaman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    22 guides available
    Arcane Green Lantern 650 5700 Enforcers Arcane 70%
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    Arcane Supergirl 650 5700 Blasters Arcane 50%
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    Atomic Green Lantern 575 5050 Enforcers Atomic 70%
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    Atomic Joker 650 5700 Marksmen Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Poison Ivy 495 4350 Enforcers Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Wonder Woman 575 5050 Assassins Atomic 40%
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    Atrocitus 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Batman 0 0 Assassins Prime 10%
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    Blue Beetle 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 100%
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    Catwoman 650 5700 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Cyborg 575 5050 Marksmen Prime 40%
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    Doomsday 0 0 Bruisers Prime 10%
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    Flash 650 5700 Assassins Prime 70%
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    Gaslight Batman 0 0 Marksmen Gaslight 70%
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    Gaslight Catwoman 375 2850 Assassins Gaslight 40%
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    Green Arrow 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 70%
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    Green Lantern 0 0 Blasters Prime 40%
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    Harley Quinn 0 0 Controllers Prime 10%
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    Joker 0 0 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Solomon Grundy 650 6800 Enforcers Prime 30%
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    Star Sapphire 495 4350 Blasters Prime 90%
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    Stargirl 650 5700 Blasters Prime 10%
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    Starro 650 5700 Controllers Prime 70%
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    Supergirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
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