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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Krypto

    In Yo Face Tank Krypto Support

    A Krypto guide by JJarJarGanks
    Last updated: Mar 30th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2314-Krypto-In-Yo-Face-Tank-Krypto-Support
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    Welcome to the In Yo Face Tank Krypto Guide.

    Hi my in-game name is BlasphemyHD a support main. This guide is my thoughts about the new champion Krypto and how I enjoy playing him in the bot-lane. A little information about me before the guide begins; I have a 70% win ratio in Coast City, and a 65% win ratio in Gotham Divided. Furthermore I want to say I am not a pro player and you are more than willing to not agree with me at any point during this guide. I'm currently 21 years old and live in Chicago, Il .

    Krypto Strengths and Weaknesses


    -High Mobility
    -Good amount of CC (Crowd Control)
    -Huge shield (more in-depth when we get to skills)


    -No sustain during laning phase
    -Cooldown's are pretty long
    -Percents to skills are low (more in-depth when we get to skills)


    Items are a dime a dozen and are always going to change game to game. There are a two item's I do get every game.


    Olympus Gambit (2) I enjoy to get this item simply for the defenses and health it gives early game. Investment 20% increase to gold on pick-up or last hit also starts to build over time. Not to mention a 20% increase well sharing coins with another player is allowing you to actually build credits over a shorter period of time compared to a counter part lane without investment. Furthermore the defenses of this item and health it gives early game allow you to be a tankier threat and harder to kill.


    Abin Sur's Lantern (2) Abin Sur's Lantern is a must get item every game. The percent of will to your skills is rather low for my liking but the will building over time still is huge to keeping teammates alive with your shield. Furthermore the flat 100 Will and 10 power damage allow for just a bit more damage into the early phases of the game making trades a bit easier for you and your Attack Damage Carry. This item is my second buy and I don't go further then tier 2 until the really late phase of the game. Damage is not your priority in this build. I build this item right after my investment.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) This is a MUST BUILD ITEM! Amulet of Isis is the most effective item for any support. You get cooldown reduction, will and health. This item not only makes your shield harder to deal with but the 200 health you get from tier 3 makes you just that much harder to kill. Now to it's active Mercury's Gift. Mercury's Gift is Grant a 25% Move Speed buff to all nearby allies for 2s (60s Cooldown). 35% if modded for 4s with the same cooldown. This item gets you into fights and out of fights and is the bread and butter of every engage and disengage for every support.


    The Starheart (3) If you are looking for a more offensive build to Krypto and want to deal high damage this is a good item to look at. I'd never tell you to actually build your Krypto into a damage build but if that's what you're looking for this is the item for you. 100 power damage, and it's passive giving you extra damage on all of your skills this is the Item Deathcap's from League Of Legends.

    Cosmic Staff (3) Another good item to build if you are a damage enthusiastic player. Giving you 70 power damage, and it's passive of dealing damage over time with every skill you use. Again I would not recommend building into damage this is another good item to build.


    Metallo's Heart (3) This is another bread and butter item to building against any Attack damage carry. 200 health, 50 Attack Armor and 10% cooldown reduction. It's passive of reducing all enemy's attack speed by 20% is huge giving your carry a lot better trading and just overall a higher chance to win those fights.

    Entropy Aegis (3) This is another bread and butter item to building against any power damage carry's. 250 health and 40 power armor. It's passive of blocking a skill at tier 3 could be the reason you live or die when being focused heavily by a bursty champion like Sinestro.

    I know I did not go over all the defensive item's but like I said at the start of this subject item's are meant to be build based off the team you are facing against. Item's like Suit Of Sorrows (3) is a good attack damage defensive item and Kryptonian War Armor (3) is a good defensive item against heavy power damage teams. Choose for yourself what item's you think are going to benefit you and your team going further into the game.

    Situational Items:

    Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4) A very good overall item Gorilla Grodds is good against really heavy CC (Crowd Control) teams. It's passive Psychic Shield: APPLIES a Shield that blocks 40 damage (40 + 6/Level + 8% Bonus Will) to a target for 3s. While the shield lasts, the target is immune to Disables. (60s Cooldown). It also gives you 15 resilience, 400 will, and 10% cooldown reduction. My problem with this item is it's good for a will-build and not for a tank heavy build. Also you lose the investment going into tier 3 of this item. It's cost is really high and could take a while to build if behind.

    Other situational items are more will-build items like Steel's Breastplate (3) You decide your build as again do it based off the enemy team. If you want to apply larger shield's to your teammates the will-build is the build for you.

    Stolen Powers:

    Stolen Powers are again based off what you are playing against. It's hard to choose which two you are going to use as if you are playing soloq or even with friends you don't see the enemy team until the game has already been launched. The two stolen powers I enjoy the most are Krypto's Healing Wave and Robin's Surveillance Camera Overall these two power's allow for vision of enemy gank's and a heal that is a small health pot allowing for better sustain or just a good heal bait for a easy kill. Other really good stolen power's are Zatanna's Psychic Assault and Blue Beetle's X-Ray Vision Getting a psychic assault can help secure kills and X-ray vision can help clear enemy vision allowing for easier ganks.

    Mods & Augments:

    Mod's are always a problem for me because there are so many good mods you could use. I personally enjoy using Olympus Gambit (2) mod for +50 health making me tankier early game. Furthermore Amulet Of Isis (3) mod for the passive to be +35% speed buff for 4s is a must use mods. Finally Abin Sur's Lantern (2) to allow stacking every 45s and on kill or assist. The Olympus gambit mod can always be changed for something you prefer more I would recommend [[Gorilla Grodd's Helmet(4)]] for +200 will, or even for 5% extra cooldown. Choose what you enjoy more. If you do mod Gorilla Grodd's do not build Olympus and get Gorilla Grodd's investment.

    Augments are as well for you to decide . I enjoy being tankier in the early game with flat Armor, Health and Power Armor and Health.

    Abilities Order:

    Cooldown: 100.0s
    Krypto barks, unleashing a POWERFUL blast of air in an area in front of him, dealing 150 Power Damage to all enemies and PULLING all those hit towards the center of the blast.

    Cooldown: 16.0s 45 Will
    Krypto rushes a fixed distance at TARGETED ally champion or unit. Krypto and allied champions he passes through gain a Shield that blocks 50 damage for 3s. Krypto can Shield himself without rushing.

    Vigilance: Krypto's shield potency is enhanced.

    After Dashing with Fetch! Krypto's NEXT Basic Attack or Skill within 3s gains a bonus.

    Basic Attack: Deals Bonus 10 Power Damage and Roots the TARGET for 0.50s.
    Man's Best Friend: Shield potency increased by 25%.
    On the Hunt: Enemies are DEALT 50 Power Damage.

    Cooldown: 18.0s 85 Will
    Krypto howls, demoralizing nearby enemies, causing them to lose 15% Attack Speed (+1% per 250 Bonus Will) for 5s.

    Vigilance: On The Hunt also deals 50 Power Damage to all enemies within the area.

    FETCH! (Q)
    Cooldown: 12.0s 35 Will
    Krypto tosses his bone to TARGET location, Revealing the area for up to 5s. During this time, Krypto can reactivate the skill to dash to the bone, dealing 65 Power Damage to all enemies he passes through and Slowing these TARGETS by 30% for 3s (+1% per 250 Bonus Will).

    Allies can pick up Krypto's bone and throw it twice as far as Krypto can. Krypto is immune to disables while dashing. Krypto can pickup his bone to refresh the Cooldown.

    More In-depth Ability Talk:

    Krypto is a hard champion to play and even harder to master. His ability Fetch enhances all of his other skills making your choice either life or death for your teammates or self. His enhanced Man's Best Friend makes his shield harder to break through allowing for you to keep someone alive longer. Or his enhanced fetch is a small root when maxed is 1.25s allowing for easy kills or follow up CC (Crowd Control). And finally his enhanced On The Hunt applies 50 power damage to all enemies in the area. I would never use the enhanced On the hunt unless you are in lane and are doing his unique trading combo. Q-E-W. if you Fetch into the enemy applying his slow followed by On The Hunt for extra damage and finishing with a Man's Best Friend to an Ally Champion or Minion you can apply some early pressure. If you are trying to engage I recommend his W-Q-AUTO ATTACK-E By using Man's Best Friend on the closest Ally to the enemy you want to engage on you apply your shield to a large amount of your allies and getting you closer for your Q Fetch which will apply a slow on all enemies passed. Follow it with an auto attack on the largest threat for the root and an AOE E On the Hunt for the attack speed debuff. If you have Ult you can apply this as well for a good full team CC (Crowd Control) Continue to use your W Man's Best Friend for the entire fight. Using it on the lowest ally champion.


    This was my in-depth Krypto Guide thanks for reading. I enjoy playing Krypto and look forward to getting better with him, I hope to see you in-game and if I do I hope to see you using my guide as a good way to get better with Krypto. Again thanks for reading and any questions feel free to add me in-game at BlasphemyHD
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