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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Robin

    Mystery's Robin guide! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    A Robin guide by o0OMysteryO0o
    Last updated: Jul 9th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2323-Robin-Mystery-39-s-Robin-guide-UNDER-CONSTRUCTION-
    4,680 0


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    Robin is my second favourite champion, he is very strong and underrated. This guide will show you his true potential.

    How do i play Robin?
    I play Robin as an early support/farmer. Robin does very well late game but lacks early game damage, mobility and stickiness. Robins power comes from him allowing to stick to targets and annihilate the carries of the enemy team. Robin can get kited very easily as he has longer cooldowns, because he has only one gap closer and because he is a melee champion. Late game I play him as a support/assassin, as he will have all the items necessary to destroy a carry without letting them escape. His ultimate supports his allies greatly and does lots of AoE damage, it can turn the tides of a fight completely.
    Good with
  • Gaslight Batman
  • Mecha Wonder Woman
  • Catwoman
  • Joker
  • Green Lantern
  • Stargirl
  • Star Sapphire

    Robin works well with many champions, mainly ADC's and Will users that use abilities a lot such as the Joker. His passive allows his allies to attack the marked target and regain Will/Energy and also deal bonus damage. He is a great support early game and works well anywhere. Top lane, bottom lane and even the jungle.
    Bad against
  • Mecha Wonder Woman
  • Gaslight Batman
  • Blue Beetle
  • Nightmare Batman

    Robin is bad against enemies that can keep the distance away from him. Ranged ADC's are the main threats to Robin. Mecha Wonder Woman especially since she has a great escape ability and also Gaslight Batman. Robin can also lack against champions that can duel better, like Nightmare Batman.
    Amazing late gamer.
    Able to stick to targets very easily when he has his items.
    Lots of damage and also pretty tanky.
    Reflects damage back to attackers.
    Amazing at a duel.
    Built in lifesteal and movement speed.

    Weak early game.
    Very item dependant.
    Can't do anything against kiting enemies.
    High cooldown abilities until you get cooldown reduction.
    Team reliant.
    Not good when outnumbered.

    Vault Kick (Q)
    Robin dashes forward. He applies This Guy!, Knocks Back, and deals 70 Attack Damage to the first enemy he hits, and then rebounds off of his target.
    Damage: 70 > 115 > 160 > 205 + 75% Bonus Attack Damage
    Cost: 50 > 70 > 90 > 110
    Cooldown: 13 > 12 > 11 > 10

    This is Robin's main gap closer and damage ability. This ability should be used wisely as it has a pretty long cooldown. It applies his passive, which allows you to do some neat ranged vault kicks for the passive whilst damaging enemies and supporting your teammates. If Robin's Bo Master is in effect when he uses this ability, he will go through the enemies he hits instead of vault kicking away from them. This is perfect for initiations for your ultimate, and if you can hit a whole team with Vault Kick then it can do surprising damage.

    I max this first to do the most damage possible to enemies and also to keep it on a low cooldown so I can use it more often.

    Bo Master (W)
    For 4s, Robin gains 30% Attack Reflection, and his Basic Attack targets lose 7.5% Move Speed for 2s. The Move Speed reduction can stack up to 2 times.
    While Bo Master is active, Vault Kick will pass through and damage all enemies, instead of applying Knockback or This Guy!.
    Slow: 7.5% > 10% > 12.5% > 15%
    Cost: 65 > 75 > 85 > 95
    Cooldown: 12 > 11 > 10 > 9

    I love this ability, it is a great defensive ability that allows him to reflect 30% of attack damage back to attackers. It is amazing to use when you are being attacked by an ADC. It also reduces the movement speed of enemies by a max of 15%, stacking up to 2 times making it 30%. This stacks with your Lobo's Chain for a total of 60% movement speed reduction at full build and max level.

    I max this last, as the Lobo's Chain is more better and because the Attack Reflection does not increase per level.

    Dynamic Duo (E)
    Robin and his target gain 9% Move Speed, 4% Attack Lifesteal, and an additional 25% Will and 25% Energy restoration from This Guy!.
    If he targets just himself, Robin gains 6% Attack Lifesteal.
    Move Speed: 9% > 10% > 11% > 12%
    Lifesteal: 4% > 6% > 8% > 10%
    Cost: 30 > 40 > 50 > 60

    Great ability, it gives not only you but also an ally a movement speed buff and a lifesteal buff. Also, the affected target gets an additional 25% will/energy from the passive. This is amazing to use on ADC's, it will allow them to get so much more health back and it will also keep their Will more sustained through the early game by a little bit.

    I max this third, the lifesteal is good enough early game and it also costs very little Will which allows you to use it more often for sustain. The movement speed also scales worse off. Also, Robin's Q and passive are more beneficial for the burst damage.

    Emergent Leader (R)
    Robin deals 175 Attack Damage and Knocks Back enemies in the area.
    For 8s, plus 2s for each enemy Champion struck, Robin grants 12 Attack Damage and 12 Power Damage to nearby allies.
    Damage: 175 > 255 > 335 > 415 + 80% Bonus Attack Damage
    Bonus Damage: 12 > 18 > 24 > 30 + 1% Bonus Health

    This ability is a game changer. It not only does devastating damage to the enemy, it also buffs your nearby allies and gives them 12 Attack Damage and 12 Power Damage maxing at 30 damage for each attack type so make sure you stay in range of your allies unless it is vital not to. An example is if an ADC is running away with low health, it is more vital to take the ADC out. If the ADC is dead then stay with your team, the bonuses are small but for 4 teammates that is huge when it affects them all at once. The bonus damage also increases by 1% of your bonus health, which should be 7 bonus Attack Damage and Power damage making it 37 each.

    I max this whenever possible. The damage increases a lot and each damage buff increases by 6. This ultimate is a game changer, and can destroy an entire enemy team if it hits them all.

    This Guy! (PASSIVE)
    Trigger (Cooldown: 12s): Robin's next Basic Attack will mark his target for 6s. The next Champion to damage the marked target will consume the mark, dealing an additional 30 Attack Damage to the enemy and regaining 30 Will or 15 Energy.
    Damage: 30 > 45 > 60 > 75 + 6% Bonus Health
    Energy: 15 > 20 > 25 > 30
    Will: 30 > 45 > 60 > 75
    Cooldown: 12 > 10 > 8 > 6

    This is why Robin is also a great support. Robin's attacks will make a mark on the target he attacks. When Robin or an ally attacks the marked target, they regain Will/Energy. They will also deal extra Attack Damage. The Attack Damage scales with 6% of your Bonus health. This should increase the damage by 42, making the total 117 damage which is a good amount of burst damage when combined with a basic attack. It can destroy a health bar if your attack crits with the Velocity 9 Implants.

    I max this second, this passive allows Robin to do some great burst damage to enemies in lane by using Vault Kick and an ally's basic attack. Because Robin is very Will hungry early game, this passive removes that con and allows him to keep his Will up as well as his ally's.
    Stolen Powers
    Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave
    This is one of the best stolen powers in the game in my opinion. This power restores the same amount of Health as the normal healing wave, but it also increases all affected allies Attack Armor and Power Armor by 8 for 3 seconds. This will allow all teammates to survive a little longer in a fight, heck it can even turn the tides of a loosing fight sometimes. The Heal, the Attack Armor and the Power Armor increases per level. It also scales well with Robin's R.
    Flash's Super Speed
    This is a great stolen power. It gives Robin the movement speed he needs to catch up to an enemy. Is your Q on cooldown? don't worry, just use Flash's Super Speed. Amazing stolen power. Another stolen power can be Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera which is great for keeping vision for enemy ganks.
    I focus on defensive Augments. This build focuses on Damage, so I get the best Augments for defence to enhance my tankiness. The health Augments scale well with his abilities as well.
    +24.06 Health (G)
    +2.32 Move Speed (B)

    This augment provides Robin with some early game Health, this allows him to survive a little longer in lane. The movement speed helps a little bit for mobility during the early game which he really needs.
    +3.01 Health/lvl (Max 57.19) (G)
    +2.32 Move Speed (B)

    This augment is very similar to Tsunami, but instead gives a weaker bonus early game and a stronger bonus late game. It gives Robin some late game health which is beneficial for surviving longer in the late game. The movement speed remains unchanged however, but it is still what Robin really needs.
    +3.9 Attack Armor (S)
    +3.9 Power Armor (S)

    This augments provides Robin with some early Attack Armor and Power Armor. This is vital as we will not be building much Defence until later in the game.
    +0.39 Attack Armor/lvl (Max 6.08) (S)
    +0.32 Power Armor/lvl (Max 6.08) (S)

    Very similar to Fortress but it is weaker early game and stronger late game. It provides Robin with some late game defence against Attack Damage and Power Damage, it also scales well with the bonus health from Landslide. Because we don't build as much defence, we need this to remove that con.
    Core Items
    Modular Tektite Vial (3)
    This is extra sustain in the lane, you have built in lifesteal but it is a very small amount and will not heal off the damage you take very well. Your Will can also run out in the early game. Overall a great item for early game sustain. I will not recommend any other item.
    Nil Weapon
    This is also extra sustain and damage. It gives Robin some early game sustain when attacking minions, it also allows him to do a little jungling without loosing much Health. It also gives you some Health which allows you to survive longer. Perfect for Robin.
    Lobo's Chain (4)
    This item is core to your build, the main reason is because of the slow it gives you. The slow can combine with your W for a total of 60% movement speed reduction. Amazing for sticking to targets. It also gives you 30 Attack Damage which is quite a lot and 300 Health, which is perfect. It scales well with your Abilities. This is the perfect item for Robin, always take this item.
    Velocity 9 Implants (4)
    This item contains all of Robin's needs. It gives you Move Speed, Attack Speed and 25% Critical Chance. It's passive increases your Move Speed by 5% when you attack a target. It scales well with your slows as well making you harder to get away from. The main reason I like this item is because of the modification, which I will explain in the modification section.
    Huntress' Crossbow (3)
    Another core item, this item gives you 40 Attack Damage and 30% Attack Speed. It allows Robin to basically deal more damage. The Attack Speed allows him to get more attacks in whilst his E is in effect. This makes his duel's much more better. The passive makes all basic attacks deal bonus Attack Damage equal to 4% of the targets current health. It basically shreds enemies who stack health. Core item, great damage and I would not recommend another item.
    Offensive Items
    Joe Chill's Revolver (3) (My recommended item)
    This item is amazing. It allows your Critical Strikes to deal lots of damage as well as giving you lots of Attack Power. The extra Attack Power heavily affects the damage of your Abilities and the Critical Damage allows you to quickly burst down an enemy. Basically a massive damage boost to yourself.

    The best time to buy this is if the ADC does not build much Attack Armor. It will allow you to burst them down easily if they don't.
    Cheetah's Claw (4)
    This item is a great way to sustain yourself. It gives you 12% Attack Lifesteal and 30% Attack Speed. It is an item you should take if you duel a lot. The active increases your Attack Speed by 50% for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown). It basically means that nobody can duel you and you can win 1v1 fights almost every time. It is also good to burst down a target (usually the ADC) which means it is a great item overall for stacking your W quickly and dealing the most possible damage.

    A good time to buy this is when you duel a lot. If you are focused by an assassin and you need to boost your potential to 1v1. It is also best to take this item if your enemies (especially the ADC's) don't built much Attack Armor.
    Atomic Axe (2)
    This is a great item for the late game. It gives you 40 Attack Damage and 35% Attack Penetration. It helps when dealing with tanks or ADC's that buy an Attack Armor item. You don't need to worry about the ADC's that stack Health as your Crossbow can destroy that.

    The best time to buy this item is when the enemy (especially the ADC) has an Attack Armor item, otherwise you should consider the Cheetah's Claw or Shade's Cane.
    Defensive Items
    Metallo's Heart (3) (My recommended item)
    This item is godmode. It reduces the Attack Speed of all enemies nearby by 20%. This completely DESTROYS the ADC's damage and allows you to survive longer to dish your damage out. I adore this item, I <3 it and I would recommend that you always get this. First your ultimate buff, second your heal for extra defence and now a debuff for all enemies. You will be a crazy support/assassin/tanky guy. It gives lots of Health and Attack Armor as well. Even 10% Cooldown Reduction to allow you to use your Abilities more.

    This item is best taken if the enemy has an ADC or multiple ADC's, basic attack champions really. I still love it and I take it almost every game.

    If someone else has it in your team, then you should consider the Suit of Sorrows or the Ra's al Ghul's Robe.
    Mirror Master's Prism (4)
    This is a great defensive item as well. I take it almost every game. It gives you 20% Power Reflect which basically allows you to return ANY damage taken with your W. It also gives you Health and lots of Power Armor. Amazing item and scales well with your W and Metallo's Heart.

    The best time to take this item is if you keep getting bursted down by power Champions, it will ignore their skills and prevent some serious burst damage.
    Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2)
    If you keep getting burst down by an assassin or if you keep getting fully focused, I would take this. This item allows you to take even more damage for your team whilst you are down, it keeps the enemy from attacking your carry and such. You should replace this with the Prism. The Metallo's Heart is so useful against ADC's that I consider it more viable than the robe.

    The best time to take this is if you keep getting burst down by assassins, or if you keep being focused in teamfights. It allows you to soak even more damage so they can guarantee your death. But this saves your teammates from damage in the process.
    Suit Of Sorrows (4)
    Another great item. The reflect will scale with your W giving a total of 45% Attack Reflect. The reason I don't normally take this is because Robin already has a built in 30% Attack Reflect. Building this is only a bonus 15% whereas the Mirror Master's Prism has 20% Power Reflect and you have no built in Power Reflect. The prism scales so much better with your W making you very dangerous to attack from any source.

    The only time to take this is if the enemy has a full team of Attack Damage champions, it would be much more viable then to keep you safe against Attack Damage champions. Otherwise, you need the Power Armor and the Power Reflect more.
    My modifiers focus on catching up to enemies, dealing more burst damage and also escaping bad situations. I have not built many items to help with escaping and I have only built items that either allow me to stick to targets, give me damage or give me tankiness. So I also get a modifier that increases my chances of escaping bad situations as that is something this build lacks.
    Empowered Lobo's Chain
    Artifact gains Hook Shot: Activate a throw a hooked chain that Cripples the first target hit for several seconds or until the target moves far enough away to break the chain (45s Cooldown). (Tier 4)

    Amazing modifier. This gives you a ranged slow which allows you to catch up to fleeing enemies. Using this on the ADC is devastating to the enemy team if you can catch up to him/her.
    Empowered Velocity 9 Implants
    +10% Critical Chance (Tier 3)

    A godly modifier. Increases your Critical Chance by 10%. This may not seem like much, but with the Joe Chill's Revolver it makes a total of 60% Critical Chance. You will be able to destroy an ADC.
    Empowered Joe Chill's Revolver
    Deadly: +75% Critical Damage (Tier 3)

    This modifier gives you more Critical Damage. With the Implants modifier you will crit 60% of the time, this makes it very powerful. The extra 25% damage stacks up alarmingly fast too.
    Thank you for reading my Robin guide, if there is any problems then please ask. Lets smack them with our staff in the meantime :D.
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