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    Released March 4th, 2015
    2 alternate costumes available
    Champion select: Voice Actor: Kelly Hu
    Strong against:
    Green Lantern 1 votes
    Joker 1 votes
    Poison Ivy 1 votes
    Sinestro 1 votes
    Weak against:
    Supergirl 2 votes
    Green Lantern 1 votes
    Joker 1 votes
    Poison Ivy 1 votes
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    Katana's Invulnerability

    Katana's Invulnerability grants Attack Reflection and Power Reflection as long as the Shield is active.

    Gain a Shield that blocks 60 damage for 2s. As long as the Shield remains active, you will be granted 5% Attack and Power Damage Reflection.

    Temp Health: 60 (60 + 15 per level)

    Attack Reflect: 5% (5% + 1% per level)

    Slash (Q)

    Cooldown: 3.5s

    Katana slashes with her blade, dealing 50 Attack Damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her.

    + 45% Bonus Attack Damage

    Cross Step (W)

    Cooldown: 3.5s

    Katana rushes a short distance and reduces damage from the next Champion Basic Attack by 6 Attack Damage. This effect lasts for 5s and can stack up to 3 times.

    Damage Reduction:
    + 1% Bonus Health

    Kendo (E)

    Cooldown: 8.0s

    Kendo becomes a different skill based on Katana's last two uses of Slash and/or Cross Step.

    Spirit Wave (QQ): Fire an arced missile that deals damage to all it passes through.

    Shadow Step (WW): Katana dashes forward and is immune to Disables.

    Vendetta (QW): Empowers your basic attack to deal additional damage and Slow.

    Soul Rend (WQ): Deal damage and Bleed enemies in a line. Additional damage extends the bleed duration up to a maximum of 6s.

    Spirit Wave:
    + 70% Bonus Attack Damage
    Soul Rend Damage:
    + 50% Bonus Attack Damage
    Soul Rend Bleed:
    + 10% Bonus Attack Damage
    Shadow Step:
    + 30% Bonus Attack Damage

    Thousand Cuts (R)

    Cooldown: 140.0s

    Katana becomes invulnerable and untargetable while she blinks from enemy Champion to enemy Champion, up to 5 times, dealing 160 Attack Damage to each enemy she hits. Thousand Cuts deals 25% damage to enemies it has already hit. The first and last attack will be against the same target.

    + 100% Bonus Attack Damage

    Soultaker (Passive)

    Katana stores the last two uses of Slash and Cross Step. For each stored Slash she gains 2.5 Attack Damage and for each stored Cross Step she gains 2% Attack Lifesteal.

    Attack Damage:
    Attack Lifesteal:

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    Bushido Jungle Code of Honor The_Dycer 13 3,907 2015-05-18 Practically a fossil
    *Work In Progress* Iratarded 9 946 2015-04-13 Practically a fossil
    Vengeful Kabuki 650
    Oni's Wrath 650

    Tatsu Toro's idyllic, but brief, marriage to her husband, Maseo, came to a sudden end in a single, tragic night. Her husband and his twin brother, Takeo, were both members of the Sword Clan, one of the clans in the Yakuza criminal organization. Takeo confronted his brother over a matter involving the clan, and in the struggle, Maseo was killed by his own sword, the Soultaker. This ancient Katana, one of the clan's relics, was said to contain the souls of those it killed, as well as possess other mystical qualities. Tatsu witnessed her husband's murder and collapsed by his body, overcome with grief. Takeo ran off into the night, and when Tatsu finally came to her senses, she took up the Soultaker and swore revenge against not just Takeo, but the Yakuza and all crime everywhere.

    Tatsu is a woman wracked by grief and guilt. She goes by the name of Katana, in honor of the sword she wields and which is convinced contains her dead husband's soul. Due to this fact, she regularly has conversations with the sword, which is quite disconcerting to others. While she is a gifted swordswoman and martial artists, the sword can at time enhances her abilities in combat. When the sword is empowering her, the hilt of the sword glows with an unearthly light, burning Tatsu's hand.

    Basic audio

    Champion select

    Rejoining the fight (respawn)

    Victory over another champion

    Level up / new abilities

    Using an ultimate ability

    Champion interactions

    Champion Cash Points Role Universe Difficulty Guides
    Aquaman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    22 guides available
    Arcane Green Lantern 650 5700 Enforcers Arcane 70%
    34 guides available
    Arcane Supergirl 650 5700 Blasters Arcane 50%
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    Atomic Green Lantern 575 5050 Enforcers Atomic 70%
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    Atomic Joker 650 5700 Marksmen Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Poison Ivy 495 4350 Enforcers Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Wonder Woman 575 5050 Assassins Atomic 40%
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    Atrocitus 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Batman 0 0 Assassins Prime 10%
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    Blue Beetle 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 100%
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    Catwoman 650 5700 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Cyborg 575 5050 Marksmen Prime 40%
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    Doomsday 0 0 Bruisers Prime 10%
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    Flash 650 5700 Assassins Prime 70%
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    Gaslight Batman 0 0 Marksmen Gaslight 70%
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    Gaslight Catwoman 375 2850 Assassins Gaslight 40%
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    Gaslight Joker 150 400 Enforcers Gaslight 10%
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    Green Arrow 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 70%
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    Green Lantern 0 0 Blasters Prime 40%
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    Harley Quinn 0 0 Controllers Prime 10%
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    Hawkgirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 40%
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    Joker 0 0 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Katana 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
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    Krypto 650 6800 Controllers Prime 80%
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    Lex Luthor 650 6800 Blasters Prime 80%
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    Mecha Superman 575 5050 Enforcers Mecha 70%
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    Mecha Wonder Woman 375 2850 Marksmen Mecha 10%
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    Nightmare Batman 495 4350 Bruisers Nightmare 40%
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    Nightmare Robin 650 5700 Assassins Nightmare 70%
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    Nightmare Superman 575 5050 Controllers Nightmare 70%
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    Poison Ivy 150 400 Controllers Prime 70%
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    Robin 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 70%
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    Shazam 375 2850 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Sinestro 650 5700 Blasters Prime 50%
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    Solomon Grundy 650 6800 Enforcers Prime 30%
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    Star Sapphire 495 4350 Blasters Prime 90%
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    Stargirl 650 5700 Blasters Prime 10%
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    Starro 650 5700 Controllers Prime 70%
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    Supergirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
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