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    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

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    Released September 24th, 2014
    1 alternate costume available
    Champion select: Voice Actor: Nolan North
    Strong against:
    Flash 2 votes
    Gaslight Joker 2 votes
    Stargirl 3 votes
    Aquaman 2 votes
    Weak against:
    Joker 1 votes
    Poison Ivy 1 votes
    Sinestro 1 votes
    Supergirl 1 votes
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    Atomic Joker's Detonate

    Atomic Joker's Detonate has a shorter Cooldown.

    Deal 40 Power Damage to all Champions and drones near target enemy drone, creature or environmental object. Creatures in the area (including the one targeted) are dealt 160 True Damage instead and environmental objects are destroyed.

    Hot Potato (Q)

    Cooldown: 7.0s 20 Will

    Atomic Joker fires a potato at his target that deals 50% Total Attack Damage. If there are any enemies standing behind that target, it will bounce to one of them and deal 120% Total Attack Damage.

    Bounce Damage:

    Plutonium Peel (W)

    Cooldown: 1.0s 35 Will

    Atomic Joker uses a charge to toss a peel to the ground. The first enemy Champion or creature to touch it is Knocked Down for 0.75s. Targets are immune to peels for 3s after being Knocked Down.

    The peel lasts for 25s. Up to 3 can be active at a time. A charge is granted every 20s.

    Recharge Time:

    Acid Balloon (E)

    Cooldown: 12.0s 35 Will

    Atomic Joker launches a balloon at the ground, dealing 50 Attack Damage over 4s to targets in the area, and Revealing them.

    Marked targets take an additional 10 Attack Damage from Atomic Joker's Basic Attacks and Hot Potato.

    Damage Over Time:
    + 30% Bonus Attack Damage
    Bonus Damage:
    + 15% Bonus Attack Damage

    Jack in the Box (R)

    Cooldown: 120.0s

    Atomic Joker fires a salvo of rockets at the 2 closest Champions every 1s, up to 4 times. Each rocket deals 60 Attack Damage. Each Champion can be hit by 1 rocket per salvo, up to a total of 240 Attack Damage per target.

    Passive: Atomic Joker's Basic Attack and skills have 6% increased range.

    Rocket Damage:
    + 30% Bonus Attack Damage
    Total Damage per Target:
    + 120% Bonus Attack Damage
    Range Bonus:

    The Punch Line (Passive)

    When defeated, Atomic Joker detaches from Gaggy, becomes Invincible, and bounces around the battlefield for 5s. Each bounce deals 25 Attack Damage to nearby enemies, for a total of 200 Attack Damage.

    + 8% Bonus Attack Damage
    Total Damage:
    + 64% Bonus Attack Damage

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    [ADC} Atomic Joker
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    Guide Author Map Score Views Updated Freshness
    The Big Potato Guide DidyQuinn GH 9 1,415 2015-01-02 Practically a fossil
    Ringleader 650

    When they broke into an abandoned military bunker, those blighted survivors of the nuclear war couldn't have realized what they were about to unleash on themselves. Within its derelict walls, they discovered a hibernating computer system. Sensing their movements, the system activated and they found attached to it the head of the Joker suspended in a preservation vessel. The Joker welcomed them with a cackle and told them it was time to build the future.

    The Joker told them that the military had wanted to use his unique mind to come up with nuclear war scenarios. Displaying a brutal pragmatism that the Joker appreciated, they put his head in a preservation vessel and got rid of the superfluous parts. Now that the serious world was dead and gone, he told the survivors, it was time to build a new crazy one. So desperate were the survivors that they decided to listen to the Joker and began building a new community within the bunker.

    As the community prospered, the survivors increasingly followed the Joker's orders without question, until they eventually had no will of their own. When the Joker commanded that his vessel be attached to the back of one of his minions, so that he could better see the world he was building, many vied for the honor.

    The gruesome combat that took place left but one survivor: a scarred, voiceless brute who the Joker named Gaggy. From his spot perched on Gaggy's back, the Joker now rides through the nuclear wasteland, always looking to expand the borders of Jokertown.

    The Joker of Earth-17 is the ultimate combination of brains and brawn. His minion Gaggy blindly follows any mad command to come from the Joker, without concern for himself.

    Basic audio

    Champion select

    Rejoining the fight (respawn)

    Victory over another champion

    Level up / new abilities

    Using an ultimate ability

    Champion interactions

    Champion Cash Points Role Universe Difficulty Guides
    Aquaman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    22 guides available
    Arcane Green Lantern 650 5700 Enforcers Arcane 70%
    34 guides available
    Arcane Supergirl 650 5700 Blasters Arcane 50%
    9 guides available
    Atomic Green Lantern 575 5050 Enforcers Atomic 70%
    21 guides available
    Atomic Joker 650 5700 Marksmen Atomic 50%
    6 guides available
    Atomic Poison Ivy 495 4350 Enforcers Atomic 50%
    17 guides available
    Atomic Wonder Woman 575 5050 Assassins Atomic 40%
    31 guides available
    Atrocitus 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
    20 guides available
    Batman 0 0 Assassins Prime 10%
    53 guides available
    Blue Beetle 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 100%
    24 guides available
    Catwoman 650 5700 Blasters Prime 70%
    35 guides available
    Cyborg 575 5050 Marksmen Prime 40%
    26 guides available
    Doomsday 0 0 Bruisers Prime 10%
    47 guides available
    Flash 650 5700 Assassins Prime 70%
    57 guides available
    Gaslight Batman 0 0 Marksmen Gaslight 70%
    43 guides available
    Gaslight Catwoman 375 2850 Assassins Gaslight 40%
    33 guides available
    Gaslight Joker 150 400 Enforcers Gaslight 10%
    38 guides available
    Green Arrow 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 70%
    33 guides available
    Green Lantern 0 0 Blasters Prime 40%
    35 guides available
    Harley Quinn 0 0 Controllers Prime 10%
    29 guides available
    Hawkgirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 40%
    7 guides available
    Joker 0 0 Blasters Prime 70%
    35 guides available
    Katana 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    10 guides available
    Krypto 650 6800 Controllers Prime 80%
    9 guides available
    Lex Luthor 650 6800 Blasters Prime 80%
    6 guides available
    Mecha Superman 575 5050 Enforcers Mecha 70%
    16 guides available
    Mecha Wonder Woman 375 2850 Marksmen Mecha 10%
    21 guides available
    Nightmare Batman 495 4350 Bruisers Nightmare 40%
    32 guides available
    Nightmare Robin 650 5700 Assassins Nightmare 70%
    19 guides available
    Nightmare Superman 575 5050 Controllers Nightmare 70%
    24 guides available
    Poison Ivy 150 400 Controllers Prime 70%
    39 guides available
    Robin 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 70%
    15 guides available
    Shazam 375 2850 Enforcers Prime 70%
    43 guides available
    Sinestro 650 5700 Blasters Prime 50%
    16 guides available
    Solomon Grundy 650 6800 Enforcers Prime 30%
    3 guides available
    Star Sapphire 495 4350 Blasters Prime 90%
    20 guides available
    Stargirl 650 5700 Blasters Prime 10%
    7 guides available
    Starro 650 5700 Controllers Prime 70%
    7 guides available
    Supergirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
    11 guides available
    Superman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 60%
    33 guides available
    Swamp Thing 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
    5 guides available
    Wonder Woman 0 0 Enforcers Prime 40%
    37 guides available
    Zatanna 495 4350 Controllers Prime 70%
    22 guides available