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    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

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    Released September 24th, 2014
    1 alternate costume available
    Champion select: Voice Actor: James Arnold Taylor
    Strong against:
    Stargirl 4 votes
    Atomic Joker 3 votes
    Cyborg 2 votes
    Green Arrow 1 votes
    Joker 1 votes
    Weak against:
    Catwoman 2 votes
    Flash 2 votes
    Gaslight Joker 2 votes
    Harley Quinn 2 votes
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    Nightmare Robin's X-Ray Vision

    Nightmare Robin's X-Ray Vision grants bonus damage for the duration of the X-Ray Vision.

    For 8s, your Champion has increased vision range, can see enemies in Stealth or in Stealth Pads, can see through walls, and gains 5% Bonus Damage.

    Arcing Blades (Q)

    Cooldown: 12.0s Gain 15 Hunger

    Gain 15 Hunger.

    Nightmare Robin hurls his blades in an arc. They deal 40 Attack Damage to every enemy they hit. They deal 25% less damage with each additional target, to a minimum of 25% damage. Targets in the area where the blades intersect are Knocked Down for 1s.

    + 45% Bonus Attack Damage

    Impale (W)

    Cooldown: 8.0s Gain 15 Hunger

    Gain 15 Hunger.

    Reset Basic Attack cooldown. Nightmare Robin's next Basic Attack within 5s will deal an additional 40 Attack Damage and Wound the target for 3s (their healing is reduced).

    + 35% Bonus Attack Damage

    Unnatural Reflexes (E)

    Cooldown: 17.0s Gain 15 Hunger

    Gain 15 Hunger.

    Nightmare Robin blinks behind a target and gains 20% Attack Speed for 3s. When used on an enemy champion, he enters the Bloodlust state.

    If used on a Knocked Down enemy, his Attack Speed bonus is doubled.

    Attack Speed:

    Feed the Beast (R)

    Cooldown: 90.0s Gain 30 Hunger

    Gain 30 Hunger.

    Nightmare Robin dashes to an enemy Champion, dealing 175 Attack Damage, plus 10% of the target's Missing Health as additional Attack Damage.

    If this skill kills his target, he regains Health equal to 10% of the target's Max Health.

    Nightmare Robin is immune to Disables while using Feed the Beast.

    + 100% Bonus Attack Damage
    Missing Health:

    The Hunger (Passive)

    Nightmare Robin takes 4% reduced damage from Champion Basic Attacks, and gains Hunger when he uses a skill. Using Unnatural Reflexes on an enemy Champion triggers the Bloodlust state.

    Bloodlust: Nightmare Robin no longer gains Damage Reduction. Instead, he gains 10 Move Speed, and Basic Attack deal an additional 5% damage when attacking from behind. Hunger decays by 10 points per second. When he reaches 0 Hunger, Bloodlust ends.

    Damage Reduction:
    Bonus Damage:
    Move Speed:

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    Crimson Dusk 650

    For millennia, the vampiric Ra's al Ghul has used his Guild of Assassins to manipulate the world from the shadows. Desiring his power for herself, his daughter Talia, who was also cursed with vampirism, continually struggled to depose her father. All of her efforts frustrated, she finally found the edge she needed, a man who was potent enough to challenge the Demon's Head: Bruce Wayne.

    Over many years she subtly drove Batman toward her ultimate goal; the destruction of her father. However, Talia's hopes did not rest solely on the Batman. She created a child that was the union of her and Batman. She named the boy Damian, who was the perfect union of her father's vision and her love s potential. Initially, she trained him in secret, but eventually allowed him to apprentice as Robin with her estranged lover and this is where her plans were frustrated once more.

    Damian witnessed Batman's final confrontation with his grandfather, and realized how deep his mother's manipulations went. Infected by his grandfather's disease, Damian watched Batman, a man he had grown to love and respect, become a ravening monster. The ashes of his father's humanity kindled a steely certainty that the blood within him could only birth monsters. A young man at war with himself, as he too feels the compulsions of the vampiric curse he gained from his mother, but is determined to scourge the filth of vampirism from the world.

    Basic audio

    Champion select

    Rejoining the fight (respawn)

    Victory over another champion

    Level up / new abilities

    Using an ultimate ability

    Champion interactions

    Champion Cash Points Role Universe Difficulty Guides
    Aquaman 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
    22 guides available
    Arcane Green Lantern 650 5700 Enforcers Arcane 70%
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    Arcane Supergirl 650 5700 Blasters Arcane 50%
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    Atomic Green Lantern 575 5050 Enforcers Atomic 70%
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    Atomic Joker 650 5700 Marksmen Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Poison Ivy 495 4350 Enforcers Atomic 50%
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    Atomic Wonder Woman 575 5050 Assassins Atomic 40%
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    Atrocitus 650 5700 Enforcers Prime 70%
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    Batman 0 0 Assassins Prime 10%
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    Blue Beetle 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 100%
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    Catwoman 650 5700 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Cyborg 575 5050 Marksmen Prime 40%
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    Doomsday 0 0 Bruisers Prime 10%
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    Flash 650 5700 Assassins Prime 70%
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    Gaslight Batman 0 0 Marksmen Gaslight 70%
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    Gaslight Catwoman 375 2850 Assassins Gaslight 40%
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    Green Arrow 650 5700 Marksmen Prime 70%
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    Green Lantern 0 0 Blasters Prime 40%
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    Harley Quinn 0 0 Controllers Prime 10%
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    Hawkgirl 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 40%
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    Joker 0 0 Blasters Prime 70%
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    Katana 650 5700 Bruisers Prime 100%
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    Krypto 650 6800 Controllers Prime 80%
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    Lex Luthor 650 6800 Blasters Prime 80%
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    Mecha Superman 575 5050 Enforcers Mecha 70%
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    Mecha Wonder Woman 375 2850 Marksmen Mecha 10%
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    Nightmare Batman 495 4350 Bruisers Nightmare 40%
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    Nightmare Robin 650 5700 Assassins Nightmare 70%
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    Nightmare Superman 575 5050 Controllers Nightmare 70%
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