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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Harley Quinn

    COAST CITY: Play Like A Pro!

    A Harley Quinn guide by MinervaDH
    Last updated: May 24th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2044-Harley-Quinn-COAST-CITY-Play-Like-A-Pro-
    8,167 2


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    What is a Controller? A Controller is a SUPPORT class in this game (played in BOT lane with a Marksmen (ADC). It is their responsibility in bot lane and throughout the game to increase the sustainability of their teammates to secure kills and key map objectives. In team fights you should be careful and avoid getting caught up in the middle of a fight as your Enforcers (Tanks) and Tanky Built Bruisers should be trying to absorb as much damage as possible so the rest of your team can position themselves where they need to be! You need to hang back with the Marksmen and Blasters. ALSO, keep in mind that if your heals/shields are on cooldown you can take a body shot for them and help them escape. SOMETIMES, if your ally is low on health and it is clear your heal/shield wont heal them enough before the enemy kills them....it is okay to steal that killing blow to prevent your teammate from dying. DO NOT be afraid to Ping that retreat and remember if your ADC or other teammates are playing dumb and going in too deep (over extending themselves), don't sacrifice yourself with them. Keep your eye on map objectives and if your lane enemies are Missing In Action (MIA) If they are MIA then you NEED to let your team know to prevent any surprise ganks. If you get the MIA back in your lane, it is best to hug your tower and farm safely under it to prevent getting ganked until you get the all clear.

    NOTE I build the Controllers Zatanna, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Nightmare Superman very similar. They benefit the most off of this standard guides. ALSO, I know that many people don't play enough to get all the merit they need for certain Mod Items, Augments and Stolen Powers...With that in mind, even if you don't have the things I suggest unlocked, if you follow the guide it will tell you what other options you can use in your build.



    The more you understand the skills, the better you will be at using them/timing them perfectly! Please keep in mind that you need to stay out of the eye of the storm (middle of the team fight)!

    I first level her BEST MEDICINE (E) follower by her BFF (Passive). The healing from her E and the Attack/Movement Speed Bonus from her PASSIVE are ideal for supporting her bot lane partner. Since W Q and R don't scale off of slows (just increase in damage and cool down) I level next her Q for wave clearing and her ULT for damage. Last I level her W which only scales in damage (the slow scales off of will).

    PIES! (Q) Cooldown: 8.0s 25 Will
    Harley Quinn throws pies at the 3 targets closest to her. Each pie deals 50 Power Damage. While not as good as Zatanna's E-Q combo, PIES! are a great way to help clear enemy drones fast when you need the clear time the most to defend a low turret or your core. PLEASE NOTE: That PIES! will target enemy drones BEFORE the enemy champion IF the drones are closer to you. If you want to ensure a hit, you need to make sure there are no Drones to steal your hit from the enemy team. This is Harley's greatest laning draw back when trying to focus an enemy champion for a hit. NOTE: It will also target jungle camps if they are closer than the chasing champion. BUT you can always PIE to lure the jungle camps into attacking the person chasing you.

    BACK OFF (W) Cooldown: 16.0s 65 Will
    Harley Quinn Knocks Back her target, deals 80 Power Damage, and then Slows them by 25% (+1% per 100 Bonus Will) for 2s. This is a great escape BUT it is risky to jump in and save your champ with this one. This is better to use when they are up in your face, instead of you running to them. Only run to them if you know you have the chance for BOTH of you to escape. Best to escape the follow-up hit with your Amulet of Isis active to run away. ALSO, you can use it to knock an enemy champion into the person who is chasing them (like cutting them off when they enter a stelath pad or to get them off of your relay.

    BEST MEDICINE (E) Cooldown: 10.0s 40 Will
    Harley Quinn heals her ally for 40 Health and they receive the BFFs effect. This is ideal for healing a champion. Keep in MIND you also can throw it on an alley to increase their speed as it PROCS the BFF Passive move speed buff. This is great for that little extra range you need for your ally to secure a kill.

    PUDDIN' TIME (R) Cooldown: 120.0s
    Harley Quinn smashes her hammer to the ground, dealing 175 Power Damage in a cone Enemies caught in the cone are Knocked Up for 1s. Enemies caught in the cone are Knocked Up for 1s. This is ideal for team fights as it knocks the enemy team up in the air and gives your team a small break from the damage and time to attack the enemy team. Try to focus it when the enemy team is close together. AND don't be afraid to use it if you or someone has to escape. It's not a wasted ULT if you live.

    Whenever Harley executes a skill, she gains 10% (+1% per 333 Bonus Will) Attack Speed and 10% (+1% per 333 Bonus Will) Decaying Move Speed for 3s. If an ally is nearby, the ally also receives the boosts. Keep in MIND you can throw any skill to PROC the BFF Passive move speed buff. This is great for that little extra range you need for your ally to secure a kill.

    NOTE: If your team decides to do a frontal attack with the Dooms Day Device instead of a sneak attack you should....use your BACK OFF (W) to knock away and slow anyone approaching the person with the Device. Use the Qward Gambit Active Shield with your Amulet of Isis Speed buff active to protect and get them around the enemy. When you can use your ULTIMATE PUDDIN' TIME (R) to knock up the entire enemy team to let your teammate run right by. NOTE - If they get hit while carrying the DDD it will go on a 3s timer count down and cannot be fired, so it is VITAL that you prevent your teammate from getting hit or CC'd.



    Nil Ring Gives you great starting Heath, Will Regen and Power Damage early game.
    Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (1) Great Will Source and at Teir 2 you get Passive - Investment: When sharing Drone credits with one or more allies, the overall value is increased by 20%. As with all credit sharing, this bonus is distributed equally between yourself and nearby allies. Investments do not stack with other Investments, the maximum bonus is 20%. SO Build To TIER 2 FIRST Before moving onto Amulet of Isis. Once you build beyond T2 you will no longer get the investment passive.
    Modular Health Vial (1) Restores 100 Health over 15 seconds Modular Will Vial (1) Restores 200 Will over 15 seconds.



    Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4) Provides Will, Cooldown Reduction and Resilience to nearby allies. It's Passive - Gorilla City Aura: Gives +15% Resilience for all nearby allies (this means it reduces the duration of crowd control affects like stuns and slows). Its Active - Psychic Shield: Applies a Shield that blocks 40 damage (40 + 6/Level + 8% Bonus Will) to a target for 3s. While the shield lasts, the target is immune to Disables (60s Cooldown). Pop this on the person with the Dooms Day Device to give them that extra bit of protection or on an ally that needs that extra bit of protect to escape or take out a turret that's 1-3 basic attacks from being destroyed. ONLY build past T2 when the laning phase has ended (when you are roaming the map because you have either lost/destroyed towers). Also build Amulet of Isis, Qward Gambit first.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) Will, Health , Cooldown Reduction and Movement speed as well as its Active - Mercury's Gift: Gives you 25% Move Speed buff to all nearby allies for 2s (60s Cooldown). I always build it on EVERY support as it is key for retreating or chasing down the enemy team (DON'T CHASE if they are objectives you need more OR IF the enemy team is alive and missing from their lane AS THEY MIGHT be trying to lead you into an ambush. NOTE: After GORILLA'S T2 Build AMULET OF ISIS all The Way To Teir 3

    Qward Gambit (4) For the laning phase. Build to Teir 4 once the laning phase is over and you are roaming the map it's great for Will and Power Damage. Its Passive - Qward Aura: +20 Power Damage and +10% Power Lifesteal for all nearby allies. It's Activate - Protection Field: Grants a Shield that blocks 35 damage (35 + 5/Level + 5% Bonus Will) to you and nearby allies for 4s (90s Cooldown). This is ideal if you find your team ALMOST winning out team fights but just falls a bit short on its health/armor. It is also great for its power life steal. Build All The Way to T4 Then IF you need more manage then move to Eye, or if you need more of a team shield, finish builiding Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4). After this THEN move on to Eye of Ekron.

    Eye Of Ekron (4) Will, Power Damage, Health, Movement. You need to keep building your will to keep your builds foundation relevant. It's Passive - Will Force: Grants Power Damage equal to 2% Bonus Will.

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) Health, Power Damage and its Passive - Skill Harrier: Causes your targets damaged by your skills lose 20% Move Speed for 1.5s (10% for multi-target skills). This work AMAZING with your PIES (Q). This will slow them down in a team fight from escaping or chasing your team mates. If you MOD IT you get Passive - Skill Harrier: Targets damaged by your skills lose 25% Move Speed for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi-target skills).



    Entropy Aegis (3) Passive - Skill Block 1: : Grants a Skill Shield that prevents the damage and effects of the next enemy skill (60s cooldown). This item is great to have against enemy teams that have a Shazam, Wonder Woman, Atomic Wonder Woman and any other surprise attack champions/global ultimate champions. This shield will block 1 skill shot, then will re-set again, once 60s goes by. This way the enemy team now has to try and hit you out of position first to proc your Aegies THEN try to go in for the kill. This is a great items that makes the other team have to work harder to get to you and gives your team time to focus and re-position themselves.

    Steel's Breastplate (3) Health, Will, Attack Armor. Its Active - Iron Will: Activate to redirect 20% of damage taken to your Will for the next 5s (60s Cooldown).

    Mirror Master's Prism (4) Health, Power Armor and its Passive - Deadly Mirror 2: Gives 20% Power Reflect. If you are in need of Power Armor I would only build this POWER ARMOR item as many Power Damage champions will legit 1 shot themselves. THIS IS an OPTION But I still suggest Entropy Aegis (3) over it for it's passive.



    Bleed Portal Target an environmental object to create an entrance. Target a second environmental object to create an exit and open a connected portal for 60s (120s Cooldown). You can always MOD Bleed Portal to make the EXIT First then create the ENTRANCE Last. This is great if you want to escape back to base after a push for a particular capture point. I only advise MODing it if you are in a pre-made group and have decided to run this strategy!



    These MODS can be changed depending on what part of the above items you want to focus on building. Keep in mind you want to choose items that are going to best buff both you and the team for surviving in team fights, let the Assassins, Marksmen and Blaster worry about building damage. You need to worry about absorbing damage and reducing the damage dealt to your team and crowd controlling the enemy team.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) Mercury's Gift: Activate to give nearby allies a 35% Move Speed boost for 4 seconds.
    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) Passive - Skill Harrier 2: Targets damaged by your skills lose 25% Move Speed for 1.5 seconds (15% for multi-target skills) (Tier 4) This is IDEAL for her PIES! skill to help slow them down a little bit.
    Eye Of Ekron (4) Will Force 2: Grants Power Damage equal to 4% Bonus Will


    CASTLE: 24.6 Health and 3.25 Attack Armor
    BEST: 3.01 Health/Level To 57.19 (Max Level) and 0.32 Attack Armor To 6.08(Max Level)
    WRECK: 3.01 Health/Level To 57.19 (Max Level) and 0.32 Power Armor To 6.08(Max Level)
    WOLF: 24.6 Health and 3.25 Power Armor

    These augments give you the Best Health and Power/Attack Armor Combined. I build the same augments on all my controllers and enforcers for bot lane. The reason for this is because you want your controller early game to be able to take a couple of hits in case you have to jump in and take a body shot for your bot lane partner (Marksmen aka ADC). That is why I build 2 Flat Health and Power/Attack Armor Items. I also build scaling Health and Power/Attack Damage Items for late game to scale so you can still take those extra hits if you need to for your team as the enemy champs would have built up enough damage to really hurt by then. You already get good movement speed, cool down reduction and damage from items in your core build. You can build one defensive item if worse comes to worse, however, you get more advantage by using Augments to buff you up a little bit then wasting spot for a key item in place for health/armor.



    We all know that your team composition is KEY! So...depending on your team comp and the stolen powers your team mates are choosing you may have to change around the stolen powers you use (adjust accordingly). These are the standard ones for SOLO QUEUE!

    ALWAYS HAVE Surveillance Camera Cooldown: 5s Gain 3 charges that are spent to place Stealthed Surveillance Cameras that grant vision in an area around them for 180 seconds. Up to 2 Surveillance Cameras may be on the battlefield at once. Charges are refilled automatically upon returning to base. I suggest using Robin's Surveillance Camera as your go to cameras because you get 5 charges instead of 3. This set up is ideal for all roles as it prevents you from having to run to base to get more charges of cameras each time you run out.

    Healing Wave Healing Wave Cooldown: 120s Heal yourself and nearby allies for 50 Health. Further Healing Waves within 30 seconds will have their effectiveness reduced by 50%. Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave I love this Healing Wave over any other as it gives you additional Attack & Power Armor when you need it most. While I do admit Krypto's Healing Wave has greater lane sustain over time. A lot of the time, these team fights don't last long enough to make the over time healing wave worth it.


    When you are in a pre-made group of 3 or more , then you can change up your stolen powers a little bit. The reason I suggest these alternatives is so you can get an idea which ones usually work best in both PRO and CASUAL matches. ALWAYS keep cameras!

    ALTERNATIVE ONE You can replace Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with Psychic Assault Cooldown: 120s Places a 35% slow on a target enemy for 2.5 seconds. I suggest using Zatanna's Psychic Assault Cooldown: 120s as it applies a stronger slow and lasts longer - Target enemy Champion loses 40% Move Speed for 3 seconds OR Star Sapphire's Psychic Assault Cooldown: 120s as it reduces incoming healing as well as slowing. Places a 35% slow on a target enemy and reduces incoming healing by 50% for 3 seconds. This stolen power is ideal for early game ganks for your Jungler and gives that extra bit of crowd control for the rest of the game (use it to slow down an enemy to let your team mate escape or slow one down for that killing blow). When you choose this I suggest your Marksmen/Bot Partner choose the Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with his other Invulnerability Stolen Power.

    ALTERNATIVE TWO You can replace Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with any X-Ray Vision Cooldown: 100s For 8 seconds your Champion has increased vision range, can see enemies in Stealth, can see through barriers and into stealth pads. I suggest using Atomic Poison Ivy's X-Ray Vision - Cooldown: 85s as Atomic Poison Ivy's X-Ray Vision has a reduced cooldown OR Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision Cooldown: 100s - Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision has a longer vision range.

    ALTERNATIVE THREE You can replace Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave with Atrocitus' Meteor Drop I only suggest using 1 meteor drop if you are going support. Atrocitus' Meteor Drop slows enemies struck. If you are not good at using a single target Stolen Power for aiming like Psychic Assault this is the NEXT best thing for a slow. This is also ideal if your top laner does not take Meteor Drop as it can help you to delay the enemy team from taking your relay if you drop it directly on top of them. Since this one also slows enemies it hits, anyone staying on the relay is slowed for a short time as well. This is also Ideal for when you have your ULT up as it will slow them if you hit activate it just as you hit your ult, it will drop just as the enemy team recovers to slow them.


    I Live Stream at Twitch.tv/Minerva_DH

    Latest comments
    Why choose Optimized Atlantean Royal Seal over Empowered specifcally?
    12:56 am, May 9th, 2015
    That was actually a mis-click on my part. I clicked the wrong MOD when I updated the guide. The text belowe has alwasy said Empowered to get more Slow from the skill shot but the above MOD for Optimized was mis-clicked.
    3:48 pm, May 9th, 2015
    What about Abin Sur's Lantern?
    7:27 pm, May 1st, 2015
    Abin Sir's Lantern has fallen out of the PRO and Semi-High Level Player builds for a number or reasons. One, being that when you are looking for items that benefit both you and the team, the core items suggested in this build are the best match. While it's true the will regen passive of Abin Sir's is a nice feature, it's preks quickly fall of in bot lane support as the game goes on. This is why these items are better for playing as a team: Gorilla Grodd's Helment - Gives Individual shield and % Resilliance (Resilliance is the reduction of crowd contorl affects) This items gives better will, and survivability than that of Abins.  Qward Gambit - Give Will, Power Damage and a Team Shield that blocks damage.  Amulet of Isis - Is a MUST for it's speed buff AND it gives you some health to work with Eye of Ekron - Converts all your stored up Will to Power Damage. Then as you move further along the optional items they too outweigh Abin Sir's Lantern. The only place where Abins can do okay is a quick fast paced game of Gotham Heights OR if you wanna try to jungle with a controller. Hope this explanations answers your question.
    10:30 pm, May 4th, 2015
    Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for :)
    12:54 pm, May 13th, 2015