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    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Green Lantern

    Beware my power!

    An Arcane Green Lantern guide by gottlosHolzmundel
    Last updated: Apr 22nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/611-Arcane-Green-Lantern-Beware-my-power-
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    Hey all! Gottlos here with my current Arcane Green Lantern build. I have been having a lot of fun with it and I hope you can as well.

    Arcane Green Lantern is a tank and his kit is designed to protect your team and setup kills for them. You will see in the items section that everything is centered around increasing his team utility and making him a great support. The main thing to take away is harass, harass, harass and win.

    Skill Order/Play style:
    I start with Construct Champion (Q)as it is a great harass skill. It deals damage in a line, knocks down and allows you to engage a fight by pressing Q a second time. This skill is a must for the top jungle defend/invade. It scales off of Power Damage and Health so its your go to skill.

    Followed up by Emerald Lantern (E) to add to your early game harass, throw this a lot.

    Third is Shackles (W) this is great for neutralizing a jungle gank or locking down an opponent for your lane partner. Toss your E behind the enemy and when they go to run your W will slow and have a better chance of locking them down. Pick up the lantern and follow the opponent to lock them down and prevent them from breaking the chains. You can even Q them while you are trying to lock them down to put more damage and to ensure they are Shackled.

    While in lane your entire goal is to keep yourself and even more so, your lane partner alive. Use your Q on both the enemy support and lane partner. Be aggressive with it. Don't be scared to activate it a second time and just be in their face. Drop E to either help clear or do extra damage. Remember Arcane Green Lantern has the ability to harass. You still need to be smart about it and don't chunk your health for no reason. Always make sure your ally is ready to follow up. You aren't getting kills as Arcane so early just deny farm and if possible allow for you ally to get some kills or at least put some hurt on them... more strategy talk in the items section.

    Lately, I have been testing out The Medusa Maks -
    The Medusa Mask is a great item for some supports especially Arcane Green Lantern. To understand why let us talk about his kit a bit more. His passive applies healing to ally's who hit the affected enemy or drone that GL has basic attacked. This passive is great when utilized. GL can even use this to heal himself. Awesome. The Medusa Mask heals and grants will every time he gains a level. So if you play a little safe early you can stay in lane long enough to get the second tier Mask which has the Medisys keyword.
    This is also why you get the first tier of ruby as well for a starter item
    Ruby of Life - This and the Mask allow you to stay in lane and upgrade both items to tier two and be able to actively gain the benefits of both. Together with the mask you are at 17 health regen, +75 health and +25 Will regen all at tier 1. When you move to tier two(Medusa first) you get up to 17 health regen, 30 will regen, a free heal/will restore for 75 each level and the ruby collector which begins adding to your Max Health and Health regen pool. upgrading these items(ruby to at least tier 3 next) they start making you unkillable.
    I usually get these both to tier 4 before moving on to other items. Usually, Ruby first but getting Mask to 4 allows you to apply yet another heal to yourself or an ally so it is also a great option. You decide.
    Next is the Atlantean Royal Seal -
    The Royal Seal is a prefect item for Arcane Green Lantern who needs the heavy health to stay in a lane and be supportive to his team. The Seal also brings 50 power damage and with it modded allows for a substantial slow especially when mixed with is W.

    After the Seal start looking at items from the Defensive(most likely), offensive and situational items. The Starheart is an item I try and recommend because of his ult which scales off of power damage. Giving an extra boost a bit later in the game after building some more Defense items keeps Deny the Black useful for more than just a teleport to a fight. Although, I try to avoid focusing on building damage items and more on defensive so that I can stay in the fight longer and help my team more.

    The other item of note is the Amulet of Isis-
    This is a great item because it can help a team chase down a retreating enemy team or allow for you to retreat a losing fight. It gives health, cooldown and will. I put it in situational because usually other items offer more but it is still an item to consider depending on your team and the match.

    Stolen Powers:
    I like a heal and cams on supports if you don't have the ones I have listed others will work. Its about being able to heal and keeping vision for ganks.

    - Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave
    This stolen power is great. This mixed with all your abilities brings the heals you have at your disposal up to THREE heals. This plus Medusa and your passive. On top of that Deny the Black adds a shield to your ally's defensive.

    - Green Arrow's Security Cameras
    I prefer the anti vision route with the security cameras.

    Augments & MODs:
    I put the added slow on Atlantean Seal but you could put the +75 health Augment as well.

    I like the +75 for Ruby but feel free to try the added stacks option as well. Im not really a fan of the gain stacks quicker option however, I don't think it gives enough of a benefit.

    I like the added attack reflect because normally you will be bot with a marksman in lane and having the added reflect helps against that all the way into late game.

    For the mods I just put in extra health and armor, pretty standard I think.

    I hope this guide has helped if you would like to see him in action check out some of the Infinite Crisis Streams on Twitch my ign is Gottlos_Holzmundel and you can find me on twitch with the same name. Stay caffeinated my friends!
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