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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Aquaman

    Vordae's Gotham Divided Top Lane Aquaman Guide

    An Aquaman guide by Vordae
    Last updated: Oct 4th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/afFrfXQH
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    ​Hi everyone! My name is Vordae and this is my first guide. I am new to Infinite Crisis but i have been playing Moba's for many years now. With the recent update there is lots of out dated guides on this site. I wanted to put up a guide for Aquaman as all the other guides on the site have him still listed as a Power Damage champion. With that lets jump in the guide.



    Aquaman is considered a high skill cap champion. This is for two reasons. First His Q, E, and sometimes R are all skill shots. If you are not able to hit all your skill shots then you wont be effective and he will feel really weak. Second there is lots of different combo's he has at his disposal. The combos themselves are easy to execute but knowing what combo to do in what situation is extremely important. Now if you can master the combos and make the right decisions it will allow you to approach every fight differently. One fight you can seem like an assassin coming out of know were to kill there squishy attack damage carry in the back. Then next fight you can initiate and throw an enemy player back into your team and dash away. Being able to adapt to every situation makes him fun and challenging.

    What position on the team is Aquaman best suited for?

    Aquaman's kit makes him a best suited for top lane solo or jungle. It is possible to play him other positions but there would be better choices for those positions then Aquaman. This guide will focus on Aquaman top.

    What do i think Aquamans Role is for his team?

    I see Aquaman as a mobile Bruiser. His job is to focus the high damage enemy players in fights and either kill them or force them to run away. He need to have enough damage to kill them but enough defense to survive there high damage.

    We will keep those idea's in mind as we talk about Abilities, Mods, Augments, and Stolen Powers.


    Rising Tide: After each skill execution, Aquaman gains Rising Tide for a few seconds. His next basic attack consumes Rising Tide to deal 20 Attack Damage to his target, and restore 10 Health to himself.
    Damage: 20 30 40 50+ 20% Bonus Attack Damage
    Heal: 10 15 20 25+ 3% Bonus Health
    Cooldown: 0

    This passive is awesome. During the laning phase it helps you last hit the drones and sustain. While fighting enemies, if used correctly, it greatly increases your damage and heals you for a good amount. You will max this second.

    You need to trigger and use your passive Rising Tide as much as possible in fights. This means that you dont just use all your abilities back to back on Aquaman. Everytime you use an ability you need to use 1 auto attack. It would look something like this: Q>Auto Attack>W>Auto Attack>E>Auto Attack>E>Auto Attack>R>Auto Attack. This will increase your damage and healing in a fight and is the reason we don't go for attack speed items.

    TRIDENT OF THE KING: Aquaman throws his trident, dealing between 50 and 100 Attack Damage (increasing the further it travels) to the first enemy it hits. The target is also Revealed and marked.
    Min Damage: 50 75 100 125+ 30% Bonus Attack Damage
    Max Damage: 100 150 200 250+ 60% Bonus Attack Damage
    Cost: 30 45 60 75
    Cooldown: 6

    This skill is what will make you or break you as Aquaman. You have to land your Trident consistently. This is the setup skill for one of the more used combo's. For the laning phase you use this to poke your enemy and trigger your passive for last hits and sustain. If you are in a tough match up or maybe the other team has no jungler and you are 1v2 you can use this skill to last hit drones from afar to still get good income. The ability to do this makes it so there isn't any real bad laning match ups. You might not be able to go toe to toe with the enemy champion but you can still get gold. The only way they could stop this is if they stood in front of there drones but then you can spear them over and over. The other great part of this is the mark and reveal. Annoying gaslight catwoman stealthing and running away or enemies running on stealth pads? Wont matter if you have hit them with your Trident. Max this first.

    STAGGER: Aquaman swipes his opponent's feet. He deals 40 Attack Damage and Knocks Down the target for 0.6seconds (+0.1s for every 250 Bonus Health).
    Damage: 40 65 90 115+ 35% Bonus Attack Damage
    Cost: 55 65 75 85 
    Cooldown: 14

    Nice crowd control skill for dueling. With my typical items the stun gets to about .9 seconds. The range on it seems to be a little farther then melee range. This is nice when you are chasing someone and they are just out of range. Bam knocked down and you are on top of them again. The damage on it is so so. You will really be using it for the stun and trigger your passive. If your laning against another melee champion it can be used as a great way to poke your enemy if your both going for last hits at the same time. Knock them down plus 1 passive enhanced auto attack and back off. Free damage and heal for you. You will max this last.

    UNDERTOW: Aquaman rushes forward, dealing 30 Attack Damage to all enemies. If at least one enemy is hit, Aquaman may use Undertow a second time within 4s.
    Damage: 30 55 80 105+ 45% Bonus Attack Damage
    Cost: 40 60 80 100 
    Cooldown: 12 11 10 9 

    This is your escape or initiate. There are a lot of different things you can do with this skill. The dash isn't that far but if you hit an enemy you can dash twice. This includes drones. If you want to get to your enemy and he is behind drones you can dash to the drones and then dash to him. Same when running away. Dash to enemy drones then dash away again. In team fights you can dash through the front lines of the enemy team and then dash on the squishy you want to kill/force out of the fight. In a duel being able to dash twice greatly increases your damage. You get the dash damage twice and your passive will trigger after each dash. If you dash and run out of will, you will still be able to use the second dash. You will max this third.

    MIGHT OF ATLANTIS: Might of Atlantis becomes a unique follow-up skill for 4 seconds when Aquaman deals damage with another skill.

    ​Cooldown: 30 27 24 21

    Trident of the King turns Might of Atlantis into Surge:
    Dash to the marked target and deal 60 Attack Damage.

    Stagger turns Might of Atlantis into Wrath:
    Deal 50 Attack Damage, + 17.5 of the target's Max Health as additional Attack Damage.

    Undertow turns Might of Atlantis into Capsize:
    Rush in target direction. Deal 75 Attack Damage to the first Champion hit, and throw them behind Aquaman.

    Surge Damage: 60 100 140 180+ 15% Bonus Health

    Wrath Damage: 50 75 100 125 
    Wrath Missing Health: 17.5% 20% 22.5% 25% 

    Capsize Damage: 75 125 175 225+ 55% Bonus Attack Damage

    This ultimate is awesome. How you use it is really important. Making the wrong decision on what skill to combo it with will be the difference between victory and death in many situations. The low cooldown make it really fun as well. There will be times you can use it multiple times in a team fights and you may use it differently each time.

    The 3 different combos:
    Q>R: You dash to the marked target. Huge gap closer. You can use it to jump over walls. Just a really fun combo. I love hitting someone with my Q and watching them run away. I run a different direction having there teammates follow me and then about 3 sec later i fly back over to them leaving there teammates way behind. 

    W>R: Ok ill be honest here, this one is confusing. The tool tip itself conflicts with itself and my in game testing has shown inconsistent results. The first part of the tool tip talks about doing a % of there max health. This would make this combo great to use on health stacking targets like tanks. The lower part of the tool tip suggest the damage increases as targets lose HP. This would make it good as an execute. I have tested it as both and they both seem to not do very impressive damage. If anyone has more information on this please correct me/help me out on this one. This should be the one that deals the most damage. Currently i feel both other combos are more beneficial then this one.

    E>R: A skill shot dash that throws the first enemy champion hit behind you. This is great for throwing enemies to your teammates. It also deals really good damage. You can use this combo even if your E dash doesn't hit any targets.


    I take Mods for my 3 core items. You will build these every game. I will talk more about the mods in the item section.

    Enhanced Attack Damage Coda Blade: +10 attack damage (tier 3)
    Enhanced Health Lobo's Chain: +75 Health (tier 3)
    Enhanced Attack Damage Soultaker Katana: +10 attack damage (tier 3)


    With mobility in mind i take all the Gold quality move speed Augments with secondary effects that benefit an attack damage champion. These will combo well with both your Stolen Powers and Core items.

    Codename: Pixxy +3.02 Move speed/+1% Attack Lifesteal
    Codename: Vex +3.02 Move speed/+0.25 Attack Damage/lvl
    Codename: Laser +3.02 Move speed/+2.01 Attack Damage
    Codename: Horsepower 1.8 Attack Penetration/+3.02 Move speed

    Stolen Powers

    Keep with the theme of mobility we take a Teleport and Super Speed

    [[Catwoman's Teleport]]

    This is great at all stages of the game. For the laning phase you use this to refill your Modular Health Vial (3) charges without losing experience or letting your tower take damage. It also makes you have more sustain in lane so you will need less Jungler support. Midgame you can push your lane and use it to teleport gank/counter gank. Late game it allows you to split push and if a team fight starts teleport right in. We take Catwomen's Teleport for the lower cooldown allowing you to have it ready more often.

    [[Flash's Super Speed]]

    This is for chasing or running away. We take Flash's Super Speed to be as fast as possible. It combos with your Augments. Even if your enemy is running Flash's Super Speed you will be able to out run him unless he has the same Augments or items that increase his Move speed.


    Starting Items

    Nil Cloak Modular Health Vial (3)

    This start gives you good sustain for the laning phase. The early part of the game is all about getting as much experience and gold as possible. The longer you are in lane the more of each you earn.

    Core Items

    Coda Blade (4) [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] Soultaker Katana (4)

    Coda Blade (4) is your first buy. With the Enhanced mod for this it will give you +50 attack damage. We are focusing on increasing the poke damage on our Q with the +attack damage and the +attack penetration. The healing debuff also helps you trade better with champions that have healing as part of there kit. This helps you take control of the lane and give you solid damage in the mid game.

    [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] is your second item. With the Enhanced mod it will give you +375 health. This is one of the higher health items you can get. This increases your passive heal, stun on your W, and damage on your Q>R combo. You also get +attack damage and a slow passive. This passive is vital in my opinion. Once you have this item it will be almost impossible for anyone to get away from you once you are on them.

    Soultaker Katana (4) is your third item. With the Enhanced mod it will give you +50 attack damage before any stacks. With max stacks it will give +70 attack damage. This combo with your passive heal and the +attack damage you get by triggering your passive.

    The combination of these 3 items makes you very good at 1v1 duels. You should focus on shutting down people trying to split push or who are just farming solo. 

    Optional Items 

    Claw Of Horus (3) Sword Of Beowulf (3) Atomic Axe (2) Kryptonian War Armor (3) Suit Of Sorrows (4)

    Claw Of Horus (3) More health, Attack Damage, and Attack Armor. The passive is nice for lowering the armor of enemy champions as well. 

    Sword Of Beowulf (3) Attack Damage and Power Armor. The passive shield on this item is another item that really increases your 1v1 potential against power damage champions.

    Atomic Axe (2) Damage and % attack armor penetration. This item is great to get later in the game against teams that stacked attack armor.

    Kryptonian War Armor (3) Move Speed, Health, Health regen, and Power Armor. The passive increase to healing increases both your life steal and your passive heals.

    Suit Of Sorrows (4) Health and Attack Armor. The passive attack damage reflect will really add up against attack damage marksmen and attack damage assassins.

    After your core items your next selections really depend on how the game is going. If your team is winning and you have a few kills you can continue to increase your damage and add a little more survivablity. In this situation you would get Claw Of Horus (3) and Sword Of Beowulf (3). Which one to buy first depends on the what champions are on the enemy team and who on there team is currently the strongest.

    If you team hasn't been doing that well and there is a champion on the enemy team that is fed then you want to focus on more defensive items. In this situation you would get Kryptonian War Armor (3) and Suit Of Sorrows (4). Which one to buy first depends on the what champions are on the enemy team and who on there team is currently the strongest.

    Get Atomic Axe (2) as your last item. This will keep your damage relevant even when your enemies have +attack armor items.


    Thank you for taking the the time to read my guide on Aquaman. If there is anything else i can add to improve the guide, any mistakes i have made, or just question please leave me a comment.

    Latest comments
    Do you think in some match-ups it can be more beneficial to max E over Q? I'm thinking some melee opponents or when your enemy is good at avoiding skill shots
    5:24 am, Dec 11th, 2014
    This guide is awesome! Helps me a lot for play a enjoy Aquaman. Thanks for this amazing guide.
    4:26 pm, Oct 22nd, 2014