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    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

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    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Supergirl

    Enter The Inferno

    An Arcane Supergirl guide by TheRealBacchus_DH
    Last updated: Nov 27th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/enter-the-inferno-mid-bottom-lane-
    2,300 1


    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Game Start

    Arcane Supergirl is best run as a Mid lane or a bottom lane. Basically you can play her any where a blaster would go.

    Ability Leveling

    When leveling follow the pattern set out at the top. Start with the Breath of Rao (Q) when using this skill you press (Q) to start the attack then you press (Q) again to fire. The skill charges and fires when it is done charging. The charge only increases the distance and speed the skill fires at so usually you will be pressing (Q) fairly quickly after casting it. The next skill is Fire Wall (W) this skill applies a slow as well as a does power damage as long as the enemy is in the fire. The Fire Wall also combos with the (Q) and (E) skills when Breath of Rao is fired through the fire it increases the damage by 30%. When Pyrolze is fired throughthe fire it increase the stun length the skill applies. This takes use to the third skill Pyrolze (E) This skill fire in a straight line it takes a bit of aiming but it is a straight forward skill. as alradey stated it provides a brief stun to the enemy. This brings us to the passive Daughter of Rao this skill applies and ove time power damage effect the the next basic attack after a skill us used. there is a 4s window to use this passive. the final skill is the (R) your ultimate Rao wrath this skill gives you firebird that smashes into the ground you have 3 blast. To fire the blast you need to press the R botton to fire each blast this means you can choose your targets and attack one target or multiple targets this it great for team fights.

    Core Items  
    [[Pandora's Box (4)]]- This item gives you many of the boosts that you need it increases the your speed by 5 your damage by 60 and your will regerneration by 50 and your cooldown by 10%. 

    [[Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (4)]] This item again gives you many of the boosts that you need it increases the your power armour by 10, your damage by 50 and your will regerneration by 50 and your cooldown by 15%. 

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) This Item gives you much need health as supergirl is super squishy. You gain 300 health. 50 Power Damage and added bouns of a move speed inhibitor on enemies attacked 

    [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]] This item gives you 85 Power damage and  10 cooldown reduction

    Augments and Item Modifiers

    The augments 3 are gold power damage and the is a gold life steal i picked the items as they all give you good power damage well helping boost cooldown, power penatration and life steal. The Item mods are the Empowered Atlantean Royal Seal, Enhanced Fatality's Energy Lance, Empowerd Cosmic Staff. well the 

    Build Progression 

    Take Pandora's box and Doctor Destiny's Dream Stone to start

    then get Pandora to T2 Then build Atlantian Royal Seal

    get the seal to t4 then build your pandoras up t4 

    then get your offence item (I like  The Book of Eternity (high Power Penetration))

    then I build Eclipso's Diamond and finish my DDDS (like with the offence item this is based on you play style)

    then take the final item the depends on what u are missing ie if you are getting punched out my AD damage build one of the AD armours 

    Situational Items
     These are all defence items for when you need a defence boost

    Playing Arcane Supergirl

    To start off grab the [[Pandora's box(1)]] and [[Doctor Destiny's Dream Stone(1)]]. I usually grab a camera if I can and place it in the lane appropriate to the threat. This is so that you protect from the most likely ganks. Admittedly the mid lane faces the most jungle ganks as the lane is bordered on both sides by jungle that does make this a more dangerous lane then bot. use your (Q) early game to poke the enemy and destroy the bots once you get your (W) skill you can use it for to power up you (Q)  and also slow chaseing enemies. when using it to power up the (Q) set the (Q) first then place fire wall just before you fire it this will lower the enemies chance to dodge the attack. Supergirl has a great potetial for quick burst damage by combinding her skill start by setting the Q then use the W followed by the E and then fire the Q  when done quick you will do a stun followed by high burst  damage if done in close range you gain a slow on the enemy. This can be followed up by your ultamate this combo works great in team fights where you will be at the back of the attack line. Tha covers it she is a typical blaster in team fights hang at the back and get kills stay away for enemys as she is best at range and is very squish. Most of all have fun and burn you enemys to the ground with Arcane Supergirl.
    I hope you enjoy the build . message me with any questions 
    Latest comments
    I believe the letting her Q charge adds more damage as well.
    6:21 pm, Nov 27th, 2014
    7:23 pm, Nov 27th, 2014