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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Aquaman

    aL_FrozenBlaze´s Aquaman Guide

    An Aquaman guide by FrozenBlaze
    Last updated: Apr 6th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/frozenblazes-general-aquaman-guide
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Yo fellow Protectors, 

    This is my Aquaman Guide.

    I will Start by Explaining my thoughts behind my

    "Ability Order"

    Maxing Q first is most efficient overall and the poke / dmg out put is the highest, on top of that u will have many options on how to use the Q in the early stages.
    For Example, u can Poke in Lane,Poke the enemy Jungler when he gangs u and u even can snipe escaping enemy champions with a long range Q or the opposite, u can safe ur teammates when they are getting chased.

    Secondary i would max the Passive or W.
    This is actually in my opinion a tough choice to make and it really depends on the Situation / Matchup and Teamsetup, what u should max second.
    For example, if u are role is to be splitpusher with aquaman or ur early game is supposed to be sitting toplane most of the time, i would max passive second.
    If your role in the game is to burst Enemys down in the early to midgame u should max W. 
    Summarized that means : Generell dps over time is higher with passive but more difficult to master while the Burst damage with W is higher for going in and out (go Ham, burst the enemy down and go out) Situations. Overall its your choice !

    The ultimate should be skilled as u have the option to do so. 

    Lastly i would max E, basicly cuz the dmg isnt very high and mostly is a gap closer / escape spell. The only dpsish thing about is that u can get up to two procs of ur passive if u play it right but since we have that already the moment we skilled the spell u should max it last.

    Thats it for the Ability Order.

    I will Continue with the Stolen Powers : 

    For Stolen Powers as it is right now i would suggest going with 2 types of summoners 

    Option 01 Which applys to sitting toplane / splitpushing most of tthe time.

    "Doomsdays Invunerability" + "Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera"

    The reason behind these choices are : Doomsdays Invunerability is the best Shield of all the Stolen Powers cuz u mostly use the spell to escape situations where u overextendet or got caught, which means most of the time u just block a lot of burst dmg. Since Shazams Invunerability gives a heal over time as long the shield is "active" it isnt really useful at the moment, since this Condition is rarely fullfilled.
    On to the Green Arrow Ward.
    The Green Arrow Wards are right now the best wards in the game, cuz of their secondary effect.
    "10seconds after u have placed Green Arrows Wards u can see stealth units" That includes enemy Wards and Champions.
    So u basicly do not need an Xray to clear enemy wards and place a ward in ur stealthpads or enemys stealthpads and u can be sure that there are no wards, which means ur jungler can safely gang from that route. 

    Option 02 Which applys to an Teamoriented playstyle : 

    "Cyborg's Teleport and" + "Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera"

    The reason here is fairly Simple, Cyborgs Teleport is best to punish enemys that are overextending, because u will be there in short 2.5seconds, the normal Teleport or Catwomans Teleport have a 4Second channeling time.
    That means 1.5seconds faster then the other Teleports. As you all now 1.5seconds could not only decide fights, no they could even decide whole games ! 
    The green arrow wards choice i explained just now, scroll a bit to the top to read it.

    These are my two most used choices for Stolen Powers.

    "Starting Items" 

    These are very Situtional, exactly the same as the ability order on what to makes second.
    Most of the time im going with Nil Ring and Tier 2 Health Vial + Tier 2 Tektite Vial. 
    The Thought Process behind this is simple. 
    U should rush the Abin Surs Lantern tier 2 for the will battery, then u wont have any mana problems anymore for sure past lv6. 
    Which means two pots that give u will are enough, on the other hand a natural sustain with ur passive is fairly low and minion dmg especially in the early levels are tough. 
    So u will really need for most Matchups 4 health sources in the early stages of the game to sustain the laning Phase without being bullied out of lane all the time, aswell most of the other players using the exact same Starting Items the only thing that differs is the "Nil Ring". 
    On The same time u are able to go in for trades, u normalle wouldnt be able to go in for, without a decent amount of sustain or they will backfire.

    This summarizes my "Starting Items"

    Now on to the "Core Items" : 

    I heavily suggest as Core Items for Aquaman the following : 

    1. Abin Sur´s Lantern. Tier 02, finished at later stages in the game.

    The Reason : Abin Sur´s Lantern gives u a lot of Will  / Will Regen and pd dmg. Most of the times u are spamming ur Q as aquaman, especially in the lane to farm from a distance or harrass the enemy.
    If u dont have an will source u will get punished for that by being constantly low on mana or even out of mana. 
    As an Caster there is nothing worse !

    2. The Logoz : Tier 02, same as the first item, finished at later stages of the game.

    This a bit more detailed and harder to explain. "The Logoz" is the Soultaker Katanna for pd based champions. 
    It stacks with coins / Lasthits and gives u ap as an reward, on top u get a decent amount of will. 
    Fully stacked tier 03 u have 100pd which is really high in this game and rewarding, especially in the early game.
    But dont rush things, the stacks are available at tier 02 which are enough in the earlygame. 
    The moment u finished building the "The Logoz Tier02" start finishing "Abin Sur´s Lantern".
    Once u have done this u should have a decent amount of pd / dmg and Will which benefits "Abin Sur´s Lantern" pd Conversion, since both items give u Will as a bonus.

    3. The Starheart : Tier 03 / Fully Build out !

    This the most Important Core Item after u finished the items i mentioned earlier, the exact same way i described. 
    Up to now with "Abin Sur`s Lantern Tier 04" and "The Logoz" Tier 02 u should be having roughly 125~pd(without Amps !). 
    Once u Finished "The Starheart" now u will get a bonus of 120 pd, which double ur pd already itself to 245pd~, on top u will get a bonus of 30% Power Damage, which means a total of roughly 320pd. 
    Now consider that up to now the items bought and combinations were fairly cheap !
    "The Logoz Tier 02" 1k "Abin Sur´s Lantern" 3k  "The Starheart Tier 04" 3750k overall rounder up 8K Considering the starting Items u will need 9k Gold. 
    If u have a decent early game u will be able to aquire these items between min 18-25~ if u are to lasthittit well !
    Now Consider the Situation in the Game, Minute 18-25 300~ Power Damage, this means u will have a ridicilous amount of damage that u can put to use, while rarely going out of mana ! 

    4. "Psi Simitar" : Tier 03 Fully Build out !

    The "Psi Simitar" is the final piece of the jiggsaw in my core Items on Aquaman. 
    Once u finished this item u will deal a lot more aa (AutoAttack) Damage and while it combines the activation of the Item and ur passive amazingly well u will certainly secure a lot of dmg with ur Basic Attacks. 
    Then Yet again u receive 35Ad and 60Pd (PowerDamage) on top of having extra dmg on ur next basic attack for every spell ( 2seconds cd). 
    If u play it right mechanicly you can get up to 3-4spells out depending on the situation. 
    With this item u will go up to over 400Power Damage und 150~Attack Damage.
    Once u Finished this Item u are extremly strong in extendet teamfights and in 1vs1 Situations. 
    All In situations are decent aswell, which makes this my overall best way to Build Aquaman. 
    The Final items are up to the situation and Optional !

    This finishes my Core Items 

    Amplifiers, Augments / Mods / Modifiet Items : 

    I recommend trying Augments out to your liking, since im not sure of the optimal amps just yet aswell. 
    None the less a good decent site : 

    1. PA* 3.9 + 2,52 MS* S.T.A.R Labs Augment Codename : BLAST
    2. AA* 3,9 + 2,52 MS* Lex Corp Augment Codenamen : VIPER
    3. PD* 4,21 + 1,8 PP*  Holt Holdings Augment Codename : Terror
    4. PD* 3,51 + 1,5 PP*  Holt Holdings Augment Codename : SCROPION

    For Mods / Modified Items i recommed : 

    1. 3% Conversion of "Abin Sur´s Lantern" 
    2. 15 Extra Power Damage on "Psi Simitar" 
    3. + 10 Stacks on "The Logoz" 

    This finishes my Guide of Aquaman

    I Hope u liked my Guide and i hope its good to read, since it was my First Guide ever and i know im sometimes hard to understand.

    PS : Im not to familiar with the bb-codes yet i hope u will still like my guide.

    on a note * : 

    pp (PowerPen)
    pd (PowerDamage)

    I hope u Enjoy my Guide, Peace !

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