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    Infinite Crisis builds for Aquaman

    Hail to the King - Atlantean Son's guide to Aquaman!

    An Aquaman guide by AtlanteanSon
    Last updated: Apr 13th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/hail-to-the-king-atlantean-sons-guide-to-aquaman
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers

    Aquaman, The King of Atlantis.

    The son of a lighthouse keeper and the Atlantean Queen, Arthur Curry initially enjoyed a quiet, peaceful life with his father on the surface. This all changed when the media learned of the existence of an 'Aquaman' from Atlantis. Their reports drew the attention of Black Manta, a treasure hunter whose obsession with Atlantean treasures led to the death of Arthur's father. Escaping the surface world, Arthur took his rightful place as King of Atlantis. After a few years, Arthur tired of the court's intrigues and returned to the surface with his love, Mera. He now guards the ocean shores, protecting both worlds but feeling at home in neither.

    Aquaman is extremely strong and is quite resilient in combat. He wields the Trident of the Atlantean King to great effect, he can breathe underwater, and can communicate telepathically with most forms of aquatic life.


    [Hybrid Damage Dealer], [Melee], [Bruiser]

    Aquaman is a strong, versatile hero in the Infinite Crisis. Able to be played as an initiating bruiser or an adept assassin in lane or Jungle. Using Trident of the King Aquaman can control his lane from safety in order to keep the equilibrium in his favor, once he hits 6 Aquaman is a fearsome ganker and can easily punish the unaware.
    Aquaman can be a huge asset to his team through out all stages of the game.




    Trident of the King (Q)

    Aquaman throws his trident, dealing between 50 and 100 Power Damage (increasing the further it travels) to the first enemy it hits. The target is also Revealed and marked with Telepathy.

    Level|Min. Dmg|Max Dmg.|Will|

    - Min Damage: +50% Power Damage

    - Max Damage +100% Power Damage


    Stagger (W)

    Aquaman swipes his opponent's feet, dealing 50 Power Damage and Knocking them down for 1 second.


    - +50% Power Damage


    Undertow (E)

    Aquaman rushes through his opponents, dealing 30 Attack Damage to all enemies. If at least one enemy is hit, Aquaman may use Undertow a second time within 4 seconds.


    - +65% Bonus Attack Damage


    Might of Atlantis (R)

    Might of Atlantis becomes a follow-up skill for 4 seconds after dealing damage with another skill.

    Trident of the King turns Might of Atlantis into Surge:
    Dash to Telepathy target and deal 75 Power Damage.

    Stagger turns Might of Atlantis into Wrath:
    Deal 60 Power Damage + 20% of the target's missing health.

    Undertow turns Might of Atlantis into Capsize:
    Perform an additional Undertow that stops at the first Champion it hits, dealing 45 Attack Damage, and throwing them behind Aquaman.

    Level|Surge Dmg|Wrath Dmg|Capsize Dmg|Cooldown|

    - Surge scales at +100% Bonus Attack Damage

    - Wrath scales at +50% Power Damage

    - Capsize scales at + 70% Bonus Attack Damage


    Rising Tide (Passive)

    After each skill execution, Aquaman gains Rising Tide for a few seconds. His next basic attack consumes Rising Tide to deal 25 Power Damage to his target, and restore 6 Health to himself.


    - Damage scales at +25% Power Damage

    - Heal scales at +15% Bonus Damage


    Stolen Powers

    I prefer to run Psychic Assault and Super speed, Aquaman has some incredible CC & gank potential thanks to his kit, these two powers make it next to impossible to outrun your Atlantean wrath. It also scales well into the late game, allowing you to keep those bruisers at your teams feet before you finish them off with Wrath!
    You could also run Invulnerability if you have a hard on or dives with Surge.

    If you're jungling you will want Consume and your choice of power, psychic assault makes for a good way to catch people unawares when you come out of the jungle.
    I do not recommend jungling with Aquaman, he has slow clear times and doesn't hit his ganking peotential fast enough. Pre-6 his ganks are lame, leave it to the better junglers.


    Skill Build

    Aquaman should Max Trident of the King first, this is his best skill bar none and will be your most used and abused through out the game.
    When I reach level 6 I like to have 3-1-1-1, maxing trident at 7. If i'm doing well and I have my teir 3 Psi-Scimitar by lvl 7 then you have a choice of maxing Rising Tide or Stagger. If you're playing aggressive and fulfilling your combo, I suggest opting for your passive as your DPS goes through the roof when you proc Rising Tide after every skill.
    If you're behind then I recommend favouring Stagger over Rising Tide for the extra damage that your skills give you, do this if you don't have Psi-Scimitar by level 7 or close.
    If you chose Rising Tide as your second skill maxed then max Stagger next and vice versa.
    Take points in Might of Atlantis when available.


    Core Items

    Aquaman has two main core items


    + 35 Attack Damage

    + 60 Power Damage

    Skilled Attack: After skill use, your next Basic Attack deals 25 + 25% Power Damage or 100% base Attack Damage (2 second cooldown). Activate to toggle.

    This should be your first big item you pick up, no questions asked.  This skill is exactly the same as your passive, if you're good about using it then this item is your best friend.
    A level 3 Psi-Scimitar will turn your combo into guaranteed kills if you hit every proc.

    Atlantean Royal Seal:
    + 400 Health

    + 60 Power Damage

    Skill Harrier: Targets damaged by your skills lose 20% Move Speed for 1.5 seconds.

    No fun allowed here.
    Aquaman is an incredible ganker thanks to Trident of the King > Surge, almost nobody can escape him. Atlantean Royal Seal allows Aquaman to beef up, deal additional damage and slows your foes for 1.5 seconds with every skill you land.
    A full combo of skills will slow your opponents for 7 seconds (6.5 if you consider the 1 second knockdown from stagger) and with Psychic Assault Aquaman is a ruthless predator on the battle field.


    The Combo

    When you play Aquaman you should know that your ult is the game changer and how you use it defines how your Aquaman plays out.
    Surge turns him into a mobile bruiser or fearsome assassin for those who are alone.
    Wrath is your execute to end the lives of those who are low HP or the bruisers who have high HP that you need to bring down quickly.
    Capsize  is there to enable your team to keep someone in check, nobody escapes Aquaman!

    Ultimately though, your ganks will come down to one combo and it starts with Surge, this will leave you unable to use your other ult skills during most fights but this is the most effective combo to assassinate someone.

    Trident > Surge > Auto > Stagger > Auto > Undertow > Auto > Undertow > Trident > Auto.

    At this point use whatever skill is off cooldown to follow up, repeat until your enemy dies.
    Most tanky heroes like Mecha Sups will take a full combo and won't die, if you're a solo top or catching them out do not expect to kill them unless they're low HP and you can come back and catch them with a swift Stagger > Wrath! but you will make them think twice.

    Solo midlaners, Marksmen and under itemized bruisers will fear you & in team fights you can instantly lock down and remove a high priority target, one Trident of the king will give you the means to instantly engage.

    All that said, sometimes you just won't need to Surge into a fight. You may feel you need to let someone else initiate so you can use Wrath.
    I'm not saying this combo is the best answer to every situation, only a means to get great DPS from Aquaman and his items.
    Use your best judgement for what you feel the situation needs in order to drive home the victory.


    Starting the Match

    Preferably you want Middle lane as Aquaman, as he excels in bullying a single opponent and ideally you want them to be a mage like champion who is squishy or a marksman.
    If you have too you can go Solo top against another bruiser, kills are still achievable but not as easy as middle lane. 
    Solo top 2v1 is also doable by farming with Trident of the King but not ideal.

    When playing Aquaman you should always start with a Nil Ring (+75hp, +75will, +7Will regen per 10, +15 Pwr. Dmg) and 2 Modular Tektite vails (Restores 100 Health and 100 Will over 15 seconds. Each use consumes 1 of 3 charges. Charges are refreshed when returning to base.)
    Aquaman whilst a Hybrid hero doesn't benefit as much from AD items, ruling out Nil Weapon as a good starting item
    You will have 50 gold remaining if you wish to pick up an additional Hp potion or Will potion, you may but I feel it is unnecessary and you would benefit from waiting for the extra 100 to get a set of 3 Modular Tektite vails .
    You should also pick up a camera (The purple totem behind you when you spawn)

    If your lane sucks or you feel like you'll need more HP regen, opt for a Crime Bible instead of a Nil Ring.
    Crime Bible is a great item to keep you in your lane, it's also cheap and upgrades to its tier 2 for cheap. 
    This isn't always a must on Aquaman, I would only really suggest it if you happen to be in a 2v1 lane match up or you have to get some HP to stay alive because you have a low HP core team.

    Your first skill should be Trident of the King, you shouldn't be getting ganked so early unless the enemy team are co-ordinated or you make a huge mistake and wander into their territory you won't need a knockdown or an escape like Undertow.
    This is your bread and butter lane bully skill, 1vs1 you will dominate your lane from range and you will find it easy to zone out your opponent offering you free farm and lane control.


    Early game Tips

    - Aquaman should be bullying his lane with Trident pre-6, take shots as you feel like you can get a hit. Don't be afraid of your mana running out on you solely using Trident early game, the mana cost is low and really forgiving. The issue early game (especially with this build) is your combo will take up all your mana and you have no regen.

    - When melee heroes come in to last hit or ranged heroes get close, step over your creep wave and throw a lance and hit them with your passive - this is a great way to punish people who get too close.

    - Place cameras in the jungle, Aquaman only has one escape and it has a short range. Don't let yourself get caught unaware early game.
    Aquaman has decent starting HP so you can usually survive all but the worst of incoming ganks - prevention is the best medicine.

    - Try landing Trident from maximum range, but don't get too hung up on it. Take what you can get, keep the enemy on low HP. If they come in to get coins or trade hits with you, you can punish them and deal more damage thanks to skills and passive procs.

    - Don't be afraid to back up and farm with your Trident, don't risk dying for gold.


    Mid game Tips

    - When you hit 6, Aquaman gets much more fun than just annoying people to with constant Tridents. If your lane opponent is low, you can guarantee a surprise kill on them thanks to surge and a full combo.

    - Roam side lanes and gank if you're in the middle lane, Aquaman can lunge over terrain thanks to Surge if the enemy doesn't have camera in the fog of war then they won't see you coming.

    - You don't always have to initiate with Surge sometimes you need to save your ultimate to finish off the beefier heroes with Wrath.

    - Aquaman sucks as pushing but that doesn't mean you should neglect it, don't try and force out a gank. Take your tower quickly to create more map control for you and your team.

    - If you're feeling brave and you have invulnerability or enough HP to run away with Super Speed, then you can throw a Trident of the King to hit low hp heroes trying to remain safe under a tower, Ha!
    You're from Atlantis and you're on the diving squad.
    Surge into them and pop invulnerability, kill them and then get out of there.


    Author Notes

    Feel free to comment and leave criticisms, please offer me suggestions or share with me your view points and we can discuss it.
    Thank you for reading this guide.


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