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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for General

    MOBA Library: Arm Yourself with Knowledge!

    A General guide by KTPearee
    Last updated: Dec 2nd, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/moba-library-arm-yourself-with-knowledge
    2,898 1


    Hi Community!

    For those who don't know me, I am F3_KTPearee, current Marksman for the competitive team, Flipside Tactics. I've played mobas all my life (currently 23 and nearing the end of my life Kappa). I've gotten Diamond in LoL (going for master tier on release), ~1820 in HoN, and wish I were level 15 in Dota 2 so I could play ranked

    I've always liked the close knit IC community, and now I feel like its my turn to try to make the community better. Here are some videos-updated weekly-that I hope you all enjoy and learn from! I hope to see you all on the battlegrounds! Please let me know if you have a specific question/guide I can make. You might just see it happen!

    Analysis Videos
    9/24 Marksmen Analysis
    MOBAs and Metas

    General Videos
    Warding Overview
    Warding Openings

    Champion Specific Videos
    Nightmare Robin Video
    Nightmare Robin Prezi

    Shameless Plug:
    [email protected]
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