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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Aquaman

    GH Aquaman Attack God !!

    An Aquaman guide by joashdeman
    Last updated: Sep 14th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/moheWSko
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    Hey guys, This will be my first guide and its gonna be on the Ultimate Destructionist, The King of The Ocean,
    P.S.: Sorry if there wont be any pretty pictures as of now

    Lets get cracking:D

    Mods :
    1) Enhanced Attack Dmg For shades cane, give u a +9 att dmg early on when you start your build with shades cane tier 2 and later after the build is finished (Pg 10).
    2) Empowered Psi Scimitar(Pg 4) which is perfect for aquaman once fully built to get the skilled attack as it work perfectly with rising tide to get u that extra Dmg as well as healing.
    3) Enhanced Attack Dmg for Deathstroke clay which give u a +9 once the build is done which is so strong or you can go with terminate(havent tried that oen yet ) (Pg 6).

    Augments :
    1) (Pg 4 bottom row in the middle) Code name Beast
    2) (Pg 6 bottom row in the middle) Code name Cube
    3) (Pg 7 top row 2nd last towards the right) Code name Lemon
    4) (Pg 8 bottom row 2nd from left) Code name Kai

    Passive : Rising Tide
    Q: Trident of the King
    W: Stagger
    E: Undertow
    R: Might of Atlantis

    Skill Progression:

    Early game:
    Start of with shades cane(tier 2), so with the mod gives u good power and att dmg early on but do remember go bottom at this early phase. Once done if u have a clear opening towards the enemy champ take it. Start with W>AA>E>AA>E>AA>Q>AA if near. If u can get to the health then better, this normally gets me the frst kill and get me the wanted coins, if u have less than 1500 but more than 750 get the Psi Scim but if u are near the 1.5k mark and can farm to get tht quickly do so and buy the death stroke clay for early on att dmg burst which works beautifully with the passive. As the game progresses make ur intent on getting some assists, capture points, farm a bit, or get kills to get u full set claymore,psi and shades cane.

    Mid game: 

    By now your bursting with att dmg and just itching to get you more kills, dont play to safe but make sure u can finis hthe kill if its in range, your next item shud b either starheart or huntress crss bow for the att dmg and cooldown depending upon how you progressing. 
    If the game is easy and u r sure u can get kills go ahead and blast off with Huntress crossbow and molest your enemies,if not go for the star heart and combine with your ult to secure u some kills, Then try and get more kills or assists and get your self tht starheart .

    End game:

    By now your at the peak of your dmg outputs and will still have 1 slot more for 1 last artifact, i Recommend you take joe chills and just blow of your opponents heads of with this combo. W>Ult>E>AA>E>AA>Q>AAto finish your enemy nice and easy

    Hopefully this goes well with you aquaman users and please give some feedback on how things went well with your game and on how my first guide helped you, do suggest also and i will make sure i help you out with changes :D

    Have fun and may the god of the ocean wipe out your enemies
    Cya in the lost sectors :D
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