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    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Green Lantern

    Penta Assist!

    An Arcane Green Lantern guide by Tramon
    Last updated: Jul 26th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/penta-assist
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    Stolen Powers
    Hey Everybody! Let's talk about everyone's favorite Support..ArcGL!

    This will be a simple Gotham Heights guide on him and all the assists he is capable of. 

    Virtually the way this will teach you how to play is not supportive but you won't be solo'ing either(at least at the beginning). 
    Due to the title it's pretty obvious what will be going on here..assists! Lots of them!
    This is a mix of being a tank, but also being a solid damage output as well.
    So depending on your team you can really rack up the assists, and if you time it right the kills; while also being very hard to kill!


    To start off the match you don't want to go into that first Wayne's Tower fight trying to knock them out right off the bat. Let the actual damage suppliers focus on that. You just focus on being slightly tanky and healing those in need. Your damage time will come, young grasshopper.


    Suit of Sorrows(1)/Mirror Masters Prism(2)to start off the match these are the two key artifacts that you want to make up. 9/10 times you will be facing a mix AD/PD team so these will come in handy to keep you in the fight a little bit longer. Due to ArcGL will buff recently you won't have too much will problems that you will need to worry right off the bat.

    Entropy AegisThis is typically one that you will go for right after your first port back to base once you finish up your shields, or you can jump straight to it before finishing them. Reason you want this is for that extra health, plus will, and that tasty shield from the skill. However, if you want to go more PD off the bat then substitute this for Eye of Ekron, either will help you in the long run. 

    The Starheart/The Book of EternityEither one of these will be your 4th go to. Doesn't matter which one you go for, both will give you a substantial amount of PD. I personally prefer to get Starheart first due to the bigger amount of PD it gives, but if you find yourself facing a bunch of tanks with PD armor, then Eternity is definitely the go to. Plus it is cheaper. 

    Extras - Once you have these 5 settled in and maxed you are pretty much solid for the rest of the match. The last part of your build just depends on what you are wanting more of. Options that are golden to use are Metallo's Heart just to slow the enemy and be a jerk for 1v1s or mid fights. Eye of Ekron, for even more will plus 50 PD. Atlantean Royal Seal for that extra push in health and 50 PD, also works great due to it's slow skill, which works nicely with ArcGLs slows/stuns/snares..makes it heck of a lot harder to get away. Other notable ones are Eclipso's Diamond/Fatality's Energy Lance/Abin Sur's Lantern. Like I said, it's just all on what you want/feel the need to build. Have fun with it.

    Stolen Powers

    DoomsDay's Invul - This will save your life so many times while trying to get away. 

    ArcGL Healing Wave - Another life or even team saver. Most prefer Ivy heal over this just for the attack, but I find having that extra kick of armor much more handy than extra damage. 


    Construct Champion - This is your holy guardian. He will either mess up someones day as they are escaping or he will be your secret getaway. He does a great amount of damage plus a knockdown. As well he goes through walls. The most fun part about him though is once you unleash him, pressing Q again with cause you to teleport to his spot and take his place. So an easy catch or a fast getaway. 

    Shackles - These little guys are handy later on in the match when people will be running all over the place. Once let loose they will attach to the nearest enemies(yes more than one) and slow them significantly. After a few seconds all those still in your reach will then be rooted temporarily. So yes you can root 5 enemies at once if they were dumb enough to hang around. Sadly however this root is not as OP as Atomic Ivy's. We can't be too OP as ArcGL can we? I prefer to upgrade these later after Q and E just because they still do a great purpose at level 1. 

    Emerald Lantern - Remember our holy guardian? Well this is his holy grail. All that PD you were stacking, it goes into this move right here. Once you have an outrageous amount of PD flowing you toss this guy into the middle of a bunch of enemies and it will shut them up! This is where most of your assists comes from. ArcGL is heavy on the CC, so once you toss this in there it will hit almost all enemies around you. Assist, double assist, TRIPLE ASSIST! I like to max this as fast as possible just so I can start doing some heavy damage fast.

    Deny the Black - The Ult. Once again, this is either a team save or a quick getaway. Is it cheap to use this skill as a getaway when you are about to die? Absolutely. Do we care? No. Once used this skill teleports you to the allies that you have chosen and once there it applies everyone with a hefty little shield that really saves tail. Upgrade this every chance you get. I usually only save it for mid fights since that is where most action is during games.

    Passive - I dont' typically pay much attention to the passive on this guy until the end mainly just because we aren't playing a support on this map. We are a PD/baby tank. The passive can be helpful especially late game when everybody in the match is built but early on it's not as helpful as all the other skills.


    For the majority of the beginning of the match you are going to want to be hanging with a crowd(unless you get sent bot, which isn't that hard to do on him especially against squishies) because you can't take too many hits but you can help with extra damage and heals. You still are a support champ, but you are capable of doing your own thing. You don't want to be the guy that's right in the thick of the fight, let the actual tank/bruiser handle that. You just want to stand in the back and toss your lantern in there randomly. Be annoying!
    Once you get built up a bit then you can start venturing off by yourself a little but keep yourself on a leash. Holding a point isn't hard but you can't 3v1 or anything yet. Don't stray too far from the pack in fear that they won't make it to you in time if you start to die.

    Mid game once you get about 4 artifacts in you and can handle some damage and put some out then you can go wander around the map. Keep a close eye on your teammates though, chance are they will need your help more than you will need theirs. Trying to take a point? Just throw a guardian in there followed by a lantern. Typically this will annoy them enough to lure them out, snare! Spam the lantern, go grab some health, rinse repeat until you win the point. 

    Late game just do what you want. If you have a solid build built up then it doesn't matter what you do. Typically you can solo any other champ as long as they aren't fed. Taking points, fighting champs, saving allies. It's just all part of the job description by the end of the match. Have some fun!

    As far as these go just do your own thing. I use a setup of PD/Cooldown/health/run speed. With power reflect upgrades on Suit/Mirrors, and additional slow on Atlantean. But it's whatever play style you have. I like to test a lot so I might change it up some. 

    I hope this quick guide helps you win a lot of Gotham Heights. Like I said, this is an assist winner, so if you go into it expecting all the kills..well...you might actually do it. For the majority though expect to hear that lady say "QUADRA ASSIST...PENTA ASSIST!"
    Good luck, Lanterns!

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