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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Gaslight Batman

    Who needs Black Canary when you got PD GasBat

    A Gaslight Batman guide by JoetheJoe
    Last updated: Dec 10th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/who-needs-black-canary-when-you-got-pd-gasbat
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    Hey guys (and girls. I'm not sexist). Thanks for checking out this Power Damage Gaslight Batman guide. To summarize what this build path for GasBat is, it's basically taking advantage of his Power Damage ratios for tons of damage in exchange for the traditional DPS of his Attack Damage build. So let's press E and Bat Flight into this guide.

    To start off, I'll go over the pros and cons of PD GasBat as opposed to AD GasBat.

    1. High burst damage

    GasBat is most played as a Marksman, who uses auto-attacks to dish out consistant damage per second (DPS) against enemies. However, he's classified as a hybrid due to the fact that all of his abilities scale off of Power Damage. These ratios are actually really good, and actually provide more damage overall than if he was Attack Damage. Why? Simply put, champions can obtain a much higher amount of Power Damage than Attack Damage.

    2. Lower cooldowns
    An AD GasBat hardly ever, if at all, builds cooldown reduction (CDR), and is usually stuck with his long cooldowns all game. Building Power Damage items like Fatality's Energy Lance and Cosmic Staff not only gives him more damage, but also reduce those painful cooldowns to more manageable levels, allowing more more spamming, and thus, more damage output.

    3. Great Teamfight Potential
    Not only will GasBat be dishing out tons of damage frequently, but it's all area of effect (AoE) damage. He'll be hitting multiple, if not all, of the enemies on the opposing team. Literally every skill he has is AoE, including his E, Bat Flight.

    4. Scaling
    Finally, GasBat has amazing scaling into the late game. The amount of flat damage his ult does late game compared to early game is nearly triple. Also, with 600 Power Damage, 90% of which converts to damage for his ult, an extra 540 for a total of 1140, his ult will do crazy amounts of damage in teamfights, even if it hits enough enemies to fall down to 50% of its max power output (that's 570 for those who can't math).

    1. High Will costs

    To balance out his high damage output, GasBat has decently high Will costs, which only get worse as the game goes on. Even in the late game, with Will sustain items like Dr. Destiny's Dreamstone, he can run out of Will quickly after using his abilities. This leaves him vulnerable to be attacked and killed, as his escape, E, has the highest cost after just rank 3.

    2. Pure skillshots
    Another weakness of GasBat, both AD and PD, is that all of his skills are skillshots, and can be avoided with some skill, and maybe even a little luck. His ult, despite a wide range, is actually pretty easy to avoid since he needs to channel it with an animation and shout that helps enemies realize he's about to ult. Dodging his Sonic Batarang is easy since it's somewhat slow and small.

    3. Slow start
    Early game, Power Damage GasBat is pretty weak, since he lacks any form of Will sustain or damage (unless you play on Gotham Heights, where it's not as bad, but still crippling). He doesn't start taking off and bursting down enemies until the mid game, once he's got a few items under his utility belt.

    Speaking of items, let's talk about those for a minute.

    First up is Dr. Destiny's Dreamstone. It's pretty much a requirement on PD GasBat, as it provides the much needed Will sustain he desperately needs, Power Damage, CDR, and Power Armor. Personally, I like to build the Dreamstone up to the second tier, as that's where the item's passive is, and that's what provides the amazing Will sustain. Once I finish the first major item, then I'll finish the Dreamstone.

    The second item I build is Fatality's Energy Lance. This item is amazing on GasBat as it gives him high Power Damage, CDR, and a pretty amazing active to suppliment his burst damage. Combine it with the finished versions of Dreamstone and the fourth item, Cosmic Staff, and you've got 35% CDR for crazy spamability.

    Third is the Starheart. Now you might ask, why Starheart third and not Cosmic Staff? Well, as nice as 70 Power Damage is, having an extra 100 plus the 30% total PD, is much better for bursting down enemies. Keep in mind that GasBat's passive causes his abilities to deal bonus damage if the targets have echoes on them. Rank 1 is 10% with Rank 4 being 25%. On top of that, using Fatality's Energy Lance's active adds another 10% bonus damage.

    Fourth, as said above, is Cosmic Staff. It gives you 35% CDR once finished with the other two items, and if you have the same Augments as listed up top, you'll have 40% by the late game. This item is really good on him for a couple of reasons. First, the base stats are high, 70 PD and 10% CDR. Next, the passive is amazing and is basically free damage, which is also good for taking down tanks. And lastly, it synergizes well with his AoE kit, especially with his Sonic Batarang, since it can hit the same person more than once, which will reapply the passive. Not only that, but the passive damage should (I say should cause I'm not entirely sure if this is true or not) also be amplified by the Energy Lance's active.

    As for the last two items, I enjoy building the Psi-Scimitar and the Book of Eternity. Both give extra Power Damage and two useful passives. Psi-Scimitar lets your next auto attack after a spell cast be empowered based on your Power Damage. The item cooldown is 2 seconds, and GasBat's lowest skill cooldown after reaching 40% CDR is about 3 seconds, so it goes really well with his spamability, and also gives you a way to dish out more damage while waiting on your skills to come back up. Book of Eternity is pretty simple. The passive gives 35% Power Penetration, which is a must on any Blaster. Even tanks will take tons of damage after this item.

    Some of the other options are the Blue Scarab, Neron's Contract, and Pandora's Box. Why? Basically to empower your auto attacks for consistant DPS while retaining the burst of your Power Damage build; to have more survivability if your E isn't enough to escape from harm; and to give some extra Will sustain, Power Damage, cap your CDR, and a passive that will slow enemies and make your skillshots easier to hit, or to slow them and escape safely.


    Just to give a brief summary of why I chose to use those Amplifiers, I basically chose whatever would help his burst deal more damage. Having the extra Power Damage on Dreamstone is nice, since 40 isn't a huge number. You also need to remember that you aren't just buying the Mod for 15 extra PD, since Starheart will give more overall Power Damage. The more you have, the more you get out of Starheart's passive. Cosmic Staff's Disintegration 2 is much better than it's original passive, since now it'll deal damage based on missing health after the target falls below 50% health. This helps to secure kills on low health targets that are getting away. Lastly, the third Mod is really up to you, but I prefer taking Empowered Psi-Scimitar because it will cause GasBat to deal significantly increased damage with his next auto attack. Even people who can't math should know that 50% is twice as great as 25%.

    As for Augments, I use:
    BLAST for flat Power Damage and Power Penetration
    ORION for PD per level and flat Power Penetration
    SUN for PD per level and CDR per level & lastly
    NEBULA for flat PD and CDR, which will fill in the missing 5% by the late game.

    Powers? What powers? I'm Batman.

    I like using Green Latern's Meteor Drop and Doomsday's Invulnerability because it gives more damage that scales into the late game and also helps to finish off those runners with 1 hp, and because in a 1v1, GasBat has no way to sustain his health. Super Speed and Psychic Assault are also good options to use for chasing down runners, or escaping from a gank.

    On to Skill Leveling!

    Start with Q, Sonic Batarang, maxing first.
    Take W, Sonic Shell, at level 2 and max it second.
    Put a point in E, Bat Flight, at level 3, but max it last.
    Rank up his ult whenever possible, at levels 6, 10, 14, and 18.
    Finally, max his passive third, since it will give you more damage with your skills, and increase your kill potential on enemies.

    Alternatively, you can also choose to switch his E and passive, maxing the former third and the latter last, which will give you more damage with the E and a lower cooldown, which at max CDR is about 8.4 seconds, making escaping a bit easier.

    And finally, the ideal wombo combo!

    The core gameplay of Power Damage GasBat doesn't change from his AD counterpart. It's just more reliant on hitting his skills and not missing them.

    In the ideal scenario, you'll want to mark your target(s) with Echoes, which shouldn't be too difficult since all you have to do is auto attack. Then throw out your W, Sonic Shell, and Q, Sonic Batarang, letting W detonate first in groups of enemies so that Echoes is applied to as many enemies as possible. Then, follow up with R, Bat Scream, and finish off any runners by using E, Bat Flight, and landing another Q or W.

    This combo will change depending on the situation, however. Is it 1v1? 2v2? 5v5? Do you have 2 items or 4 or 6? Let's look at two scenarios where you have 3 of your 6 items, Dreamstone, Energy Lance, and Starheart.

    First is a 1v1. Open with an auto attack like usual, then use Energy Lance's active effect to do 15% of the target's current health as Power Damage, and increase your damage to them by 10% for 5 seconds. Now spam your skills. Q and W, and if you feel confident about being able to walk away without being ganked after the fight, E through your target as well. Then, once you land, unleash the Bat Scream and finish them off with a Q if needed. Once you get 4, 5, or 6 items, you won't need that last Q, since Bat Scream alone will deal at least half of the target's health.

    In a 5v5 teamfight, everything will be the same, only now you'll want to target the enemy's frontline. Their Enforcers and Bruisers that are tanking all of your team's damage. Throw out some auto attacks to apply echoes, then activate Energy Lance on the Enforcer or Bruiser, and follow the same combo as the 1v1, but make sure you hit as many enemies with your W and R as possible. Even his ult deals reduced damage to the backline, it will still be a lot, probably enough to force them out of the fight.

    Lastly, if you have Psi-Scimitar, be sure to throw in auto attacks between skill uses to maximize your damage output.

    Well, that's it. Thanks for reading this guide. Feel free to express thoughts, comments, and opinions, or regail us with stories of using it for yourselves.
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