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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Green Lantern

    In Brightest Day In Blackest Night

    A Green Lantern guide by BertRaccoon
    Last updated: Apr 8th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/1823-Green-Lantern-In-Brightest-Day-In-Blackest-Night
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    Hello all. I started playing MOBAs since classic DotA, so I am (somewhat at least) experienced. My friends used to call me "walking encyclopaedia there because I knew how to level up and item build every hero, inside and out (my play wasn't on the same level sadly) and this carried over to the other games as well.

    I love Infinite Crisis and I've decided to make some guides for my favorite heroes (there's not a more appropriate game to call the character Heroes yet they call them Champions....) aimed mostly at helping new new players get the hang of them, how they function and what they can do. So, they won't offer much if you want to climb in the highest divisions in ranked play (when it becomes available), though many elements inside can also be used there.

    Coming to talk about Green Lantern (Prime) specifically, he is my highest win-rate hero currently so I find it suitable to start from him. Many look down on him, but in the writer's humble opinion, he is extremely underrated because in good hands, he can be very strong, especially mid to late game. He has of the highest single target damage in the game as well as a very powerful ultimate that does insane area of effect (AoE from now on) damage as well as disables enemies hit from it. He is , one could say, the quintessential Blaster; able to deal TONS of damage but not handle much on his own (a glass cannon). His main weakness is that he is not very mobile and lacks a means of an escape mechanism, so you always need to be aware of your positioning. With 4 damaging abilities though, he makes up for that. I'll talk more in depth about him, on with the guide. For the purposes of this guide, Green Lantern is laning, either as solo or dual as pseudo-support (and in the writer's humble opinion, he is best played solo).

    Skill Build & Usage

    You should always take Constrict (W) level 1. It is your only form of disable/crowd control (cc) , so it is your only and best option for defense against early first blood attempts on you. The only instance where you wouldn't want to get it is when you 5-man invade with your team in hopes for a first blood of your own. Then, you may want to get Slam (Q) cause it does more damage and has a shorter cooldown. But even then, W can help secure a kill. So always get it level 1.

    Regarding order that you max your skills now, you should always max your Q first. It is your bread and butter ability-does the most damage, has short cooldown and is a reliable ability (point and click). A second point in W is taken at level 5 to increase its potency (you can skip it if you want, but I'd suggest not). Second skill you should max is Missile Barrage (E). This ability is your only means of wave clearing (killing the lane creeps fast to push/counter-push) and also, by maxing it second, you maximize your damage output (more on that later). You take your ultimate, Green Lantern's Light (R) whenever it is possible, at levels 6,10,14 and 18. This goes for every Hero (or Villain). You max Constrict third and your passive last.

    Now, how you use your skills. The ideal combo as Green Lantern is: Constrict-Missile Barrage-Slam, which translates to W-E-E-E-Q. This way, the synergy between your skills shines the brightest way possible. Constrict makes it easier for your other abilities, especially Missile Barrage, to hit your target. Missile Barrage in turn increases Slam's damage the more missiles you've successfully landed on Slam's target. And finally, hitting an enemy hero (or villain) with your other abilities while Constrict is active, reduces its cooldown (longest of your non-ultimate abilities). Your ultimate is entirely optional and you may use it whenever you feel right (for higher chance to land, while enemy is slowed by your W). If you think it can secure a kill, go ahead and use it. Otherwise, you may want to save it for large scale teamfights, trying to hit as many enemy heroes as possible. Your ultimate can also be used defensively (more on that on a later part). You'll want to rinse and repeat the combo until enemy is dead-if W is on cooldown, hit as many times with E before you Q. Note that casting E won't cancel the move command you've issued prior. Regarding your passive, try always to harass enemy heroes in lane when it is off cooldown (when the enhanced auto attack is active; you'll understand it by the glowing animation on your ring).

    Item Build

    Nil Ring and Modular Health Vial (3) are a staple start for any Blaster and Green Lantern could be no exception. You got Power Damage, will regen, sustain in lane and the bonus will regen from picking up coins/last hitting. After that start though, let's talk about what makes Green Lantern unique among Blasters: his passive. It does a lot of things revolving around your max Will. Adds bonus PD on your basic attacks based on your max Will every once in a while and regenerates a portion of it whenever you kill a drone and a much larger portion when you earn a kill or assist. Also, aside from your passive, you have a scaling of bonus will to your Q and ultimate. Seeing how much it provides, in the writer's humble opinion, it is more than just worth maximizing that passive. To that end, you should rush Abin Sur's Lantern (2), where the Will Harvest keyword becomes available, allowing you to get stacks of will at set time periods and also on kills/assists. I'd also advise to have Abin Sur's modded for faster stacking (every 45 seconds instead of 75) which is the Empowered Abin Sur's Lantern mod. When you finish tier 2 of the item, you're free to build however you see fit and finish Abin Sur's Lantern later. I finish it as 3rd-4th item at maximum-every stat it gives is great on Green Lantern and on full stacks, you get a neat bonus 10% cooldown reduction on top. Excellent from every aspect, can't you say? ;) On the plus side, it also fits thematically and lore wise. After tier 2 of Abin Sur's, work your way towards Cosmic Staff (3) and Fatality's Energy Lance (3). Have Cosmic Staff modded for Disintegration 2 cause it is very powerful-just too great for any Blaster not to have. These items will give you a nice mix of stats (PD, power penetration, cooldown reduction) that will help you achieve (if not yet) or push your lane dominance. Next (or even prior to that, your choice) go for Eye Of Ekron (4). This will be your final mod, Empowered for Will Force 2, to have even more of your bonus will converted to bonus PD (we talked about maximizing your passive right?).-the bonus move speed also helps tremendously with Green Lantern's limited mobility. Once you finish these items (you can choose finishing tier 4 of Fatality's or not-the active will be extremely powerful if you can land it, allowing you to melt even the tankiest of foes with ease. You should definitely finish it at some point), the paths you can choose afterwards are many. You can go offensively, with the standard combo for Blasters consisting of The Starheart (3) and The Book Of Eternity (2). You can also go defensively, with Neron's Contract (4), whose active ability, Blood Bargain, is a very powerful and versatile tool (makes you untargetable and unable to take action for a short time) or Eclipso's Diamond (2) which gives you power lifesteal (spell vamp).

    Regarding the situational items, all can be good on various conditions. Cosmic Belt (3) and The Logoz (3) can be good alternatives if you're not doing good in lane or not getting much gold in general. Helm Of Fate (3) and/or Entropy Aegis (3) can help you if your lane Blaster opponent somehow managed to get the best of you (Entropy Aegis can also help versus single target hard nuke or cc abilities. Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (4) or Pandora's Box (4) can be good if you want to cap cd.r but the extra will regen will go to waste pretty much since your passive and Abin Sur's Lantern are more than enough (Abin Sur's also gives you cd.r and along with Cosmic Staff, almost maxed when Lantern is fully stacked). Pandora's Box (4) can prove useful if you have an enemy Gaslight Catwoman though, since its active can counter her stealth (and also the stealth provided by Atomic Poison Ivy's ultimate) and she is one of your worst enemies (more on that later). [[Psi-Scimitar 3]] maybe can help you reach to a power spike faster, but you already have something similar to it in your passive (you're free to choose it though, if you want to). [[Ra's al Ghu's Robe (2)]] can be a better defensive option than Neron's Contract sometimes (if your team can protect you long enough for the effect to take place and/or the enemy team can't burst you down like they did the first time for example). Other times, you may want to have both. Steel's Breastplate (3) can be a good alternative defensive option, especially since you consider building will. Finally, Atlantean Royal Seal (4) 's passive can help you deal with mobile, hard to catch enemies, such as Flash, Katana or Catwoman, if you believe Constrict is not enough on its own.

    Stolen Powers

    Poison Ivy's Healing Wave is a good stolen power to have, because it helps both defensively (burst heal) and offensively (bonus AD and PD for a limited time, that Green Lantern can put both into good use). Remember that all nearby ally units receive the effects including ally Heroes and even drones, so you can use it in a variety of ways (helping an ally, pushing, etc). Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop adds to your nuking power. Its special property makes it deal more damage the more health the enemy hero (or villain) is missing, which makes it ideal as a finisher, especially when casted on enemies low on HP trying to flee or recall close to their tower. By using your healing wave, it will capitalize on the bonus PD to make it stronger. Alternatively, feel free to take your own Green Lantern's Meteor Drop for higher nuking power upfront (but not the bonus damage on missing health).

    Other Stolen Powers to consider are Flash's Super Speed, to help Green Lantern's mobility issues and lack of escape and any variation of Surveillance Camera : Gaslight Batman's/Green Arrow's/Robin's, especially if nobody else on your team is getting cameras. They can help alert you of incoming ganks or reveal enemy movement, allowing for surprise attacks and provide vision over the important objectives: Raider, Power Relays and Doomsday Guardian (in Coast City).

    Best Allies and Worst Enemies

    Best Allies
    , , , ,
    People here can do just about anything you want: heal you, shield you, disable enemies who are giving you a hard time, peel for you (some can do all of the above, like Harley) and generally go into any length keeping you safe and out of harm's way, while also making it easier for you to unleash your heavy damage. A glass cannon's dream.

    Worst Enemies
    , , , ,
    These on the other hand, are your worst nightmare. They have strong gap-closers and great burst damage; your Achilles' heel. They can jump on you and kill you fast, without you being able to do much about it. Even if it is off cooldown, Constrict on its own won't be able to do much. Your best bet if someone of them ganks you, is to use your Constrict on them immediately and create as much space between them and you as possible. If they're able to keep up, use your ultimate trying to hit them on the center to achieve the knock down on them (predict where they will be when it crash lands) and slow them down. Neron's Contract can help a lot here. Not only from giving you armor (since all of them are AD) but also, the Blood Bargain active can be used in many ways: you can prevent Atomic Wonder Woman's or Nightmare Robin's ultimate from hitting you and/or avoiding a significant portion of their burst (including Gaslight Catwoman's) if you time it right, making your chances of survival very more likely. Pandora's Box can help with Gaslight Catwoman's stealth and generally, help scouting for dangers. If you're lucky enough, you may even get a counter kill instead. Surveillance Cameras can also help a lot when in a game versus these heroes (especially Nightmare Batman, because, if he catches you in his ultimate, you're most probably as good as gone). Of them, Doomsday is less burst damage, but his ganks are still very strong, especially if he slams you into a wall.

    Special Mentions
    Some characters were intentionally left out of the previous 2 categories in order to be put here. These are:

    Star Sapphire
    Hal's romantic interest, Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire (deserving the first spot here) makes for one of the best allies to have on your team as well as a dangerous enemy. As an ally, Star Sapphire can keep your enemy at bay long enough with Bonds of Love for you to unleash your full combo-her damage being nothing to laugh about either. What's even better (and more terrifying for your enemies) is that, her ultimate can root many enemy heroes or even the entire enemy team long enough for you to land your ultimate on all of them as well. Those that survive (if any) will be a lot easy to clean up because they'll have very little health (again, if any). These two can also wave clear very fast together (your E together with her Q and W) which makes it very difficult for the enemy team to push or defend against a push. Their long distance coverage can also be critical in controlling objectives such as relays, Raider and Doomsday Guardian.
    As for their matchup if they happen enemies in a solo or dual lane, it can go either way, honestly. Hal's damage is bigger early-if you manage to land full combo, he has 2 skills on target and he can use that to take control of the lane. Star Sapphire on the other hand, has longer range and if she manages to proc her passive on you everytime she hits you with her Q, she can safely harass (and out-trade) you. By hitting level 6, it becomes even more unpredictable, because both add tremendous burst damage-Star Sapphire's being far more reliable to land though. If she misses her Bonds of Love on you, you can win the trade (and maybe kill her...:o) but you should still be very careful for her ultimate-she can ulti first and then use Bonds of Love in order to bind you with the Predator. Even if she misses her E, still be on the lookout-she may be baiting you into getting ganked by the jungler/roaming enemy team members (pay attention to your minimap to see if they're missing from the lanes).

    Your former mentor in Green Lantern Corps-turned to your greatest arch-nemesis (very innovative and original, no? :p). Sinestro can be a good ally with you as well-one can set up the other (you by slowing and/or hitting your ultimate succefully and Sinestro can silence and land his ultimate as well). No matter which way it happens, the result will be the same: insane damage by both.But I bet what more people are interested to see is how their matchup goes, am I right or left? Let's jump to it!
    Let me tell you something. When I first saw Sinestro's profile, I thought to myself: "Wow, Hal's got no way of winning that!" Sinestro has a silence, an aoe stun/fear and a dash that resets on kill/assist. All of that packed with TONS of damage. Also, Sinestro has been needlessly keep getting buffed lately. It looks really one sided, no? Well, not really! Sinestro is indeed very powerful (close to broken) currently. But that doesn't mean he can't be beaten. Sinestro's early laning phase is still weak (that's why many people play him jungle) and you should capitalize on that-try your best to land your combo and harass with your enhanced from passive basic attacks. He can't do much early so you should win your lane. You should be extremely careful of his Dread Scythe silence, though, because if he silences you, there's no way you can win the trade. To get silenced however, you need to get hit by one of his other abilities first, them being his Q that travels in a line and his E dash. Most of the time, he'll try to hit you with Q. You can avoid that easily, as long as you stay behind a drone. But you can still dodge even without drones, so long as your reflexes are good. The dash is harder to predict and react to. What's worse is that, even without his silence, he can still dash on you with E, immediately follow up with a point blank ultimate (which is otherwise hard to land) and follow up with his rest combo, dealing an enormous burst of damage in no time. Trying to fight back there will most likely result to your death, so your reflexes must be like that of a jaguar-try to land your ultimate on him if he dashes in to you and while he is knocked down, create your distance (so that his ultimate won't be able to reach you), and unload your known by now combo. Otherwise, just poke him in lane everytime you can, that will give you an advantage (again, be aware of his combos). If he is jungling, cameras can help alert of incoming ganks and the same stuff about assassins apply (including Blood Bargain to bait his damaging abilities).

    Hal's best bud by far, Barry Allen/The Flash, couldn't be missing from here. It would be logical to assume that they make a great duo when they work together. Well..correct! If Flash is jungling (which is the most expected place to see him in Coast City), he can make very good ganks for you. Constrict can help not only you following with your combo, but also Flash connecting with his Flash Attack, unloading his own burst and slowing further with his Hyper Vibration. You can force the enemy to take either his on your own ultimate (with the slowing and/or cutting off paths) and in both cases, consequences would be dire for him. Flash can also help you if your enemy is pushing your lane (something not impossible since Missile Barrage can't do much in terms of wave clear early on).
    If Flash is on the enemy team, same things about assassins apply here as well. Things to note here are, be careful if you are hit by his Flash Attack and slowed by Hyper Vibration. You should Constrict him and backtrack in that case. Also, while it is normally difficult to get caught in his ultimate, Green Lantern has mobility issues as we said. So, if somehow you get caught inside, try to avoid it as fast as possible. If you are far too deep and you're gonna take the most damage (or all of it) your best bet is yet again Blood Bargain. If he misses his Flash Attack, Constrict him and then poke from a distance (if you manage to land your ultimate on him, you can probably kill him). Cameras can help once more.

    Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, couldn't be at any place but here either. Atrocitus can be a very powerful ally. He can peel for you, protect you from dangerous enemies by taunting them, providing you also the ground to freely blast them with your combo. He can also make good ganks for you, if he is jungling. Lastly, his ultimate is very formidable on its own, doing significant damage. The best thing is the damage amplification it provides for a sort window after it hits however. So, if he manages to land his ultimate on many people and you can follow up with yours-wombo combo, as they say.
    If Atrocitus is an enemy, then he poses a far more than serious threat to you. Try your best to keep your distance from him to avoid being taunted and slowed by him, which will not only take a big chunk of your HP away but also put you in grave danger. If he lands his ultimate on you, you'll become even more squishier than you already are. So keep your distance as written above, poking him from afar, trying to stay out from his passive's range. You should be extremely careful if he is jungling-again, cameras are extremely helpful.

    , , , , , etc
    Your fellow Justice Leaguers as well, depending on the situation, can be powerful allies or dangerous enemies. I'll talk a little about Hawkgirl here because she is a real nightmare to face. Her passive increases her power armor every times she lands a basic attack, up to a cap, reducing your damage on her. She can break free of your slow by activating Soar immediately after you land it on her-she can also empower her other skills via Soar-either dash to you and stun you if her mace throw connects, then following up with an immediate E to silence you or empower her E to do more damage and silence you for longer. Lastly, her ultimate does a lot of damage to the target, knocks up (and pushes other enemy heroes away) giving her a large shield that absorbs PD and the more heroes he hits with her ultimate, the stronger the shield. As you see, she is designed to be a counter (and bane) to Blasters and PD heroes in general. So you don't need me to tell you to be extremely careful if she happens to be in the enemy team. You may want to play more defensively than usual and rush Neron's Contract here. May also want to ask teammates to focus her first. Keep in mind the first sentence though; everyone here can be a dangerous enemy or powerful ally. Note: When 3 or more members of the Justice League are present in a team, you get a neat hidden passive called "Justice League" (obviously), giving you bonus 1 HP (+ 1 for any other member past 3).

    Last but far from being the least, your 2 alternate versions. What written about fellow Justice League members also applies here. They can peel for you and protect you, locking down enemies for you to blast. Or as enemies, they can use that lockdown on you, so you'll be focused and killed fast. Arcane Green Lantern is valued more than Atomic by most-strong utility passive, lockdown and global ultimate that can help save a teammates life most often than not but don't do the mistake of underestimating the latter; he is tanky, he can make it for someone very hard to escape from him (especially if he/she/it lacks a dash or disengage), he can output formidable damage and most importantly, his hooks are powerful in all stages of the game, especially in the lategame; where a single one is able to pretty much determine the outcome.


    We've reached in the end. Hope that the guide will prove useful and helpful to any new player who wants to uphold the Green Lantern's Oath. To summarize, Green Lantern is able for huge single target as well as aoe damage but lacks any mobility/escape mechanisms so one must always be
    aware of his positioning. If one is able to cope with that, then he can pretty much "construct the demise of his enemies". Have fun blasting as Green Lantern :)

    Author's note: As a conclusion, I'd like to say something that you'll see in all of my guides. Never, and I mean, NEVER follow any guide blindly 100% of time. While they may be able to give some good general guidelines, no guide can make you win all games you play. You should always adapt to the game you're playing at hands, either how you plan your strategy, build or counter-build etc But what's most important, is that you need to develop your own, personal playstyle and have fun:)

    Finally, I'll add that Turbine did me the honor of making me one of the Protector Advocates (thanks an awful lot Celestrata), so I have one more reason to seek to help new people that come to the amazing game known as Infinite Crisis. My in-game name is same as here, so feel free to add me and asking me everything you want about the game and I'll try my best to respond the best way possible. I play mostly in the EU server, but I can come to NA if you want me to.

    Peace out.
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