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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy - The Heal Queen

    A Poison Ivy guide by Voltzoen
    Last updated: Apr 13th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/1824-Poison-Ivy-Poison-Ivy-The-Heal-Queen
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
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    Stolen Powers

    Hello folks!

    I am Voltzoen and usually play on the EU server as a support/tank. When i first started this game I didnt have many champs but I received her from facebook giveaway. Never have I been so grateful as Poison Ivy is one of the best controllers in game and her team heals and various skill could be a very decisive factor in the protector trials.

    An Alternative fresh guide to Poison Ivy has been introduced by my friend CH4_Chronolinq which you can check it out here. Poison Ivy Guide

    Poison Ivy Coast CIty Bottom lane Guide:

    Poison Ivy prime is one of the finest controllers in the game, with her help your team can shut down marksmen/ADC much more easily. You will be normally facing a marksman and a support in the bottom lane.

    Skill set Overview:

    Passive T/Healthy Glow is self activated after every fourth skill where she spreads a small healing pad at her location, it scales off will and no matter how many team mates stand on the pad they will all receive the same amount of heal. (There is a way to boost that healing on yourself but I ll get into that later)

    Use Q/Root strike to knock the target up for a certain time and do some power damage to them. Its a skill shot that is rather important to master as it will at times save you or your team mates life. Other times it will be just enough to knock the enemy up and let your team mate or yourself secure a kill.

    Her W/Blind is what hurts the marksmen the most so use it when the enemy marksmen is engaged 1v1 with yourself or your lane champ to reduce the damage done to them by 80% from basic attack for a small time. This will also allow your melee champs to close distance even on a fully built marksmen lategame(when all champs are close to or have full build) and finish them off fast without putting themselves in too much danger.
    Tip: Always try to use it on an enemy with maximum attack damage and those who rely on their basic attacks for it.(Usually marksmen and some assassins)

    The E/Thorn shield is a vital part of her skillset. You have to choose whom to shield during a team fight. In lanes its usually either you or the lane partner depending on the position and who is getting more focused on. The strength of the shield depends on the bonus will you have and anyone who hits the shield with basic attack loses 20 perc move speed for a small duration of time. All in a fantastic shield to put on your squishy champion and avoiding letting them escape without paying a price.

    R/Deadly Flora is her ultimate and a very potent one when you put it under the enemy in a team fight. It is vital that they stay on it as long as possible as it does damage over time and also causes massive slows depending on your bonus will. Positioning this correctly is vital in team fights both as a means of damage and escape.

    Imp: Her scaling on ultimate is 100 percent power damage but its still damage over time, so people need to stand on it for its full magnitude to do the provided estimated damage. Most times people wont stand on it to fight, so as good as it looks in terms of numbers the damage will usually be much lesser.

    Build Overview:

    Beast,Phalanx,Wreck and Oak will give you a decent amount of defensive stats so that you can concentrate on building the will items until you get strong enough to provide yourself and team mates with shields/heals during the trade offs.


    Empowered Abin Sur's Lantern, stacks are added every 45 seconds is a fantastic mod to reach max stacks on this item. This is the more efficent of all Abin Sur Lantern mods imo and worth it. It is will harvest keyword that gets activated at tier 2 of this item.

    Empowered Eye of Ekron Will Force 2: Grants Power Damage equal to 4% Bonus Will (Tier 4) which is a great boost to your own power damage which is based on your bonus will complimenting your build as a controller. So for example you build 2000 bonus will then at 4% conversion to power damage ratio you get 80 power damage which is a good boost to get besides the other stats offered by this item.

    Empowered Amulet of Isis Mercury's Gift: Activate to give nearby allies a 35% Move Speed boost for 4 seconds. (Tier 3) is an amazing active both for chasing and escaping not only as yourself but as a team. The normal Amulet of Isis is weak compared to this so if you dont have the mod, I strongly advise not to buy this item)

    Item/Artifacts Build Order

    Build order

    Start with Qward Gambit Tier 2 750 credits and Modular health vials 2 charges 250 credits

    Buy Abin Sur's Lantern to Tier 2 leave it at that and complete Amulet of isis

    Complete Abin Sur's Lantern, Qward Gambit and buy Gorilla Grodd's Helmet/Steel's breastplate as per requirement

    Steel's Breastplate/Metallo's Heart should be bought as the fifth item resell Health vials for the final item Kryptonian War Armour/Entropy Aegis

    Detailed description for artifact purchase

    Now the build is like this for me. Start with Qward Gambit tier 2. It costs you 750 credits gives you a decent amount of bonus will and 15 power damage. Most important of all is the keyword investment. This helps you share credits with your lane partner which increases by 20 % just from building this. How awesome is that? Take it to tier 3 to provide +20 power damage and +10% power life steal to you and your allies.(Not that great but its a decent boost)

    Note You will lose investment keyword if you upgrade this item to tier 3 and beyond so when to do is a choice I will leave upto you.

    Build tier 2 Modular health vials for 250 credits to go with the Qward Gambit early on. You can take it upto tier 3 but your passive heals will heal you a good amount.

    Before finishing the Qward Gambit, build Abin Sur's Lantern. Build it upto tier 2 and let it gain stacks It is a great support item on all controllers and gives amazing stats. Will harvest keyword increases your will and cooldown reduction as it gains stacks through your mod. It provides +20 % cooldown reduction, +30 power damage, +25% Will regeneration boost sura and +800 bonus will at full stacks. These are huge stats and its a core item of every controller.(If you are short on credits you can leave this item at tier 2 to finish it off much later)

    First of all cap the qward gambit to provide a team wide shield when activated. That shield depends on bonus will so more will you have, stronger the shield. Use it during team fights or in tight engages to give your team an edge. It can be a life saver. Also buy two health vials for 250 credits at the start.

    IMP:Remember if the item is in position one on your item list then its activated by 1. Some activates like Gorilla Grodd shield need to be targeted on your team mate for it to be activated.

    Now the third item to complete is the Eye of Ekron. Why? It gives +400 Bonus will , +10 move speed, +40 Power damage and power damage based on 2% of bonus will. It doesnt seem much but it is decent boost to your power damage and again the bonus will keeps improving your passive heal (T), your shields strength (E and qward gambit) and the effectiveness of your ultimate (R).

    Now your three items have provided you with great boost to your effectiveness as a controller. This is the point where you must make a choice as to what your team requires. If your team requires more shields, they are being shut down by too much crowd control abilities(Stun,silence,slows) etc then Gorilla Grodd's helmet will provide a good boost to their resilience (Its percentage reduces the amount of effectiveness of that particular debuff) It also porvides massive amount of will, A small amount of cooldown reduction and an active shield. The shield is for a single target instead of multiple unlike the qward gambit shield but its more powerful.

    IMP: Gorilla Grodd helmet shield is very strong because for 3 seconds the shielded target is immune from disables like stun,silence,slows etc so if you see your marksmen/assassin getting focused by hard disables this will help them survive a bit longer and give more damage output.

    Another option is the Amulet of Isis which is highly recommended. Ir provides some great stats for your champion. +200 health, +200 will + 5 move speed and a 10%f cooldown reduction. The best of all is the active. It gives a 35% speedboost to you and any allies around you for 4 seconds. (Mod recommended as it provides 35% speedboost for 4 secs)It will get you out of a sticky situation if your team is retreating. It can also provide a boost to your team and help chase down the enemy champs and finish them off. Donot build this item without mod.

    This is the time around which you should finish off your Abins Sur's Lantern if you havent.

    Now the defensive items come into play as you level up into mid/ late game where everyone is doing much higher damage and some armour is recommended. Your job is to provide debuffs to the enemy so if your enemy team has a marksman with high attack speed then get Metallo's Heart which provides a good attack armour and it reduces their attack speed by 20 percent through a passive aura.(The mod range is not that great so you have to be closer/ in danger zone for it to be effective at times)

    Steel's Braceplate is another option if you arent taking great amount of damage and yet are facing good amount of attack damage. This item provides +300 bonus will, +200 bonus health and an active to deflect 20 % damage to your bonus will. Its a solid item but if you are new then Metallo's Heart attack armour is recommended. (You can build Gorilla Grodd's Helmet as a fourth item if you do not immediately require any bonus armour)

    IMP: If you are taking very heavy attack damage then you must buy the Suit of Sorrows Attack armour. Neron's contract is an option which I shall explain later.

    The final item depends on the enemy damage, if you are taking heavy power damage then you must buy Kryptonian War Armour. It gives +20 move speed, good power armour, nice boost to the health and the best of all 20% boost to your healing effects.(Remember earlier I said there was a way to boost your healing?). To note if you are facing Zatanna or Sinestro(Their initial skill causes a debuff to increase potency of next skill) then I recommended getting Entropy Aegis. This is because there is a skill block shield which literally blocks a spell/skill not letting any debuff effects through to you.

    Now the last item can be Fatality Energy Lance if you wish to do more damage and the enemy team is not doing enough attack/ power damage to you directly. The reason for fatality lance is that it offers flat penetration of +20 and marksmen for eg have max default power armour at 30. So you will be doing good amount of power damage, shredding through most of their armour. You could also go with Cosmic staff where modded staff is preferred and Book of eternity for percentage power penetration which is the strongest in game. Why do this? if your team is heavily attack damage based then this gives enemy something to think about and deal with. Ivy will do a good amount of power damage but this could leave you vulnerable if you get focused on.

    Optional Items

    Nerons Contract is an interesting item for power damage champs as its active makes you un targetable and invincible for 2 secs, how significant is this? You can avoid Superman,Katana,Flash,Supergirl etc ultimates and the damage from them. It will keep you suppressed so make sure you use it while they are close and then keep Amulet of Isis on hand to escape if you have to.

    Cosmic Beltl is a very good item on all PD champs, it gives slows on skill use and besides the 200 health and 45 power damage. The efficiency of this item comes from +15 devastating keyword. It gives flat 15 power damage penetration. Its pretty good through the game and combined with fatality lance they render marksmen power armour obsolete.

    Mr Terrific's Mask is a very under appreciated item as it helps remove cameras from a certain area where the active is used. On the bonus side it reveals cameras and they cannot remain in stealth after the active is used. The bonus stats are +400 will,+ 20 Power damage and +10 power penetration. This is a good item to use when enemies all take up cameras. They have better vision then you, or they would think that until you use this. its a very situational item though.(The stealth pads around doomsday device is a good spot to start clearing the enemy cams from as it is vital to have vision there before going in)

    Stolen powers: I Always go with Cameras, they are vital to your team and provide vision to you and your teammates to avoid being ambushed by the enemy jungler/s. Green Arrow Cameras are the best as they help destroy enemy cameras, Robin's cameras allow you to carry more cameras so less return trips to the base. GA cameras have only 2 charges, Robin's cams have 5 charges.(If no one else takes cams then it is your job to take and place them so go with Robin' at that point)

    The other stolen power should be a healing wave, i would recommend Arcane Green Lantern healing wave but Poison Ivy healing wave is a good one aswell. Its necessary in tight situations and might save your or your team mates life when you are low on will and cannot generate or wait on the healing pad.

    Note: This build can be used on other controllers but may not be as efficient, try to build with different will items so your controller can be most effective. If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions please contact me or post it in the comments.

    Thanks for reading this and above all have fun!!

    PS: If you are new to this game please check my friend CH4 Chronolinq's extremely detailed and informative guide
    Latest comments
    A perfect guide! Keep it up, darling! <3
    4:04 am, May 16th, 2015
    Love this build. Been using it everytime I have played as Ivy and it has worked incredibly well - I have only played her 3 times and won 3 times - I just need to get better with her ^^
    6:09 am, Apr 9th, 2015
    Love this build. Been using it everytime I have played as Ivy and it has worked incredibly well - I have only played her 3 times and won 3 times - I just need to get better with her ^^
    6:09 am, Apr 9th, 2015
    Great guide. Lots of good info on here. And can work as a good base for pretty much any other controller.
    2:45 am, Mar 30th, 2015
    Great guide. Very detailed. :)
    12:57 am, Mar 30th, 2015