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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Supergirl

    Team SicK Guide to torching your enemies by DarkSeph

    An Arcane Supergirl guide by DarkSeph
    Last updated: Apr 13th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2294-Arcane-Supergirl-Team-SicK-Guide-to-torching-your-enemi
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter item Choices
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    Hello! Welcome to my Arcane Supergirl guide. In this guide i'll be telling you all about how this champion works and why I do the build I do on her. Remember these are just my opinions and I hope this guide can help you improve your game play while using her.

    Pros and Cons

    -High range
    -High burst
    -Great stun for peels and control
    -Hard to hit abilities
    -No escape
    -High learning curve

    So the first ability in this kit is your bread and butter for this character. It's a hard skill to land, deals massive damage if you do land it. I max this ability first to utilize its area of effect damage so I can clear waves faster than the enemy.
    Breath of Rao

    Damage:70/110/150/190{color=lightblue]+ 70% Power Damage[/color]

    Her second ability is known as Firewall. This ability is the most important in her kit and can be used offensive and defensive. Firewall improves your other two abilities a lot, when your Breath of Rao goes through your W it'll do 30 percent more damage. If your Pyrolyze goes through your W it stuns the target for an extra 0.7 seconds. Even if it's the most important ability in the kit I max it last.

    Damage:90/160/230/300+ 70% Power Damage

    Pyrolyze is a great stun but quite hard to hit at times. It travels fairly slow and can be juked very easily. Most times you want to throw this ability through your Firewall to get a longer stun. There is another use for this however, using this ability for a quick auto attack will help with great harass in lane. Don't forget to peel for your team mates using this ability too! I max this ability 3rd after my passive.

    Damage:80/120/160/200+ 75% Power Damage

    Ready for one of the hardest abilities to hit in the game? This ultimate is extremely hard to use and will take a lot of practice to get use too. That doesn't mean it's not amazing and fun to use though, out of every other ultimate I enjoy using this one the most!. I max it as fast as possible like most ultimate abilities. Just remember when using Rao's Wrath to take your time and try to predict where your enemy is moving to deal the most damage possible with it. It has an extremely large range so utilize this and force teams off relay points with it!
    Rao's Wrath

    Damage:100/125/150/175+ 45% Power Damage

    Lastly is the passive. I max this ability right after Q but why do I max second you ask? This passive is a great tool for poking out your enemies in lane. People get natural gold income very quickly on this game so stopping them from getting gold from creeps is a huge advantage. Try to land a ability and auto attack so you can deal damage over time forcing them out of lane.
    Daughter of Rao

    Damage:40/75/110/145+ 30% Power Damage


    Starting Items
    Starting off you always want to go Fatality's Energy Lance (1) and either Modular Health Vial (3) or Modular Health Vial (2) and Modular Tektite Vial (2). You start lance because you want to get power pen as fast as you can to deal high burst in lane , this will help you clear waves extremely fast too.

    Core Items
    I get Fatality's Energy Lance (3) then my build is depends on how well I'm doing so far into the game. If i get a early kill I go for Cosmic Belt (2) so I can push my lead even farther. After this I go Psi-Scimitar (3) just for the poking and nuking potential it gives you. This character relies a lot on her auto attacks so items like Psi give you the most damage early game. Next like most blasters will go right into The Starheart (3) because it gives you a huge power spike. As a blaster you want to do as much damage as fast as you can, Star heart does that for you.

    Offensive Items
    So I put The Book Of Eternity (2) here but it's pretty much core. You always want to go book because of tanks getting mirror masters, other tanky items. A lot of times in solo que the other team might not have a tank but all melee characters in this game get scaling power armor. The item that's unique to this character is Cosmic Belt (2) which is mostly a tank item. The item is also under situational items too because you only really want to go it if you get a lead early game. Arcane Supergirl can snowball very easily and double power penetration items can give you insane damage early game. You also get some health from this item so it's not bad on a blaster with no escape.

    Defensive Items
    Neron's Contract (4) like on most blasters will give you great survivability against assassins and bruisers. It can also dodge a lot of abilities that deal a lot of damage. A well placed Nerons can save you from a lot of ultimates in the game. Next is Eclipso's Diamond (2) for the power life steal. Power life steal is a great counter to the item Mirror Master's Prism (4) which is a blasters worst enemy.

    Situational Items
    Since I explained the Cosmic Belt (2) in offensive , Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (4) would be the only other situational item I would buy on Arcane Supergirl. I only buy Dreamstone when I want more will regeneration to spam abilities in team fights but most of the time Psi-Scimitar (3) will give you enough to spam for days.

    Stolen Powers
    Like I do on all my blasters I run Green Lantern's Meteor Drop, Doomsday's Invulnerability or Robin's Surveillance Camera. It really depends on your play style but some people also run Healing Wave. I wouldn't run it my self because you want to do burst, in a team fight if you get all your abilities off and bring everyone down to half then die...well you've done your job as a blaster. I like to run Invulnerability and Meteor Drop mostly since you play safe in lane a lot of times so you don't need Surveillance Camera .

    Mods and Augments
    On my blasters I always take Enhanced Energy Lance which will add 15 power damage to Fatality's Energy Lance (3). This will give you a bigger power spike and since it's your first item you want to get power damage as quick as possible. Next on any character that uses Psi-Scimitar (3) you should always go Skilled Attack 2 so your auto attacks will deal even more damage after using an ability. Lastly I use Enhanced The Book Of Eternity to give 15 power damage on The Book Of Eternity (2) just to power spike harder after getting book.

    Most augments I use are the same since I like to win early game. I use Power Damage and Power Penetration augements to make sure I deal as much damage as possible early game. Some people like using cool down reduction augments so they can cast more abilities late game which is also fine. It really just depends on how you want to play the game, what kind of player you are.

    Play by Play

    Early Game
    Starting off after you buy your items you should stick with your team just to be sure the enemy team doesn't invade your jungle. Once you're in lane you want to sit back a bit and farm using Breath of Rao. After you've gotten enough gold to get your Fatality's Energy Lance (2) that's when you can start going aggressive. Once you're level 3 start doing your full combo which is throwing a Pyrolyze through Firewall to stun, once your stun hits throw your Breath of Rao for huge damage. Don't forget to do an auto attack for your passive too! Once you start to get some damage items you'll be able to nuke the wave quickly with a Breath of Rao Firewall combo, so to keep your lead up, you can take jungle camps very quickly using the same combo. Make sure you don't put your jungle behind doing this though, if you have vision of the enemy jungler taking their camp puts them behind, only helps you get even stronger.

    Mid Game
    Mid game I would say is around 10-15 mins into the game. This is where team fights become important since the Dooms Day Device is active at 10 mins into the game. You want to be with your team every time there's a team fight because that's where Arcane Supergirl does her best damage. If no action happens for Dooms Day Device and top relay spawns don't panic if your teams slow to get up to help you! Arcane Supergirl is amazing at delaying and giving time for your team to show up. Dropping a Meteor Drop onto the relay will stop the cap, then you can sit in the bush right under the relay and abuse the huge range your ultimate has. The first Rao's Wrath will show your enemies positioning on the point because it'll stop the cap if it hit all members on the point. Keep firing your ultimate and buy as much time for your team to come and clean up the relay for you. Another thing you want to do as Arcane Supergirl is to try and take tower as fast as possible since you have insane pushing power you can get tower quickly for that global gold to help your team all over the map. Just make sure you push, let the creeps do their job and take the tower instead of autoing it down all the time because it'll make you an easy target for the enemy jungler.

    Late Game
    Late game you become one of the deadliest blasters in the game. Landing one combo will most likely kill anyone who has no power armor. Just remember while you sieg(push towers to destroy them with your team) your job is to clear the wave and poke the enemy down with your long range. If the enemy team comes at you to fight then stay behind your team, peel for them with Firewall and Pyrolyze. If you're roaming the map with your team opening up with the same combo will get you a kill easily. Do your best to stay alive and deal as much damage as possible in team fights so your team can win the team fight. Even if you die but get off all your abilities and bring the enemy team low your team should be able to clean up. One thing in solo que you'll notice your team won't peel for you, keep assassins off you but you can do a lot just by your self. Place firewall on top of your self after doing your full combo use Neron's Contract (4) and wait for your team to help you, the enemy assassin will be stuck fire wall for a bit taking damage and you'll be safe and cozy inside your bubble.

    Tips and Tricks
    Tricky FireBalls- A good Arcane Supergirl tactic is to play with your enemies head. You've got to predict where they're moving by watching the way they move around in lane. Most players expect you to use Breath of Rao to clear waves so aiming it at them in the direction they're moving is a easy way to get damage on your opponent.
    Stealth pads are op-While in lane there are two stealth pad and most times no one wards the bottom stealth pads. If you run into the bottom stealth pad and use Breath of Rao quickly so you make it look like you're just checking for enemy junglers. This will hit a few times but they'll figure it out pretty quickly.
    Take it slow- Arcane Supergirl has a highly skill required champion so remember to take your time when lining up skill shots. When people see your [Breath of Rao they'll panic and start to try and dodge so use this this your advantage and line up your [Pyrolyze. You should also do this with your ultimate since it takes a long time to hit, you have to judge where they're moving and adjust your aim correctly.
    Zoning your enemy-Most Arcane Supergirls only use Firewall to do their combo. This isn't the only use for the ability. You can zone entire teams just by doing a well placed wall at Dooms Day Device and at top relay fights. A lot of the paths in this map are small so use Firewall in the right place at the right time!
    Outplay your enemy-When being chased by an enemy that has a gap closer like Nightmare Robin's E just hold onto your Pyrolyze until they leap on you. You should try to place Firewall in a position where you can get the 1 second stun off as well

    Well that's it for this guide. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Don't forget to message me in game any time if you have more questions about any of the guides I make and let me know if this has helped you improve your game play.
    Latest comments
    if i am against Cyborg,M. wonder woman , arrow or against another arcane supergirl what i have to guide for  supergirl in order to survive 1 vs 1 battle (in the game 5 vs 5 match in C.C). And of course with not many deaths. Also what can i do for champions of melee attack (like Gaslight catwoman)?
    3:17 pm, Apr 22nd, 2015
    There's plenty you can do to survive. Farming under tower is a goodw ay just clear wave with Q and W combo and go back to sitting under tower. Or go to a jungle camp and clear it then go back to lane. While fighting assassins you really need to just position your self correctly. In lane just clear and sit at tower like i said before, in team fights wait for her to come out, place your W under your self then stun with E and Q combo. She should die from that.
    3:20 am, Apr 25th, 2015
    thx really good
    3:23 am, Apr 25th, 2015
    Not enough pink
    4:02 am, Apr 13th, 2015