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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    Get Hooked in the Bottom Side Jungle [WIP]

    A Wonder Woman guide by Inoki
    Last updated: May 26th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2388-Wonder-Woman-Get-Hooked-in-the-Bottom-Side-Jungle-WIP-
    5,659 4


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Stolen Powers

    Hi, I'm Inoki, and I don't write guides this is my first guide for Dawnbase. I do, however play too much Wonder Woman. She's probably my main jungler at this point, and she offers a lot to teams with her exceptional tankiness and crowd control abilities between both her Lasso Grab (Q) and ultimate, Blocking Bracers (R).

    Why did I start playing Wonder Woman? I don't care about her lore that much, but so help me, I love making people feel dumb when I hook them with Lasso Grab (Q), and start bringing the pain. If your team lacks a hard engage, and/or needs a strong front line tank, Diana's a perfect choice for you.

    If you're unfamiliar on how the basics of jungling on Coast City functions, I recommend some of the General Guides. They'll tell you the basic about both your jungle path as well as an overview of the objectives you need to be aware about. Diana is a team fighting monster, so taking advantage of that strength is imperative to your success. Let's talk pros and cons of the character.

    Comments/Criticism welcome, I only have my own experiences to build off of, so your experiences are SUPER vital to rounding out this guide. Just please don't hurt my feelings*.

    *NOTE: Please replace content involving "rapper(s)" with "writer(s)". Thank you in advance, and welcome to Coast Hook City,


    - Unlocked for Free -...You get her in the third tutorial. No investment needed. Yes, I count this as a positive.
    - Tankiness - Between her passive, Child of Olympus, Protection (W) , and Blocking Bracers (R), Diana can take quite a bit of punishment while your team lays down the damage. Your potential to start big combos with the rest of your team by using your Blocking Bracers (R). It's very, very strong, even with it being "nerfed".
    - High Mobility - Need to run? Your Lasso Grab (Q) can be used to lasso across walls if a jungle camp is nearby. Why take the long way around when you can just bypass the things your way? In addition, the Wonder Woman's Super Strength and Atomic Joker's Detonate can be used in a similar fassion, removing cars in your way, but this is less effective when you leave them a path to follow you.
    - Crowd Control - "Please, try to run away from me." The Wonder Woman's Super Strength stolen power, Lasso Grab (Q), and your ultimate, Blocking Bracers (R), can lock people up so effectively without giving your opponent chances to react, your team will enjoy bopping your unsuspecting victims.
    - Weak when Alone - You're unfortunately going to need to rely on your teammate for a lot of your team's damage. This also means your dueling potential is not anything to write home with. Your team needs to be aware (or made aware) when you're getting into fights either on your own. If you get counter-jungled, it's not the end of the world, but your teammates in bot lane may be needed to help punish attempts to take your jungle.
    - Reliance on Skillshots - Between the Wonder Woman's Super Strength stolen power, as well as your own Lasso Grab (Q), and Protection (W), your skillshots need to be on point. Missing them makes you significantly less effective. Lasso Grab (Q) is a bit more forgiving if the opponents are nearby a minion you hook instead, but you really want to grab your target and start opening them up for your teammates.
    - Awful Early Jungle Clear Speed - Your only clear is your Amazonian Prowess (E), which both has a high mana usage, as well as needs to be recharged between usage. We mitigate this by leveling up E and taking the lower cooldown Atomic Joker's Detonate, but your early clears are still going to be rough.


    You can view all of the ratios and whatnot for Skills on Dawnbase, but I'm here to talk about the uses and why they get leveled when they do.

    - Child of Olympus (Passive) - Nothing to write home about. Health regen when you get low. Meh. Synergies well with one of our item choices, Kryptonian War Armor (3), but that's about it.

    - Lasso Grab(Q) - This is the reason I picked up this character. When someone told me that Flash/Blinks are less common in this game ( Not enough people build Speed Force Battery, I swear), I found the character that has a hook to abuse this. You can use this to engage enemies, you can use it to traverse the jungle (by hooking minions on the opposite sides of walls). Practice with it, get good with it; This is the skill that makes a Wonder Woman player good.

    - Protection (W) - Lackluster as well. I max this last because you really only want it for mobility or escapes. There are some fun interactions with some characters that I recommend experimenting with (e.g. Jumping to Superman or Atomic Wonder Woman while they're using their ultimates), but you arguably get more benefit off the shield breaking (free charge of Amazonian Prowess (E) if the shield is broken) than I do it staying intact. I take one point of it early just to have extra Amazonian Prowess (E) procs as well as an extra jump. Keep in mind you can jump to minions, meaning that during a tower siege, feel free to shield the minion getting attacked by the tower to both increase the time it (and your team) have to destroy the turret, as well as get more charges. ANOTHER CHARGE, I SAY!

    - Amazonian Prowess (E) - Do your best helicopter impersonation as you spin with your sword, dealing AOE damage around you. Has charges that restore every 14-8 seconds, and holds up to a maximum of two charges. This is your primary way to clear your jungle; Stand in the middle of a camp and AOE them down as fast as possible. Also ties into Atlantean Royal Seal (4)'s Skill Harrier ability, even if it generates a weaker AOE slow instead.

    - Blocking Bracers (R) - "FIGHT ME". Wonder Woman gets her sweet moves going, locking down your opponents by tauting them. This also forces them to use basic attacks, as well as gives you more Power Armor and Attack Armor and dealing some power damage at the end of it. Having both Suit Of Sorrows (4) and Mirror Master's Prism (4) means you get the True Wonder Woman Experience(TM).

    As a rule of thumb, the general leveling order is going to be:

    Blocking Bracers (R) > Amazonian Prowess (E) > Child of Olympus (Passive) / Lasso Grab (Q) (really your choice) > Protection (W)

    Now that that's all out of the way, let's talk about Stolen Powers.

    Stolen Powers

    These are what I go with more times than not, with a small explanation about them. This doesn't mean you should always get them (For example, at times I need to replace Wonder Woman's Super Strength with something like Robin's Surveillance Camera

    Atomic Joker's Detonate - I mentioned it earlier, but it's very needed for Wonder Woman's early game. Her early clear is so poor that it really makes a big difference, allowing you to detonate many of the larger camps to speed up your clear. It also gives you an advantage in objectives such as Raider and Doomsday Device as your detonate will hopefully be up more often for these objectives. While you can detonate vehicles to make new paths, I don't use it this way. Use it to help clear

    Wonder Woman's Super Strength - I like Super Strength, especially in bot jungle for a number of reasons. A basic reason is that there are more paths you can make by throwing the cars on the on the bottom side of the jungle increasing you (or your team's) mobility. You can make paths to the Doomsday Device or Raider, or even to the Elite Jungle Camp on each side of the map. The other reason is because I freaking love crowd control abilities. Throwing the small objects gives you a short knockup, which combos excellently into your Lasso Grab (Q). It has been a pretty effective gank strategy and fits well with your role of being a Crowd Control Monster.

    Alternative Choices

    Detonate Variations

    - Joker's Detonate - Situational in comparison to the other options, as enemies need to be near your target to get the slow. You could use this to detonate the drones in the lane you're ganking to get the slow, but it's less consistent than your other options., such as a Wonder Woman's Super Strength knockup into Lasso Grab (Q).
    - Harley Quinn's Detonate - Scales better into late game, but you lose out on that early clear speed that I . If you do use this option, build some Power Damage early to help increase the damage on it.

    Before getting into cameras I need to make a special note. Check what your lanes have. If they have a set or two of cameras in bot lane, you'll place them closer to your opponent's side of the map to keep tabs on them. If they don't have the cameras (or for whatever reason don't want to ward), take the hit for the team and pick some up. Maybe your team will actually watch for ganks if you help them.

    - Robin's Surveillance Camera - You sustain so well that you'll place a lot of wards out before needing to go back. Place them aggressively and make sure you are warding objectives like Doomsday Device as necessary.
    - Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera - "Oh, they saw me come from this gank path. I'll fix that." GA Cameras are not always useful, especially if your opponents don't elect to take cameras, but they are a good option if you really want to go gank heavy.

    Meteor Drop
    ...I'll be honest, I haven't used any of the Meteor Drop options yet, but I will be testing these out as they probably have good synergy during Blocking Bracers (R). This section will need to get updated as I experiment with the options (or force myself to unlock other Meteor Drop options. Arcane Supergirl's Meteor Drop and Atrocitus' Meteor Drop seem the best of the lot just from looking at them.

    Super Speed
    Again, I haven't tried this out, but I think this could work. Flash's Super Speed and Hawkgirl's Super Speed both mean it's easier for you to stick on people, and Atlantean Royal Seal (4)'s Skill Harrier ability could mean that your opponents will never get to escape. This is alluring to me. Still needs testing though.


    My build choice tends to go heavy on tank with a side of power cooldown. More cooldown means more hooks, more hooks mean more team bonding* experiences.

    * NOTE: By "team", I mean your team, and by "bonding", I mean "murdering the other guys". Seriously, it brings a team together

    Starting Items
    Marauder Shield (2) and Marauder Ring (1) gives you the sustain you need in the early jungle between the shield's Marauder Syphon ability, while keeping you relatively healthy. Marauder Ring (1) makes your Amazonian Prowess (E) hit harder to get through the jungle faster. Just remember to sell these items by the midgame when your need space and no longer need the sustain or damage.


    I tend to go for rushing Kryptonian War Armor (2) for the movement speed and (even more) ability to always be jungling. Downtime is my enemy, and this helps me.

    I max it out when you can to Kryptonian War Armor (3) as I can, as it also fits with Wonder Woman's passive, Child of Olympus. Tier 3 costing 1250 can take some time, so don't be afraid to grab it later after you start getting your reflect items. Speaking of which...

    The Reflect Items
    Suit Of Sorrows (4) Mirror Master's Prism (4)

    When it comes to the two reflect items, I get both, but I get the one that corresponds to their strongest characters. Keep in mind that if they're running an all attack damage team, you have no need for Suit of Sorrows, so be aware to your opponents and shut them down. Nobody gets to mess with my team without getting checked.


    Coming Soon Eventually (maybe)...

    4/4/2015 - 1.0 - Initial posting on Dawnbase. Hi mom!
    4/5/2015 - 1.0.1 - Some grammar / typo fixes, and updates to some of the items sections.
    4/7/2015 - 1.0.2 - Yup, more grammar errors. Go me.
    4/11/2015 - 1.0.3 - Grammar changes and updates to the items sections.
    4/25/2015 - 1.0.4 - Oddly enough, the skill order for the header got goofed. It should be fixed now.
    5/2/2015 - 1.0.5 - I apparently fail at dates (1.0.4 was listed to be released 5/25). Whoops. In addition, formatting changes and a little more information.
    Latest comments
    Your leveling is mixed up at the end, you can't level your W 5 times ;)
    5:34 pm, Apr 24th, 2015
    It looks like the entire leveling is mixed up... You can't level your Passive 4 times and it only says to level your Ult twice
    5:37 pm, Apr 24th, 2015
    =14pxDunno how it got goofed. Maybe I just secretly wanted to get "True Protection". Should be fixed.
    8:21 pm, Apr 25th, 2015
    5:01 pm, Apr 5th, 2015
    Weird that it got mixed up. I'll fix it today. The build path within the guide body should be accurate until then.
    7:50 pm, Apr 25th, 2015
    Glad you found it useful! Keep in mind that there are still more things I need to try out with the campion, but I'll keep trying to update this as I find more information out.
    4:45 pm, Apr 5th, 2015
    Ring tier 2 gonna make jungling easier.
    3:43 am, Apr 7th, 2015
    7:38 pm, Apr 7th, 2015
    Great guide :D
    4:16 pm, Apr 5th, 2015