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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Krypto

    Wanna be a good boy ?

    A Krypto guide by Hillow
    Last updated: Apr 8th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2453-Krypto-Wanna-be-a-good-boy-
    2,481 0


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers

    Welcome to my first guide, we are gonna take a look on krypto kryptonian's best friend, first i want you to know english is not my mother tongue so i apologie about my bad english.



    Krypto is an extremly mobile character who can dash into the battle to control his opponents and go away safely, he has less tolls to directly support his teammate than Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn but his role is to focus enemy attention on him and helping teammates during chase who is really good at it.
    He can also protect his teammate with the slow from FECHT!(Q) and the root from his passive VIGILANCE, PIERCING HOWL(R) can also be used to protect a teammate if used correclty.


    FETCH! (Q)
    Krypto tosses his bone to target location, Revealing the area for up to 5s. During this time, Krypto can reactivate the skill to dash to the bone, dealing 65/110/155/200 Power Damage to all enemies he passes through and Slowing these targets by 30%/35%/40%/45% for 3s (+1% per 250 Bonus Will).

    Allies can pick up Krypto's bone and throw it twice as far as Krypto can. Krypto is immune to disables while dashing. Krypto can pickup his bone to refresh the Cooldown.

    About Fetch!

    Fetch!(Q) is the main ability of our best friend, simply cause it activate his passive, the best way to focus an enemy is to throw the bone behind him and dash, it will aplly a slow then you can root him with your basic attack. Your teammate can throw the bone twice as far as you can so use and abuse this strategy for quick and very surprising attack.
    You are also able to pass through wall for gank an opponant or go away safely.

    Mans best friend (W)
    Krypto rushes a fixed distance at targeted ally champion or unit. Krypto and allied champions he passes through gain a Shield that blocks 50/100/150/200 damage for 3s. Krypto can Shield himself without rushing.

    Vigilance: Krypto's shield potency is enhanced.

    About Mans best friend

    This ability need some practice to use it at his full potential, you can litteraly shield all your teammates during a teamfight if you use it well, the % of shield bonus provided by your passive after using FETCH!(Q) can be much valuable if you shield several teammates.
    This ability also grant you a nice escape by dashing on an ally or one a your minion.
    Be carefull to not use it to closer from a wall, as the ability description said, you are rushing a fixed distance not the actual target, you can end up blocked if the angle is too narrow

    On the hunt (E)
    Krypto howls, demoralizing nearby enemies, causing them to lose 15%/20%/25%/30% Attack Speed (+1% per 250 Bonus Will) for 5s.

    Vigilance: On The Hunt also deals 50/90/130/170 Power Damage to all enemies within the area.

    About On the hunt

    On the hunt(E) is really a good ability who gain value through the game because your opponent are gonna buy attack speed. You can also use it on a large wave of minion or the raider. (not really sure it work on the doomsday device's protector)
    In a teamfight dashing to the enemy marksman to use On the hunt(E) is really a big deal you will cancel a huge amount of damage from him even more with Metallo's Heart (3)

    Piercing howl (R)
    Krypto barks, unleashing a powerful blast of air in an area in front of him, dealing 150/225/300/375 Power Damage to all enemies and pulling all those hit towards the center of the blast.

    About Piercing howl

    Here is krypto's ultimate, first the radius is quite large and the base damage is great but what interests us is the control provided by his ultimate, this is a very good ultimate to use at the very beginning of a teamfight, in that way you regroup all your opponent in one area then your team can unleash all his aoe for maximum value. (like Wonder Woman or Green Lantern for example)

    Vigilance (PASSIVE)
    After Dashing with Fetch! Krypto's next Basic Attack or Skill within 3s gains a bonus.

    Basic Attack: Deals Bonus 10/15/20/25 Power Damage and Roots the target for 0.50s/0.75s/1.00s/1.25s.
    Man's Best Friend: Shield potency increased by 25%/30%/35%/40%.
    On the Hunt: Enemies are dealt 50/90/130/170 Power Damage.

    About Vigilance
    To be a good dog you have to play around Vigilance,a large part of krypto's potential reside in his passive, like Shazam
    As i said previously the root from viligance is your main control for chasing opponent, with some cooldown reduction you will be able to slow and root the poor guy very often.
    The % bonus shield is really worth it if you manage to shield several ally.
    The aoe damage with On the hunt (E) is also really great to depush a lane if you are alone or deal some aoe damage in teamfight even better with a Cosmic Staff (3) enhanced by the empowered mods.

    Advanced strategy

    Why did i pick ability in that order ?

    Firstly to level up : Vigilance(Passive)
    I choose to up Vigilance(Passive) first cause this ability has an impact on every Krypto's ability, the 1.25sec root is really a must have to help picking up a kill during a gank, you will also use On the hunt(E) at maximum aoe damage even if the ability is still lvl1. With some CDR (cooldown reduction) you will be able to use Fetch!(Q) very often and use at full potential Krypto's control.

    Secondly : Fecth! (Q)
    Now you got it i really love to max control, becuse i think i can protect teammate and engage fight really well with it. Leveling Fetch! (Q) will increase the slow provided by the dash , will lower the cooldown of the ability allowing you to use Vigilance(passive) even more and finally it will increase the dash's damage.

    Thirdly : Mans best friend(W)
    Some people are gonna say it is sad to boost shield third as a support but i prefert to keep away from my makrman an enemy who is chasing him with a better slow and root instead of a big shield and a 0.25s root.
    Otherwise this ability is great if used on several teammate and also provide you a nice escape.

    Finally : On the hunt (E)
    On the hunt is a really good ability who earn its fully potential during late game, when enemy have the most attack speed, be sure to use it on enemy marksman during a teamfight, it will really matter.
    Otherwise you have to take a least one level early to be able to take advantage of the aoe damage provided by Vigilance(passive)

    Of course take and upgrade Piercing Howl(R) everytime you can.

    There is several combo to use as krypto :

    - The most obvious is using Fetch!(Q) to dash on an opponent to slow him, wait a lillte bit and basic attack him to root, then dash out with Mans best friend(W) if you need to.
    - You can also use Fetch!(Q) to deal damage with the dash then use On the hunt (E) to deal aoe damage for harassement then quickly dash out with Mans best friend(W) if you need to, this combo is really great, you will deal some damage and take almost nothing back due to your mobility, but it consume a lot of will so be carefull, a dog out of will is a dead dog.
    - The last one is the most difficult to use but also the best, before a teamfight or anytime if you can catch at least two or three enemy, you or your ally have to throw the bone with Fetch!(Q) behind your opponent then quickly use Piercing howl(R) to gather them on the same line, then dash, you should hit everyone and deal some damage and slow, then you can root a main target with your basic attack or deal aoe damage with On the hunt(E) and finaly escape if you need to with Mans best friend(W).


    Krypto is a really great support at the moment who can engage very quickly and surprise his opponents by his mobility and control.
    I think he earn value less quickly than Poison Ivy Harley Quinn or Nightmare Superman so you might have ta play safe in early game and wait for a gank to take advantage over your opponents.
    You don't have heal so don't try to harass your opponents, go for kill or don't go, but of course always protect your marksman.
    Once you buy some tanky stuff Krypto's potential is revealed, you will be able to jump in the fight to help picking up kill and go away safely due to your tankyness and his mobility, to be honest once i started to be tanky i made crazy play and almost never die.


    - Great mobility
    - Reduction of attack speed
    - Tanky
    - Lot of aoe ability

    - Need practice to play him well
    - No burst
    - No buff for your team



    - Very tanky
    - Ideal to annoy marksman

    - Low will
    - No tools to help your team execpt your ability

    Detailed build


    I first buy Olympus Gambit (2) to take benefit of the Investment abilty which grant me 20% bonus from shared gold.
    I also buy Modular Health Vial (2) with the remaining money, for some heal during my laning phase.
    You can buy Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (2) instead of Olympus Gambit (2) it has also the Investment ability and you could upgrade it latter for great Resilience aura, and awesome supporting activable ability.

    Early game/Core Item

    I want to go tanky as soon as possible i pick a Ruby Of Life (2) for early health point and regeneration, i also use the mod Capacity ruby of life which increase the maximum capacity of the of the Health Collector ability, seriously 375 health and 22 Health Regen per 10s for 1250 gold i said : YES.
    You will be more tanky quickly and will have the health regen to face the enemy bot lane harassment, of course you are not tanky enought to make crazy plays, play safe it will come.
    If you have trouble to play safe and die often just change the mod to the Accelerated Ruby Of life for faster stacking.

    If you are facing a standard botlane, marksman (attack damage=AD) with support (power damage=PD) like Green Arrow and Poison Ivy, go for a Metallo's Heart (3) why this item over another ?
    Cause it will give you the best resistance against AD some CDR and a lovely passive who stack perfectly with your ability On the hunt (E)
    Once you have Metallo's Heart (3) you can think to protect yourself against the PD you have two choice Kryptonian War Armor (3) or Entropy Aegis (3) i personally prefert Kryptonian War Armor (3) because of the move speed and health regen but both are very good.
    Of course if you are facing a double PD bot lane go for power damage armor first !

    You are now tanky, Gongratz ! With Metallo's Heart (3), Kryptonian War Armor (3) and a fully stacked Ruby Of Life (2) you can make crazy play without pass away. It is now time to take some damage to help your team and use your wonderfull aoe.
    What is the best to use for a tank who has amazing aoe ? Cosmic Staff (3) of course !
    This item will give you some PD and two very interesting passive, firstly Wounding Skill which is really great against all type of healing. (ability, lifesteal, power lifesteal)
    Secondly the amazing Disintegration will burn all your targets with damage over time based on their max health, even more amazing with the Empowered Cosmic staff mod !

    Middle/Late game

    From now you have a LOT of possibility let's see what is good according to what you want / what you are facing :

    You want more damage but still stay tanky :

    Then Atlantean Royal Seal (4) is a good choice with lot of health point some PD and a descent passive.
    - Cosmic Belt (3) is also a great choice with a nice passive.
    - Neron's Contract (3) is so great, i love this item, giving you armor, PD and an awesome passive which will save you very often and also creating nice bait.
    - Helm Of Fate (3) is great against feed PD character, don't forget to activate the passive before fighting!
    - Fragment Of Mogo (3) will make you even more tanky and have a nice passive who did aoe damage based on your health bonus, good thing you have a lot of health bonus.
    - Oa Gambit (4) is great too but be sure to have several PD character in your team before buying it, for maximum value of the aura.

    You want to feel like a real support with activable item, np :

    - Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4) is just a must have against fat controller like Wonder Woman or Swamp Thing the passive resilience aura is really great and the activable ability immune your target against disables, your marksman will thanks you later he is busy killing everyone right now.
    - Qward Gambit (4) is also a great choice if you have at least one PD character to enjoy the aura ( +you), the activable is also really great to engage teamfight, make sure you use it closer to several teammate.
    - Pandora's Box (4) is a lovely item too, it give a lot of PD, some move speed, will regeneration (that krypto really need), and a great map control to avoid silly trap.
    If you really love this item i suggest you to buy the Empowered Pandora's Box which allow you three activable spirits instead of one for a greater map control.
    - You have big tank on your team ? You want to help them ? The Medusa Mask (4) is made for you, it will give you more health and regen to be even more tanky and a great activable ability which will be very effective on yoursefl or on other tank.
    If you really like this item i sugest you to buy the Rapid The Medusa Mask mod it will allow you to enjoy his passive at tier1, if you do so be sure to buy it early just after your starter item then upgrade it after core items or later in the game.
    - Finally Amulet Of Isis (3) is a nice item which give you health, will, move speed and a fantastic activable ability for engage or disengage teamfight.(or simply run away from an enraged Nightmare Robin)
    Same as Pandora's Box (4) if you really like to play with Amulet Of Isis (3) i suggest you to take the Empowered Amulet Of Isis which allow you to run faster and longer.

    You want to be more tanky ? Don't worry there is nothing wrong i like to be super tanky too :

    - You want to be able to tower dive and tank tower for ages then you need Booster Gold's Power Suit (3) this is really a great item, best choice to be tower's best friend.
    - Suit Of Sorrows (4) and Mirror Master's Prism (4) are also very good choice, if the enemy team doesn't understand you are a tank and keep focusing you, these items are for you ! Make them understand !
    - If there is a lot of PD in enemy team you can build both Kryptonian War Armor (3) and Entropy Aegis (3), as i said previously Helm Of Fate (3) can be a good choice too.
    - Enemy team have massive damage? You barely tank in teamfight? Then you can upgrade your Olympus Gambit (2) into [[Olympus Gambit (4]] it will grant some armor to your teammates and grant you an awesome activable ability to use at teamfight initiation to reduce damage taken by 25% for 3sec. Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) is also a great choice for hard teamfight due to his passive.
    - Finally you can upgrade your Ruby Of Life (2) into Ruby Of Life (4) for more health point, 700 health point and 35 health regen per 10s is really huge fully stacked. If the enemy team have a lot of Huntress' Crossbow (3) don't upgrape it and sell it, it would have been worth anyway giving you a strong early game.


    Yes i know there is a lots of items, but a good item set is always flexible it depend on people and the game you are currently playing, lot of AD, lot of PD, lots of tanky oponent ect...
    I really love my core item but you are free to change what ever you want to adapt to your needs/way to play.

    Here are some example of final item set

    Ruby Of Life (4), Metallo's Heart (3), Kryptonian War Armor (3), Cosmic Staff (3), Fragment Of Mogo (3), Atlantean Royal Seal (4)

    This item set have a lot of health point which is good with Fragment Of Mogo (3)'s activable ability, you are really tanky to AD but also more vulnerable to PD and Huntress' Crossbow (3) due to the amount of health point. You also have descent PD for a support who is that tanky, but no activable item to help your team.

    Metallo's Heart (3), Kryptonian War Armor (3), Cosmic Staff (3), Suit Of Sorrows (4), Neron's Contract (3), Oa Gambit (4)

    This item set is really op against several AD oponents you will have tons of AD armor, a huge attack speed reduction with Metallo's Heart (3) and On the hunt(E), reflecting attack damage and a nice PD potential based on Cosmic Staff (3), Oa Gambit (4), Neron's Contract (3).
    You will also help your ally PD character with the Oa Gambit (4)'s aura.

    Metallo's Heart (3), Kryptonian War Armor (3), Cosmic Staff (3), Amulet Of Isis (3), Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4), Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2)

    With this item set you are a bit less tanky than the two previous but you will also be more directly helpfull for your team, you can denie enemy's control with Gorilla Grodd's Helmet (4), escape a lose teamfight with Amulet Of Isis (3) and still be tanky enough.
    In case of death you still have Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) to save you, of course if you are fully stuffed feel free to sell Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2) to buy anything else during the passive cooldown.
    This item set is less tanky than the previous so don't jump into the fight, be smarter defend your carry by helping them to poke and everything should be fine

    Why didn't i build a will based build or lot of PD ?

    I just think it's not viable on Krypto he has ridiculous will ratio and need to be at least a little bit tanky to move in fight as he want and use full potential of his mobility and control.
    I don't like PD based build either cause in my opinion their is better support than krypto to do it, but i agree to say it could be great if well played.



    I use tank late game augments, i could use some early game augments to fix the early game weekness of Krypto but i kind of like accentuate a charcater narutal abitily over fixing a weakness, once again just play safe early focus on protecting your marksman instead of attacking enemy and it should be ok.

    I use :

    - Wayne enterprises augment codename : MOUNTAIN
    - Wayne enterprises augment codename : WRECK
    - Holt holdings angment codemane : PHALANX
    - Holt holdings angment codemane : OAX

    https://www.dawnbase.com/amplifiers to see the details


    I use Capacity Ruby Of Life on Ruby Of Life (2), a great early game value to be tanky quickly for a low investment.
    Capacity Ruby Of Life : Increased maximum stacks of Health Collector: +5 Health and +0.25 Health Regen per 10s when you collect a coin (max 300 Health, 15 Health Regen per 10s, lose 75% of your stacks on death). (Tier 2)

    I also use Resonant Metallo's Heart on Metallo's Heart (3) for even more attack speed reduction as i said i love to accentuate a character narutal abitily.
    Resonant Metallo's Hear: Improved Dampening Aura: -25% Attack Speed for all nearby enemy Champions (Tier 3).Instead of 20%
    I think Enhanced Metallo's Heart could be also great maybe even better havn't try it yet, 65 attack armor looks kind of crazy.
    Enhanced Metallo's Heart : +15 Attack Armor (Tier 2)

    Finally i use Empowered Cosmic Staff on Cosmic Staff (3) this new passive will get you able to have a great burning effect with your aoe spell, without invest a lot of gold into PD, i think it's a must have due to all your aoe ability.
    Empowered Cosmic Staff Disintegration : Dealing damage from skills applies an effect dealing 2% of the target's current Health each second as Power Damage for 4 seconds. If the target is hit when below 50% Health, the effect applied deals 1% of Maximum Health each second. (Max 120 per second vs creatures and drones) (Tier 3)

    Another great Mods

    Empowered Suit Of Sorrows on Suit Of Sorrows (4) Mirror Defense: 25% Attack Reflect (Tier 4), instead of 15%
    This mods i much valuable against several AD character.

    Rapid The Medusa Mask on The Medusa Mask (1) Artifact gains keyword at an earlier level: Medisys: Restore Health and Will upon levelling up (Tier 1)
    Really great if you like this item and buy it just after your starter item to enjoy life/will regenation on every level.

    Empowered Amulet Of Isis on Amulet Of Isis (3) Mercury's Gift: Activate to give nearby allies a 35% Move Speed boost for 4 seconds. (Tier 3)
    Another great mods who allow you and your ally to run faster and longer with the activable ability.

    Stolen powers

    I use those two power almost every game :

    Robin's Surveillance Camera, this stolen power allow you to carry five camera instead of 3, so you rarely have to back to refill your camera stock.
    Camera is obviously a must have as support, you can prevent enemy gank, it give vision to know if a stealth pad is safe or watch for an important objective like doomsday device or raider.

    Krypto's Healing Wave , this stolen power will heal you and your ally over time, i pick this power cause it can save the life of my marksman, it is also a great bait if used at the last moment.

    Other great stolen powers

    All other stolen power that can be used as control could also be great like : Zatanna's Psychic Assault for slow, Aquaman's Super Strength for the hard control provided by the small object throwing (never try it but it must looks fun on krypto) and Atrocitus' Meteor Drop for the slow and the great range but i think it's the worse of the three.

    Catwoman's Teleport could also be great to help a far away teammate in trouble.

    Atomic Poison Ivy's X-Ray Vision allow you to see through wall, invisible camera and character for eight second it is really a descent support's stolen power.

    Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera is also a great stolen power cause it allow you to see invisible camera and character for a few second.

    Here is the end of my Krypto's guide,thanks for reading it, i hope it would have be helpfull to you, there is a lot to do with this mad doggy he has a great potential. If you have liked my guide be sure to upvote it and comment, if you have any question i will be happy to answer it, once again i want to apologies about my bad english i hope it wasn't too much pain to read me if someone want to help me to correct it i would be very pleased.
    See you on Coast City !

    Here is some screenshot of game i played recently to show you what a mad tanky dog can do!
    First game, was kind of easy i had a good team everything was alright.

    The second game was way harder very messy with a lot of teamfight, we was lossing, some ally wanted to surrender but we keep going and managed to win.

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