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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    MrLucho's Gotham Heights Wonder Woman Guide

    A Wonder Woman guide by MrLucho
    Last updated: Feb 22nd, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/I6bgBa5l
    16,836 10


    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Wonder Woman is all about TANKYNESS
    So That is why you have 2 items with reflect.

    Notice that if the enemy has no PD champion don't pick Entropy Aegis or Mirror Prism, in the other case without any AD champion don't pick Suit of Sorrows or Steel's Brasplate.

    Why Lobo's Chain:
    You are most of the time Autoattacking, and if you have a fleeing enemy, you know the passive applying a slow will make you win.

    Olympus Gambit:
    This is also a good item you can start the match (with Nil Cloak and Gambit Tier 2)
    The main reason being the Passive at tier 3, after that you can go on a build Suit of Sorrow and/or Mirror Master's Prim

    Suit of Sorrow vs Steel's Breastlplate

    If you want to, you can sell Steel's and just get Suit of Sorrows, I buy it as an early AD armor item, the reason is justfor more reflection of AD, and can be swaped with any of the optional.

    Amulet of Isis, situational:
    It gives a nice amount of will, but the speed of the active isn't much noticeable, but its other stats are pretty good. So you might consider replacing any of the other items.

    Latest comments
    nice guide , unfortunaly you didn't show ur mods and amps
    6:04 am, Feb 16th, 2015
    Thanks, i added them :D
    4:08 pm, Feb 22nd, 2015
    Someone as taken the attack damage items away... :P
    4:59 am, Jan 28th, 2015
    4:39 pm, Jan 29th, 2015
    I think maxing Q for the reduced cooldown is the best way to go in Gotham Heights where small skirmishes occur often. Being able to use it twice in a fight can make a huge difference, considering you won't be dealing a lot of damage. What do you think?
    5:33 am, Dec 11th, 2014
    Would be nice, but i would suggest to don't forget to use your W first, because it also reduces the cooldown of your skills, but in my opinion, the E needs priority aswell so the charges can load fast
    7:01 pm, Dec 18th, 2014
    so far it has help me alot, lets see how it gets the more i play thanks man
    2:39 pm, Sep 29th, 2014
    7:02 pm, Dec 18th, 2014
    How do you plan to work this build with the new update? Just curious
    10:58 pm, Sep 28th, 2014
    I'm planning on playing her lots of times to see if it stills a good build or if i should change it.
    10:36 am, Nov 8th, 2014
    I really trust this build. It never fails when it comes to being ready for anything that comes my way. I decide to take healing wave to aid allies in the thick of it when I can't protect them and wonder woman's super strength for the small object knockup for disruption when my lasso isn't ready.
    3:02 pm, Aug 11th, 2014
    Yeah, the healing wave (ArGL's on her is nice) and her own SS are good choices, i myself used the MWW's Trap because i once had a guy chasing me, and i was hidding on the stealth pads, lleft the trap and he got rooted there while i was getting away: GOLD. thanks a lot, i'm glad you like it :) 
    5:39 pm, Aug 12th, 2014
    Would you prefer flat or scaling augments?
    8:52 pm, May 3rd, 2014
    The levels come so quick in GH, I would assume scaling would be the way to go.
    3:52 pm, May 4th, 2014
    You're right, I use scaling health,attack armor, power armor, some cooldown, and a little bit of attack speed and crit chance, which helps when I want to jungle. Augs are Mantle, Wreck, Beast, and Pyramid.
    9:14 pm, May 5th, 2014
    3:14 pm, May 7th, 2014
    What is your opinion on Kryptonian War Armor for WW?
    3:27 pm, May 2nd, 2014
    I often take it instead of seal but then you have to build lobos chain. In the end with that set up, you get about 75% absorb on all attacks. Something like 2800 hp, 135 dmg and 450 running speed. Played about 12 games like this, lost only one and I was 14/1/7.
    6:52 am, May 3rd, 2014
    Also, it's a good item, but it's better for laners IMO, and sometimes i run fast our of will, so i take Entropy, Passive is too strong too.
    11:22 pm, May 6th, 2014
    Tested this and it works great, I take flash speed and DD shield however.
    8:31 am, May 2nd, 2014
    Those are nice too, Glad it worked.
    11:22 pm, May 6th, 2014
    Why Ras' al Gul's robe in starter items? lol
    10:38 am, Apr 22nd, 2014
    even tier 2
    12:19 pm, Apr 22nd, 2014
    The guide is bugged, my bad xD i will fix it.
    8:34 pm, Apr 26th, 2014