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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Arcane Supergirl

    Arcane Super Girl - Rao Rao fight the Powah [GD]

    An Arcane Supergirl guide by Liy010
    Last updated: Jan 6th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/arcane-super-girl-rao-rawr-rawr-gd
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    I'd just like to thank everyone for helping me make it this far. Currently owning the top rated guide for Arcane Supergirl is a big accomplishment for me, and it would not be possible without you guys. I will keep this guide updated as best as I possibly can to provide you guys with the best quality Arcane Supergirl guide out there. Once again, my thanks to your support!

    Hey there! Thanks for taking a look at my guide. I bought Arcane Super Girl the day it came out, and I've done some testing with her. I've done sone testing on Gotham Heights and it didn't end up too well, but when I got onto Gotham Divided, I've got to say, she's really nice, and she does have a few problems. In my opinion, she's one of those champions that really shine in one map over the other, like Gaslight Joker. Without further ado, let's get to the guide. 


    Arcane Super Girl is a blend between Sinestro, Joker and Stargirl's Q. Like Sinestro, all her skills are skillshots, meaning if you're bad enough, you can do absolutely nothing. However, you're here, aren't you? That means you're not bad, which means you should be dominating with her after just a tiny bit of pratice. She has a fair amount of crowd control like Joker between her W's slow and E's stun. On top of all that, her Q, the main source of damage requires a small bit of time to set-up, like Stargirl. Like most Blasters, she's for the midlane but can fare semi-well bot as a support too if you can constantly land W + Es for a longer stun. Also, it feels like she's a will vaccum, kind of like Arcane Green Lantern pre-change. Without bonus will, she drains about 85% of her will bar with a full skill rotation, using R three times. It's also good to know that she doesn't pummel a target like Green Lantern. She's more like Star Sapphire, hitting here and there and dealing damage. It's not your job to get out of position and secure kills, you just do as much damage as possible.

    Stolen Powers

    Primarily, the two stolen powers you want are:

    [[Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera]] - I like these cams because it destroys enemy vision. Even though it only has 2 charges, I feel the opportunity to destroy vision and have better ganks outweights the downside. Plus, you get a free charge in base for a total of 3. You can drop off your vision in your lane and then back without missing much at the start.

    Alternatively, you can go for Robin's Surveillance Camera for extra charges, if you don't have that then Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera for a larger vision. Worst case scenario, take just normal cams, because they are essential

    [[Poison Ivy's Healing Wave]] - Nice sustain, boost damage, lower cooldown than Invulnerabilities 

    Optionally, you can go for these stolen powers

    [[Doomsday's Invulnerability]] OR [[Shazam's Invulnerability]] - Invulnerability is an option as well. However, I prefer the Healing Waves over this just because of the lower cooldown times on them.

    [[Green Lantern's Meteor Drop]] - More damage for a PD Champion. For her, Green Lantern's Meteor is better for her than her own.

    Stargirl's Consume - Provides sustain in lane but less than Healing Wave. Gives an opportunity for a last hit every 60 seconds, and gives passive PD for those 60 seconds. This is one of those powers that you only take the Stargirl version of, or don't take it at all.

    Mods and Augments

    My Augments are basically Power Damage, Power Penetration and some cooldown reduction. 

    As for modifiers: 

    I use the Recycle Mod on Nil Weapon because she will drive you insane last hitting without it. I don't know if she has a lower base damage because of her passive or something, but it sure feels like it. In my opinion, it's lower than Joker, Green Lantern, Sinestro, Stargirl, Star Sapphire, basically every single blaster. Also, her cast animation is a bit slow like Star Sapphire's so I do have a rough time last hitting. The reason I use Nil Weapon instead of Nil Ring is because after testing, I found that the main reason I buy Nil Ring at all is because of the Recycle Mod to help with last hits. While Nil Ring gives additional Power Damage, Nil Weapon gives additional attack damage which helps with the last hitting job a lot better.

    I use the +15 Penetration Mod on Marauder Ring (4) because it is a nice early-game item and effectively replaces Cosmic Belt (3).

    I also use the +15 Power Damage Mod on [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]] for more damage.

    Alternatively, you can go for these mods:

    +15 Damage on The Book Of Eternity (2) - More damage.

    Disintergration on Cosmic Staff (3) - Pairs well with her Q and W's AoE

    +15 Damage on [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]] - More damage

    Skill Leveling

    Ultimate (R) whenever possible, pretty standard there.

    I like to start with a point in E. At level 1, it's mainly just basic attacks. While Q gives you AoE damage to the drone wave, E gives you good poke potential with its long range and stun. It's basically a mini-Joker's Punchy. Plus, when you're last hitting, you don't nessesaily need the AoE from Q to get a last hit.

    Then, comes Q, because this is the main source of her damage and provides a nice AoE.

    After that comes W for utility. It slows to help with ganks and escapes, increases the stun duration of E for ganks and escapes and increases the damage of your AoE Q for drone waves. It also has a suprisingly low will cost so you can basically spam it as it comes up to boost your Q's damage. 


    At the start, I like Nil Weapon and 3 Health Potions. Once you get into lane, start your core items. Marauder Ring (4), [[Pandora's Box (4)]], The Starheart (3),  [[Fatality's Energy Lance (3)]]  and The Book Of Eternity (2) in that order. Switch up the order of Cosmic Staff (3) and The Book Of Eternity (2) if you see a lot of armor being built, and sell Nil Weapon before you build your 5th core item. After all your items are built, finish up [[Fatality's Energy Lance (4)]]

    As for the last core item, I leave it up to you to decide. You can go with Cosmic Staff (3) for just straight up more damage and cooldown, plus a cool DoT effect..

    If you're lacking will, Qward Gambit (4) is a nice choice and provides a nice team shield. [[Pandora's Box (4)]] has will regen instead and a nice active that is good for chasing and escaping. Atlantean Royal Seal (4) gives you a slow on all your skills, which combos really nicely.

    Defensively, [[Neron's Contract (4)]] for Attack Armor and a huge shield at the cost of supression. [[Doctor Destiny's Dreamstone (4)]] for Power Armor and cooldown, plus will regen. Worst case scenario, always resort to Suit Of Sorrows (4) if AD's really messing up your day.


    Her E is pretty basic. It's like Joker's Q. You either are able to aim it, or you're just not.

    Her Q is an odd one. It shoots in a line from where she is facing. Upon the first activation, it starts to channel and increases in range and speed over 1 sec. As it's channeling, you can run around and it's trajectory will not change. You can activate it again to launch it before the 1 second is up. Activating it without launching it procs your passive, so you can aim, basic attack and then launch. When used with W, it does more damage, and W should always be set right before you activate it again to launch to give your opponent minimum response time. 

    The key here is that only RANGE and SPEED increases over time, unlike Green Arrow's R. The damage will not change. If you have a clear shot and the range is long enough to hit, take it, waiting won't do you much good. As for the speed increase, it's better to launch it at minimum speed, than for the opponent to see a huge fireball which they will run out of range from. 

    For R, there's a short delay before it lands, so you always want to put it a bit in front of the opponent, around 50 - 100 or so units. Especially when you're chasing, this skill is great as a finisher with the long range but you need to cast it in front of them for it to hit when they run into it.

    W, the utility. Mainly used for ganks, and it's good. When roaming, always try to come up from behind the opponent. That way you can set up a W behind them if they try to run. After you set up the W behind them, quickly hit Q to start loading it, then follow up with E for a longer stun and then launch Q for increased damage into the wall. The wall should still be there to slow them, and finish with R. If you come from in front, try to land W at the maximum range so it's behind them, and wait for the to run into the wall before unloading your E and Q

    It's important to not that if your opponent is running is a straight line, Q's speed of range increase is faster than move speed, so use that and your E's stun to chase. 

    In team fights, play like Star Sapphire. Stay in the back and run around just blasting your way through. 

    Well, that's it guys, hope you enjoyed the guide! 

    Update Log
    [6 January 2015] Swapped out Nil Ring for Nil Weapon, explained in the items section.
    [6 January 2015] Swapped out Eye of Ekron for Pandora's Box in the main build and moved Eye of Ekron to situational build, as many have requested.
    Latest comments
    who is the most threatening champion to arcne super girl ιn your opinion?  
    12:35 pm, Jan 8th, 2015
    The hardest match-ups would probably have to be Joker and Star Sapphire. Joker because of his damage output and wave clear, Star because of her range which is longer than your's most of the time, assuming you don't charge Q to full.
    9:38 pm, Jan 8th, 2015
    how to play arcane supergirl top bot or mid?  
    1:13 pm, Dec 28th, 2014
    My guide covers how to play Arcane Supergirl Mid. To play her bot, as a support, I imagine you would play her like Joker, disrupting with the stun on your E and poking for damage and wave clear with your Q. As for top, I don't believe she is too viable because of her lack of sustain, but I'm currently playing her in all lanes to test, and will update the guide as I go!
    8:46 am, Dec 30th, 2014
    thx for the info.
    2:52 pm, Jan 1st, 2015
    I like your build except for the Eye of Ekron. I prefer the Pandora's Box that you say you usually buy. In case you would really need the extra will I think Qward Gambit is a better choice considering it helps your whole team.
    7:29 am, Dec 11th, 2014
    2:03 pm, Dec 29th, 2014
    Thank you for the input! I'll make changes as needed, but I am currently keeping a careful eye on her will while trying out Pandora's Box.
    8:44 am, Dec 30th, 2014
    The one issue I have is you choosing to mod eye of ekron with will force 2 in the main build. Frankly without any other bonus will it would seem like a wasted slot. An alternative early game mod would be +15PD energy lance which gives you a large damage boost, and CDR.
    9:32 pm, Nov 26th, 2014
    Thank you for the input! Will Force 2 Mod was essential whenever I used Eye of Ekron, but looking back, I realize that I only ever used it on controllers, since I prefer to use Pandora's Box for will regen most of the time, but Arcane Supergirl actually drains will a lot faster, meaning I actually build bonus will. I've switched out Cosmic Staff and Energy Lance incorperating it into the main build, so the mod will actually see use 100% of the time. I believe I will stick build Eye of Ekron though and experiment a little bit with the extra will mod, to see how that fares out for me.
    9:50 pm, Nov 26th, 2014