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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for general

    Aradon's Beginner's Jungling Guide

    A general guide by Aradon
    Last updated: Feb 10th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/beginners-jungling-guide
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    Jungling is a position that most teams leave open because no one either knows how to jungle or now the importance of jungling. I looked up to see if there are any Real Jungling guides to my disappoint there where none. I am not be the best at explaining things but I am going to try to do my best. This guide gives an general overview of the jungle and doesn't go much into details. If I get more support, I will make an Advance Jungle Guide.

    What is Jungling?
    A jungler is one of the most interesting and most fun role in Infinite Crisis. (IMO) Jungling is where a champion earns credits and experience by killing neutral creautres. Instead of being in lane and earning credits and experience through drones. These neutral creatures are in the area between the Three lanes called The Jungler and covered by The Fog of War, hence the name Jungler.

    Why Jungle?
    There are two main reasons why to jungle:
  • First Reason: There will be more Global Credits and Experience for your team. Which will give you advantage over your enemies.
  • Second Reason: Give the game an unknown element, that can turn the tides of battle in your fair. You can go to lanes that need help or strengthen those that are already ahead.

    Negative effect on the Jungler: You as a Champion will earn less Credits and Experience compared to your laning teammates but if you gank and succeed in them. Ganking will earn back all the credits and experience you would lost from being in the jungle.

    Lanes: Area where drones and turrets are
    Jungle: The area between the Three Lanes
    Camps: Are where neutral Creatures spawn.
    Counter Jungling: Going the area of the jungle past your Enemies' turrets are and clearing those camps.
    Raider: Mini-Boss creature on the Map. Upon death, the Raider gives global credits to your team upon defeat and consumable abilities.
    Leviathan: Boss creature on the Map. Upon death, the Leviathan gives more global credits to your team upon defeat and 3 consumable abilities
    Ganking: Going into a lane with the intent of kill and enemy champion
    Roaming: Traveling in the Jungle to clear camps, gank, or find the other jungler.
    Tower Driving: Going under a tower when you or your ally will be targeted by the turret, with an intent to kill a champion or destroy that tower.
    Crowd Control: Stuns, Silence, Slow, Knock up/back/down, Suppress, Fear, and Snare
    Litter: Large(Cars/Trucks) and Small(Meteors) Environmental Objects
    Area of Effect(AOE): This is ability/power that deals damage over an area equally.

    Best Beginner Jungling Champions:
    - I highly suggest Nightmare Batman as you first jungler because of his high sustain in the jungle. You don't have to worry about dieing as much.
    - Superman is also a good choice because he can do well without relying items or powers.
    - Gaslight Catwoman is also a good choice because she has a lot of damage to take out creatures.

    Jungling Map (With Routes):

    Image: As you see there are 4 different types of Dots in the Jungle
  • Green - Are you easy camps they will have 3 to 5 creatures in it.
  • Orange- Yellow are you medium camps with 2 creatures in it
  • Red - Are you hard/beacon camps. As they will ahve health beacon, Move-Speed Beacon or Survielance Camera Beacon
  • Purple - Raider or Leviathan spawn areas. As a jungler it is your DUTY to harvest this two bosses.
    There is a timeline on top of your screen in game that tell you when your Red or Purple camps will spawn after you clear them.

    Starting items:

    Starting items will deeply impact how well you do in the jungle

    Attack based Champions:
    Marauder Knife (1) Marauder Shield (1) Modular Health Vial (3) – Use if you are beginner Jungler
    Marauder Knife (2) –Use if you are more experienced Jungler

    Power based Champions:
    Marauder Ring (1) Marauder Shield (1) Modular Health Vial (3) – Use if you are beginner Jungler
    Marauder Ring (2) –Use if you are more experienced Jungler
    Enforcer/Bruiser Champions:
    Marauder Shield (2)
    Three Jungling Powers:
    You should have at least one of these types of Power to jungle because they will help you considerably in the jungle and make your life much easier. Detonate is the most common power to be used with junglers. What makes them Jungling Power is because they can destory Litter.
  • Consume - This help you sustain in the jungle longer and deal huge amounts of damage on a neutral creature or drone. This only can be targeted on Litter, Neutral Creatures or Drones.
  • Detonate - This does an AOE blast that deals damage to all that is in it.  This also can be used destroy litter. This only can be targeted on Litter, Neutral Creatures or Drones.
  • Super Strength - This will pick up Litter and you can throw the litter to deal damage. If it is a larger object deals damage in AOE and slows all that were affect. If it is a small object it will deal damage to the first unit it collides with and knock it up.
    The Main Stolen Powers:
    These are the main three stolen powers I see in the Jungle:
  • [[Atomic Joker's Detonate]] - This is by far the most common jungler stolen power.
  • [[Nightmare Batman's Consume]] - Is the best for what you need with consume.
  • [[Aquaman's Super Strength]] [[Wonder Woman's Super Strength]] - Are the main two super strength stolen powers

    When starting you jungle route for the first time, you want to start at the Health-Beacon camp. For the Blue side, it is located on the bottom left corner Red Dot. For Red Side, it is located on the top right corner Red Dot.
    Why the Health Camp first? -Because you will be able to regain health or send it to a lane that is doing poorly.
    Then follow the routes I put on the Image I showed you. If you are beginner jungle, then you might not want to start to counter-jungle until you are more experienced.

    When Clearing a Camp, you want to kill the smaller creatures then kill the bigger creature. SO you will take less damage.

    These creatures are Tough to defeat alone or even in a group but the rewards are well worth it as you will gain a lot of credits for Your Whole Team. You get some awesome consumables abilities which help in team fights. As a jungler, it is YOUR DUTY to kill them and protect them from your enemies.
    Ganking and Towerdiving:

    Ganking is what sets you apart from being a poser or the real junglers.  Like stated before you earn less credits and experience compared to your laning counterparts but you can make up that experience and credits by successfully ganking the other lanes (Kill a Champion or two).  You always want to alert your teammates in lane when you are going to gank so they can help you on your quest. You generally want to get between your enemies and their turret to cut them off from retreating then to use Crowd Control of your enemies so they can’t retreat or fight back well so you and your teammates can kill them. Tower driving is VERY HIGH RISK and MEDIUM REWARD. Only tower dive if you know you can get the kill AND safely get out of the turret’s range.  (You don’t want to die because you will get further behind and it gives credits to your enemies)

    Counter-jungling is a great way to put your enemy counterpart behind as you will steal his credits and experience from him. Counter-Jungling is very risky as it put you further way from help and closer to your enemies.  When you are counter jungling, you want to leave one little creature because that prevents the camp from spawning again.

    The jungle is covered in Litter. Litter are Large(Cars/Trucks) environmental objects and small (meteors) eviromental objects that you can interact with your abilities and powers.

    Why destroy or pick up Litter? -Because it gives you short cuts to get into a lane or for counter jungling. More way you have to escape the safer you will be as jungler.

    Jungler is a core  part of a team. In higher ranking matches all teams have one. Jungler gives your team element of the unknown and overall gives your team more credits and experience. This guide is meant for people who want to try to jungle or learn why you need a jungler on your team. I will continue to edit this and update this guide. If you have any suggestion how to make this guide better PLEASE tell me. I enjoy hearing back from those who read my articles.
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    I will update for coast city
    1:56 pm, Mar 10th, 2015
    I recently wrote a Flash specific jungling guide, where I put in general jungling ideas. What do you think about them? https://www.dawnbase.com/guides/flash-carry-jungle- Any feedback would be appreciated 
    7:48 pm, Feb 11th, 2015