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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Flash

    Flash Carry Jungle (Very In-depth)

    A Flash guide by us9497
    Last updated: Feb 5th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/flash-carry-jungle-
    2,973 3


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    Hello guys, I know that GD is going to be closed in around a month, but I just wanted to put up a good guide on jungling with The Flash

    Jungling Strategy

    When clearing camps, you should begin by destroying the smaller creatures, then the large one. If you do the opposite, then you take more damage. You also need to remember that Flash's Q has a cooldown based on the length of his dash, so try to minimise the distance of the Q so you can use it more often.

    I almost always begin with HEALTH camp first (on BLUE side, it is on BOT side; on RED side, it is on TOP side). I do this as it allows me to either:
  • Give the health buff to a lane which is struggling to stay alive
  • Use it on the next jungle camp to increase my clear time and regen some Health and Will. Do this only if your lanes are winning their lanes and do not need health. 
    On BLUE side...
    After getting the HEALTH camp, proceed to the jungle camp near BOT lane. You will reach level 2. You can either level up W for more damage and better clear time, or E for better early ganks. This with [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]], should slow down the enemy enough for your adc or you to finish him/them off. 

    If you decide to not gank BOT, quickly go to the next jungle camp near MID. Look to gank MID, but do not waste too much time waiting around. If your Detonate comes back up, go do your SPEED camp, then do the camp near MID lane. If not, do the next camp near MID lane, and by that time your Detonate should be up again. Go do the final jungle camp near TOP side. At this stage, you should have enough gold to buy Marauder Knife (3). At this point, you might be low on health so you should probably base. 

    On RED side...
    After getting the HEALTH camp, proceed to the jungle camp near TOP lane. Here is where it becomes a little different. Look for an early level 2 gank, but since it is probably a tank top do not over commit. Also, the enemy jungler will probably be BOT, so you can counter-jungle their jungle camp near the TOP lane. This helps you gain XP and gold, and it sets back the enemy jungler. Then head to your jungle camp near MID lane. Look for a gank MID, then complete your BOT jungle rotation. It is just like the SPEED camp on the blue side. 

    On EITHER side...
    Around the 3 minute mark (roughly around the time of finishing off all the jungle camps), see if you can destroy either or both of the destroyer camps. This will give you a large camera which will help your team and give you XP and some gold. 

    Continue farming your jungle camps and be opportunistic with your ganks. If you are playing with newer players, remember to ping your laners to alert them for potential ganks. Don't forget to look at the event timer near the top of the screen for different objectives like the Health and Speed Deployables, Destroyers, Raider and Leviathan. Just remember to be efficient with your time. If you are significantly ahead of the enemy jungler, you can counter-jungle more and look for him and engage. Be wary of enemy laners helping him. 

    Look to kill enemy champions that are over-extended and splitpush as you have decent wave clear and can escape from most champions as long as you do not instantly die. 

    Flash in teamfights is mainly useful for his ultimate. Ideally the combo should be E, then Q, then [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]] onto the main target and then finally R. [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]] helps ensures that the main target will stay with the R and receive the most possible damage. In larger teamfights, it will be difficult to actually use your W, so take care if you want to use it. 

    An alternative in smaller skirmishes would be to use your E then R. Depending on your health and your team's health you can either Q away from danger, Q into the enemy team and use your W. This is quite risky as you no longer have an escape and are quite squishy.

    Always remember that objectives win games and that you shouldn't just focus on getting kills. 



    Marauder Knife (2) - This is a good starting item as it allows you to clear the early jungle camps faster and you gain some Attack Damage. This is better than getting [[Marauder Shield]] and Modular Health Vial (3). As soon as possible upgrade this to Tier 3 to increase clear time. 


    Coda Blade (3) - You only want to build this to Tier 3 as it is cheap and Tier 4 is quite useless in jungle, as a wounded creature is the same as a normal creature. 

    [[Deathstroke's Claymore (2)]] - This is a great item, as you get Attack Damage, Attack Penetration as well as some Cooldown Reduction. If you use actives consistenly, I would suggest that you finish this item, but if you do not use actives, it is not worth the 1500 gold cost. 

    [[Huntress' Crossbow (3)]] - This gives Attack Speed and Attack Damage at a relatively cheap price. The passive helps killing enemies and jungle creatures. This item will help you duel better when your skills are in cooldown.

    Atomic Axe (2) - This will give you more Attack Damage and Attack Penetration


    These items are choosen based on personal preference and situation. 

    Remember also to sell your Marauder Knife (3) after you have built the other 5 items, and get another item. 

    Claw Of Horus (3) - This item's passive combined with Flash's W steals lots of Attack Armor from enemies, essential being a third Attack penetration item. This will help you melt enemies. Although it is quite expensive, it helps you stay alive a bit longer. 

    Soultaker Katana (4) - When you need to carry your team, you will need some Attack Lifesteal late-game. This, with max stacks, it great for keeping you alive for just enough longer in order to get more kills. 

    [[Rip Hunter's Time Pack (4)]] - This gives Attack Damage and more Cooldown Reduction, which is helpful for Flash, as he has decently long cooldowns.  

    Velocity 9 Implants (3) - You would get this item, if the enemy team does not group much and you can make lots of picks in small skirmishes. This will give you Move Speed, Attack Speed and some Critical Chance. 

    [[Joe Chill's Revolver (3)]] - Similarly, you could get this for the Critical Chance and the Attack Damage, not too helpful for teamfights though. 

    I also would not recommend too many defensive items, because as an assassin you should be able to do massive amounts of damage. 

    Thanks for reading the guide, and if I am missing anything just comment below.
  • Latest comments
    When starting jungle I don't see why not to get F=MA first because each hit will proc Marauder Edge 2. Dealing a lot more damage than Flash Attack.  I understand the mod 10+ AD on Claymore more but that is what i personally prefer. Better for late game but +10 AD is really good for early game.  For the jungle guide it is pretty solid enforces much of what I said min my beginners jungle guide.
    1:21 pm, Feb 15th, 2015
    Q has a lower cooldown and can damage all the jungle creatures. And you just level up W second.
    5:27 pm, Feb 15th, 2015
    For assassins, you should have the +10AD modset here. Build each item up to its mod and then move onto your other items. You want to build up as much AD as possible with assassins as quickly as possible, and that modset does the trick. I would stick to gold Attack Pen mods though. They help soften up jungle camps and champs. This will further increase your chances of snowballing out of control early. Also I would look at your leveling of W. It is key skill in ganking, clearing and focusing a low health enemy down. The cost is higher, but Flash has the highest base will regen in the game so you will earn it back fast, and the reduced cooldown means you have to wait a shorter amount of time to pummel someone again. 
    9:42 am, Feb 4th, 2015
    Overall a good guide. Congrats. Just a few tips so you can try and see if you like. Take Marauder Shield 1 instead of Health vials. With that I find myself never going to base, because I'll take less damage from jungle camps. I only have to go base after a bad trade. Also, instead of the mod for damage on marauder knife, try the penetration one. This way you can skip the Coda blade, and start building other items faster. Just 2 different ideas for you to try. Again congrats on the guide.
    5:54 am, Feb 3rd, 2015
    I can see where your logic lies; however I do not take either the Marauder Shield or the Modular Health Vials. And the Coda Blade is also quite cheap for 50 Attack Damage and 10 Attack Penetration (just 1750). But I will try out your build and see how I like it. Thanks for the input.
    6:23 am, Feb 3rd, 2015
    I've misread the first items :P But yeah, give it a go to see if you like it. I usually never back to base with this items. Shield I only buy lvl 1 and sell when I have enough damage to clear the camps fast.
    11:20 am, Feb 3rd, 2015