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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Gaslight Catwoman

    Gaslight Cat Scratch Fever

    A Gaslight Catwoman guide by Karakusk
    Last updated: Sep 8th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/gaslight-cat-scratch-fever
    14,125 9


    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Well clearly you're a horrible person if you're here.

    You're that person who loves to knife people from behind in Counter Strike.
    You're that backstabbing, triple-crossing Spy in TF2 who people first thought was a medic, then thought was a harmless dispenser somehow, and then was dead.
    You like killing virtual people being controlled by real, tempermental, and volatile people and you are a horrible, terrible person.

    That's ok because I am too and that's why I like to play Gaslight Catwoman.

    What Is Even A Catwoman Gaslight?

    Hell if I know.  All I know is she goes "scratch scretch meow moew" and people die, so I guess we can call her an Assassin.

    Assassins are jerks.  They'll kill you in a few seconds and make you scream "OP" and chuck your computer off a cliff if played properly which involves using stealth and the element of surprise, as well as taking full advantage of any advantage they get and snowballing off of it to keep themselves strong throughout the game.

    If played incorrectly, they look absolutely derpy as hell and become useless meatsacks that crumple over from a slight wind or a disapproving stare.

    Skills, What they Do, and Why You Should Care

    Gaslight Catwoman is an Attack Damage, Ability Based assassin.

    This means that she deals only Attack Damage mostly with her Abilities.

    Her abilites are as such:

    Passive Sharpened Claws: Gaslight Catwoman's basic attacks make the target bleed over time dealing attack damage and increasing based on the targets maximum health.
  • I max this last.  Gaslight Catwoman is supposed to deal burst damage and leveling this before anything else reduces your potential burst damage output.  It is however nice late game to finish off any pesky characters with blinks or dashes.

    Q Steampowered Claws: Gaslight Catwoman fires 3 claws in a cone that deal attack damage and apply her passive and Predator's Mark on her target.  Enemies hit with additional claws take 50% reduced damage from each extra claw.
  • I max this first because it gives the most aoe and single target damage out of all her skills due to the fact that it can hit multiple times on any unlucky passerby/pidgeons. 

    W Shred:  Gaslight Catwoman deals Attack Damage to her target.  If the target has less than 50% health, they will take a percentage of their maximum health as bonus attack damage.
  • I max this second because it deals really good damage and even more damage to people below 50% and will only start to chunk people when you have more damage items to back it up.
    E Blood Hunt: Gaslight Catwoman stealths and gains movement speed for a short time.  If any nearby opponents have less than 50% health, they will be revealed and Gaslight Catwoman's movement speed is doubled.  When she uses a basic attack from stealth, she deals extra attack damage and applies Predator's Mark to her target.
  • I max this third.  It is mostly used for the stealth portion and not the extra damage, thought it is a very nice bonus.  Maxing it third will give you reduced cooldown on the skill which will help in a long chase or escape.

    R Predator's Grace:  Gaslight Catwoman blinks to her target and deals attack damage.  If Predator's mark is on the target, it is removed and Predator's Grace will have no cooldown.
  • MAX THIS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.  Your ult's damage is absolutely ridiculous and the teleport is incredible, and not to mention you can make it have no cooldown using your other skills.  Akali can go jump off a cliff.  Gaslight Catwoman is much, much deadlier with her ult.  Did I also mention that late game, it only has a 20 second cooldown?  WOWZA

    Here are a couple of combos you can do with her abilities.

    Highest damaging quick comboE, Auto, R, Q, R, W, R  If you're target is slowed, you can add in some Auto Attacks for even more damage.  Most likely thought you're target will be running after the first R so you probably won't have time to AA.

    Out of AA range burstE, Q, R, W, R  There will be times when you're target gets a weird sixth sense and will play like a wuss which won't let you get into AA range and deal your maximum damage.  Use E to get as close to the target as you can and then use Q to apply Predator's Mark so you can ult them twice for sicknasty cat damages.

    Corpse Walking/Recalling burstE, R, W, Auto Attack, R   People with low health generally tend to recall because they aren't manly.  Take advantage of their false sense of security by stealthing to get some quick movement speed and then teleport to their unlucky ass and proceed to lay the "smackdown" on them as the kids say.  Most likely they'll be looking at the shop already leaving you time to get in a W and an Auto Attack before they realize the folly of their greed and start to run away like scaredy dogs giving you one more reason to R to them and finish them off.

    KS KITTYMASTERSUPREME5000RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Your teammates don't need those kills, you do.  So be sure to relieve them of their murderous burden and let them not have to worry about having lots of valuable blood on their hands.  Take the money that you totally earned and use it to snowball your ungrateful team to victory.

    Mastering these important combos will significantly improve your dps and cause your opponents to ragequit all day 'ere day if executed correctly.

    So Your Parents Sent You To The Store To Buy Some Butter And Cheese

    Her 3 damaging abilites all have relatively high Base Damage and also scale very well with Bonus Attack Damage.  Her skills also have some pretty uncool cooldown timers, and if you screw up her combos, it can leave you in a very uncomfortable, painful, and potentially fatal fetal position.

    As such the best stats to get on her for damage are: Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction.
    If you need any sort of survivability against burst to kill your target before they kill you then get some Health.

    Starting Items:  Gaslight Catwoman is a very good jungler since she has very high burst damage potential and really cheap poke early game.

    Take Tier 1 Maurader's Knife, Tier 1 Hawkmen's Harness, and 5 health potions. Gaslight Catwoman is able to clear very quickly so getting extra health will help her survivability in the event of any dirty, sneaky counter-jungling.  However, taking Stolen Powers such as Surveillance Cameras can give you really good vision in the jungle both on your side and on their side so you can not only watch out for counter-jungling on your side and you can go counter-jungle some blind jerksDo not upgrade your Marauder Knife past the first tier!  You do not need the extra damage to minions since your clear is already really good and you can get the damage stats it gives from other items.  Upgrading Marauder Knife only slows down your core build and lessens your overall damage output in the early and mid game.

    Your Core Items(All finished tier) are:  Coda Blade for the big damage and decent flat armor penetration, Huntress' Crossbow for the cheap as free damage and 20% cooldown reduction, and Deadshot's Visor for the slightly more expensive than free damage, Will, Will Regen, and Mana Battery Passive that lets you have plenty of will to use your full combo multiple times before having to base instead of one or two times before heading back.  You should be using your abilites a lot after you get Deadshot's Visor whether by murdering innocents or by going all ultraviolent on some hapless jungle robots so that you can stack your Mana Battery and get even more AD and Will out of your Visor.  In-between all these items, keep getting Promethian Mace and Hawkmen's Harness as they give a lot of cheap as free stats and you can also refund them for full price to buy even stronker items later.

    Situational items are:  Atomic Axe for radioactive panther sized damage and percentage armor penetration, Joe Chill's Revolver for nuclear tiger damage and sicknasty crit chance plus extra crit damage for your E or in-between Auto Attacks, Lobo's Chain for way too much health to survive treacherous burst and some okay damage, and Zeiss Goggles if you get Revolver for even more delicious early burst crit chance and even more cheap damage.

    Remember though, this item build does not ensure your success.  This build is a weapon that you wield but only your mechanics and badassery determine whether it is effective or not.

    Welcome to the Jungle Keeps Playing On the Radio and I Hate It.

    Gaslight Catwoman's clear speed is really gosh darn fast, so you can clear every camp and get back to the first camp before it spawns with time to spare.  You should also be double jungling as it allows you to effeciently clear your side of the jungle and to give more experience to your solo laner who should be a blaster to take advantage of their hard hitting skills.

    Refer to this slightly incorrect map of Coast City for visuals on the section below.

    Notes:  This map is the one on the Infinite Crisis website but it is slightly different from the current patch's map.  The top lane has an extra tower near the tank and the second tower is a bit closer to the base, and the two humvees at top next to the tanks are on the other side of the ganks.  The gank paths actually go through empty street space.  The map also does not reflect the fact that the middle gank path for top is closed off for the first 5 minutes of the game.

    Jungle Route:  You and your jungle partner for life should head to the large minion camp and Go Team Venture all over them to gain nearly an entire level from one camp.  If you're feeling like a scumbag and you know you can beat their jungle pair in a straight up fight, then go man up and steal their large camp and then return to your side and kill your camp.  This will put you at halfway to level 3 from just two camps which will give you a huge lead over your opponents.  After the large camps, hit up the two medium camps to maximize your experience gain quickly and then finish up the small fry camp to gain some easy health backMAKE SURE TO KILL THE SMALLER MINIONS FIRST WITH YOUR Q AND AN AUTO ATTACK OR TWO BECAUSE OUCH GEEZE THEY HURT A LOT OVER TIME.

    If you want to gank a whole bunch because you don't have a concience, take the bottom jungle because it is much easier to gank bot lane in the first 5 minutes than top because the gank path from the Doomsday Device is blocked off until 5 minutes when the Power Relays unlock.  It is also easier to gank bot lane because it is harder to put cameras on your opponents stealth pads without them being cleared, giving you an easy bloodbath.

    Your gank potential is kinda ok in the early levels but once you hit level 6, you should be trying to gank whenever the enemy team is overextended even the slightest.  If your teammates have slow, stuns, or poking ability, ask them to use them before you go in to make it easier for you to finish them off and reap the rewards of their hard work.

    Just make sure to watch out for gross security cameras that wimpy enemies may put downRefer to the above map for common camera placement spots for both the laning phase and for objective control.  Try to have your teammates call out where any known cameras are and use your best judgement to figure out where any other cameras are.  Also keep in mind that one person may only place down two cameras at a time, so if you find both of them then you should be able to find another route to gank from.  If you can't gank then either farm your jungle or coordinate with your jungle partner to steal their camps and/or murder the other junglers.

    Gaslight Catwoman snowballs very quickly off blood money so getting a successful gank or two off can start you on the frosty snowball path to victory.

    Friends, Enemies, Frenemies, and Enemiends.

    Gaslight Catwoman works well with:

    Batman Prime - His ability to stun and slow people while reducing their attack speed can let you stick on your target and get your highest damaging combo off on them.  His ult also provides an area blind that can let you sneak up on an enemy in or out of Batman's ult.

    Green Lantern - Green Lantern's slow is pretty godly and his burst damgage plus your burst damage can set up some pretty easy kills on just about anyone.

    Nightmare Batman - His ability to stealth just like you and supress people with his ult makes this pair the ultimate ganking duo of assassins.  Unlike other jungling partners, Nightmare Batman won't stumble into plain sight or give away your position to your targets letting you get in some very clean and quick kills on squishy targets.

    Doomsday - The jungle is a very narrow and scary place and so Doomsday can get a lot of pretty easy charges off that let you follow up with your full combo to deal lots and lots and maybe even more lots of damage.


    Shazam - Despite being a little kid in a grown, buff wizard's body, he has a really good quick stun, a long range nuke and slow, and another continual slow as well as being a big meatshield for you to sneak behind.

    Gaslight Catwoman gets utterly wrecked by:

    Joker Prime - He has a ministun, a slow, a longer stun that deals totes a lot of damage, and a blink.  He is literally designed to make an assassin's life miserable and to not let anyone get the drop on himKEEP HIM UNDERFED AT ALL COSTS OR ELSE YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO 1V1 HIM.  Also be aware that some Jokers may decide to run cameras just to make sure he can shut down assassins.

    Green Lantern - If you don't kill him in less than a second, his ult will rain down upon you and make you very, very sad.  The stun from his ult lasts long enough for him to get a full combo off on you for Californian Redwood damage.


    Nightmare Batman - His ult allows his team to jump you and do terrible things to you while you can only sit there and watch, futily smashing your keyboard and hoping that something will come and save you.  Remember,  be a smart assassin and only come in after your team initiates so you can avoid damage, cc, and responsibility.

    Lastly, Teamfighting Otherwise Known As, All Your Teammates Dying And You Taking The Credit For Their Blood, Sweat, Tears, And Other Gross Fluids.

    Unless both teams consist of complete scumbags who refuse to group up and be productive members of DC Comics Society, you will most likely find yourself in one or more teamfights during a game.

    Your job is to kill the highest threat squishy target, stay alive, and come back to kill more squishy or wounded targets like the mercy angel you are.

    This means that you need to stay out of sight until one team initiates.  Wait for the major cooldowns to go down and if your target is cc'd, take that opportunity to kill them quickly and then get out before the police arrive.  Make sure to also leave a trail of false evidence pinning the crime on Wonder Woman.

    After you kill your first target, assess whether or not the enemy can lock you down and if you can kill another squishy target without getting yourself blown to little bits.

    Basically keep your head down, kill the most targety of targets, keep yourself alive, and snowball off of any kills you get.


    Well that's it for the guide.  Hope you learned a bit and improve on your own Gaslight Catwoman gameplay,  If you have any questions or build opinions, make sure to post them in the comments and I'll try to reply to them as soon as possible.  Thanks for reading and good luck going to sleep at night you filthy murderer.
  • Latest comments
    Anyone reading this should realize it is outdated and there have been changes to her and various items. This hasn't been updated since September of 2013. She's still good...but not as godly since shedoesn't proc Predators Mark as much anymore (only with her Q).
    12:58 pm, Mar 18th, 2014
    Yea plus she has had some mechanic changes, or maybe that was in August. Maybe Dawnbase needs to add a warning to guides that are a certain amount of months old!
    3:48 pm, Mar 18th, 2014
    Anyone reading this should realize it is outdated and there have been changes to her and various items. This hasn't been updated since September of 2013. She's still good...but not as godly since shedoesn't proc Predators Mark as much anymore (only with her Q).
    12:58 pm, Mar 18th, 2014
    I enjoyed reading this guide alot :)! Makes me wanna get here !
    1:18 am, Mar 3rd, 2014
    GJ Kara. Atomic Axe should always be situational depending on if they build against you. she can lose alot of burst with a good Attack Armor buy and gives her a really nice spike. She is so power hungry too so Mana pots will be your best friend.
    10:42 am, Sep 10th, 2013
    That's generally why I get Deadshot's Visor after my core damage items.  The extra will and will regen is great for keeping up map control and constant pressure on lanes/objectives during the mid/late game.
    2:13 pm, Sep 11th, 2013
    Like it +1
    10:56 am, Sep 9th, 2013
    Good job ! I'm totally agree with your guide and i think she's the most interesting and hard champion to play but it's so gratifying to one shot someone :D
    6:06 pm, Aug 18th, 2013
    Also love the fact that you wrote how she synergizes with other heroes. +1
    10:01 pm, Aug 10th, 2013
    Nice guide! It's really informative and expansive. I haven't had any big interest in Gaslight Catwoman but I'm going to give her another go now after reading this. 
    9:59 pm, Aug 10th, 2013
    Nice...I'll never use your guide, but it's a good guide. =P <3
    12:58 am, Aug 10th, 2013