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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Green Lantern

    Jungling Done Right: Green Lantern

    A Green Lantern guide by Spaghetti
    Last updated: Oct 5th, 2013
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/jungling-done-right-green-lantern
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Updated for CB4, ArGL patch.

    100% serious. Green Lantern. Not a newly coming out one either, the blaster. The mage. But how? Why? Simple. Your team needs power damage, but not Flash. You already have Shazam in lane. Or maybe you just really like Green Lantern. Whatever your reason is, it's ok, because it turns out, he's a pretty good jungler. His passive triggers from creep deaths (even though it reads kills/assists), and power damage builds aren't all that costly early.

    Items: Marauder's Ring 1, Marauder's Shield 1, Flask. Sell Marauder's Malarkey ASAP for Two Face's Coin. Assuming you aren't dealing with heavy counter jungling, build glass cannon. However, you are somewhat likely going to have to deal with lots of counter jungling, so the build I've layed out is rushing the new anti-dead item, Neron's Contract, and ending with Ra's al Ghul's Robe. The rest of the build is straight forward, and the Atlantean Royal Seal could be dropped for something else. I like it, however. It gives you AOE slow on your rockets, and a spammable single target slow via Q, usable between W activations.

    Jungling: Stand in the middle of a camp so E hits everything. E, auto, E, auto, E, auto, Q. Later, with higher ranks of abilities and lower cooldowns, QWEEEQ. His jungle clear is really easy, and once you have some power damage, stealing enemy camps is quite quick. EEEQ once you have Two Face's and Radeon Shard is enough to kill any camp other than the 3 minute respawn. Your only concern in the jungle is the very real possibility of a Nightmare Batman or the like running in and ruining your day. You generally aren't going to win a 1v1 against an Assassin, so top jungle is preferred, as it's the safest and easiest to keep covered, to avoid wandering into the waiting Maw of a bat or a cat.

    Teamfights: You may been jungling all game, but you're still just flimsy ol' Green Lantern. Stay safe until the team fight is initiated, then do your thing. You should never try and be the one initiating. You will very likely die for it. Try and be sure to hit as many people as possible with the stun effect of your plane, though it will likely be 2 at the most. I know it's tempting to rush in and start throwing your spells at the enemies flimsy carries that need to hide behind the tank wall, but uh... you are ALSO a flimsy carry who needs to be hiding. Deal with the bruisers/enforcers waddling into you before you give chase.

    Abilities: E is better for clearing than Q, but you don't need more than 2 points in it for that. Passive is tempting to level before W, but the duration on W is extended, and the frequently overlooked aspect of his W is that hitting people with abilities while they are under the effect of W lowers the cooldown on constrict. More uptime on W means more hits during W means more W activations means more abilities into... you get what I mean. It's a very potent slow. possibly even worth maxing before E against melee heavy teams, I'm not sure on that yet.
    Latest comments
    I can tell you from experience that with Logoz and Materioptikon, I have no mana problems. Don't forget that this map does not take nearly as long to cross, and back times aren't as long, as in League of Legends or Smite, they are more akin to Awesomenauts. Additionally, with refundable's as strong as they are at every upgrade stage, and the rate at which you fight for objectives (or should, if you were to be in a 5v5 of equal skill teams), it is very much worth backing with some frequency. Materioptikon and Logoz supports this by letting you clear the jungle without concern of the cost (EEEQ at this stage of the game kills the whole camp), leaving you with more than enough mana to dump a combo of spells on a person, lowering your current mana by a hefty amount, and drop a plane on the now power armor shredded enemy team (via E), squeezing as much as possible from passive on your heaviest, more important ability. While I will concede that in extended engagements, you will EVENTUALLY run out of mana, if you are in extended engagements as opposed to rapid, 5 R button team fights as Green Lantern, you are already out of your element. Joker would have likely been a better pick, but then you probably weren't jungling.
    7:03 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    yea i didnt take his passive into account, but until you put points into it (so level 16) , even with 80% missing mana you're only getting 20 bonus power damage, which is fine, but i think the big increase to your will pool  and much larger damage (around 100 at max build) from abin sur's lantern is better surely? i get that materioptikon lets you hover at that state for longer, but i think you're overrating its will regen capabilities a little. You could only get 1 wave of abilities out at that stage of the game, and then you would be useless.
    6:29 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    I'll re-order guide comments specifically. The ability to comment on comments (for direct discussion) is in the works, too :)
    1:54 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    Just testing comment replies. Awesome!
    7:27 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    Oh and while you're at it, this comment system on guides is malarkey. Organization by post order, please. Please. PLEASE.
    12:53 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    The problem, Sacrilege, quite honestly, was that I simply didn't read the item when I put it in my build. I know what Logoz does, so I didn't see the mistake on here. Good that it's been found though.
    12:53 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    That's still what the corrections page is for. Takes two seconds to fix a mistake on the site. You can't complain about the site if you're not willing to help make it better :)
    12:15 pm, Aug 30th, 2013
    Logoz has never had Will Balance. Will Balance has always been on Materioptikon, used to be Dreamstone. It's a case of the site having misinformation, not something being changed. Also, Materioptikon is amazing on him because of the synergy with his passive. Abin Sur's is actually the opposite, it makes you less likely to get AP from his passive. You shouldn't buy it on GL.
    11:51 am, Aug 30th, 2013
    If you find the items have changed in game, you really should submit a correction. That's what the feature is there for, guys! Seriously!
    11:37 am, Aug 30th, 2013
    oh yea you're right, when did they change that? i assumed this site was up to date soz. i never have mana problems with him anyway once i have tier 2 lantern and level 1 logoz. i still consider materioptikon to be pretty shitty
    10:37 am, Aug 30th, 2013
    yea the level 1 logoz has that.... im not talking about the level 1 version
    8:35 am, Aug 30th, 2013
    Mostly it's because Logoz doesn't have that passive. Logoz has Will Restore, not Will Balance. Will restore is 8 mana back when you collect a coin.
    12:36 am, Aug 30th, 2013
    the logoz and the materioptikon both have the same "will balance" passive. if you're already getting the logoz, theres a bunch of way better items you could get than the materioptikon. i tried to read the guide but couldn't see any mention of why you get both
    9:10 pm, Aug 29th, 2013