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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Supergirl

    Shatter their world as Supergirl - A Guide to Jungling

    A Supergirl guide by Luis
    Last updated: Dec 5th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/luiss-gotham-divided-supergirl-guide
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers

    Supergirl is an aggressive, yet balanced jungler that boasts formidable ganking potential, along with good jungle clearing and strong dueling. Her tools implore that you divide and conquer the enemy team, as you push their main threat away from safety and into the waiting grasp of your teammates. In this guide, I'll go into detail on what I feel is currently the best way to set up Supergirl, from mods to artifacts, and how to put that into practice on Gotham Divided. This guide assumes a general familiarity with jungling, so I won't go over objectives or such.


    Passive - Solar Furnace: Supergirl's passive is arguably one of the best in the game, offering free attack speed for consecutive auto-attacks, as well as true damage once she reaches 4 stacks. This adds to her dps (damage per second) considerably, and you should strongly consider buying artifacts and implementing augments that offer further attack speed to utilise it. On Supergirl, it's well worth maxing your passive first, boosting your dueling capability against enemy champions, as well as overall damage to drones and jungle creatures.

    Q - Worldbreaker: Your first ability resets your auto-attack, applying a little more damage and hitting anything behind your target in a cone shaped AoE. You need a point in this at level 1 or your clearing will be painfully slow, but after that I don't take another until level 16. The incremental value per rank of Worldbreaker isn't worth prioritising at all - a measly 0.5 seconds off of the cooldown and 15 base attack damage. By default, your clear times will improve by taking early points in it, but since Supergirl wants to be ganking, this should never be an issue. In no game since adopting this skill order have I felt I was missing out on serious damage by not ranking up Q first.

    W - Bounding Strike: This is your gapcloser, as well as main form of crowd control. It can be used to initiate, or saved for if your target is beginning to get away from you during a gank. It's your only skillshot and the cooldown is pretty hefty, so landing it is fairly important. I tend to max it third, although a case could certainly be made for favouring it over her E, but even at rank 4 you're not likely to be getting a chance to use it twice during a gank.

    E - Determination: More free stats! This steroid is actually crazy good. It provides a modest bonus 25 attack armour at rank 4, but also gives you a 30% speed up for 3 seconds too. That's 3 seconds worth of Flash's Super Speed every 14 seconds with no CDR! It also reduces the cooldown on Q and W by a flat amount for your first 4 auto attacks whilst it's active. This is an amazing ability and almost always ranked up after passive.

    R/Ultimate - Comet: The utility of this ultimate makes ganks from Supergirl almost inescapable after level 6, especially on squishies. The range on it is fairly short, but if you can put yourself between your target and their turret, preferably into the arms of your laner(s), Comet scores your team an easy kill. Displacement abilities should not be taken lightly, and you'll find it tremendously useful throughout the game. The damage on it is nothing to sniff at either, and you can easily burst down opposing carries alone if you build dps.

    As shown above, I tend to max Passive, then E, then W and finally Q. I've already waxed lyrical over the benefits of Solar Furnace and Determination, but really, skill order on Supergirl is a little more flexible than most. Maxing Worldbreaker first isn't 'wrong' by any means, it just focuses your strengths in a different direction.



    Having experimented with a number of options, your best choice of mods is the following:
  • Empowered Marauder Knife - Although this is pretty high up the list too. Marauder Knife is probably the best start on Supergirl jungle, and 10 attack pen is a pretty sweet addition to any mod. It also helps it to remain relevant a long way into the game.
  • Empowered Lobo's Chain - If you can justify the price, LC is a good artifact on Supergirl, and the Hook Shot keyword just adds to her ways of getting to and sticking to a taget.
  • Empowered Deathstroke's Claymore - A safe choice for an artifact you will probably be buying.
    I feel like those 3 of these add the most overall to your kit, but to summarise other good options, both kinds of Enhanced Huntress' Crossbow offer useful stats on a pricy item; Enhanced Deadshot's Visor is a welcome source of additonal will, again, if you feel like you can justify putting credits into it; Empowered Ra's Al Ghul's Robe could make the difference between life and death with it's bigger shield; whilst most of the good mods from the rest of your list of optional artifacts are handy stat boosts. 


    Supergirl never gets too low on health early on in the jungle, so you can afford more offensive augs if you want to improve your clear time, although defensive ones will never do any harm either. Supergirl likes flat attack damage, attack speed and movement speed, whilst flat health and attack armour will mitigate some of the early damage. Good choices include Falcon, Phax, Kai, Slasher, Castle, Forcefield, Scorpion and Horsepower.

    Stolen Powers

    [[Joker's Detonate]]
    Extra help clearing early on, whilst it can also be used to slow during ganks. Obviously preferred to Harley's as Supergirl doesn't build power damage. Atomic Joker's Detonate is also perfectly acceptable if you have it.

    [[Atomic Green Lantern's Consume]]
    The other jungler's aid, it provides sustain early on, whilst maintaining it's usefulness later as a means to securing raiders and emp destroyers. The more I play Supergirl though, the more I believe she doesn't really need it, provided she's bringing Detonate anyway. Atomic Green Lantern's Consume is probably best on her as it at least has some utility with the speed boost, albeit a weak one.

    [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]]
    Supergirl doesn't need it to gank effectively, but it's good value for extra kill security, particularly bot lane.

    [[Cyborg's Teleport]]
    Supergirl needs to flank to gank effectively, and teleporting to a camera can be a nifty way of achieving this. In this instance I favour the reduced cast time of Cyborg's TP over the reduced cooldown of Cat Prime's.

    [[Doomsday's Invulnerability]] / [[Poison Ivy's Healing Wave]]
    Supergirl is by no means frail, even when you focus on building damage, so these aren't necessary but are nice to have if you can make sacrifices elsewhere. It's worth pointing out that DD's Invul is still better than Supergirl's own SP, for the same reason that Shazam's is inferior. The stat boost is only active for as long as the shield is up, and 9 times out of 10, Invul is being popped to block immediate incoming damage, so you rarely get the benefit from it. PI's HW on the other hand is guarranteed damage up for a few seconds after use if you really want it.

    [[Flash's Super Speed]]
    We're really getting into luxury SP's now, but I guess its there if you really want it, despite Determination being your own built-in Super Speed anyway.

    Core Artifacts

    There are a handful of artifacts I consider to be more or less essential purchases on Supergirl, the rest is up to how you wish to play her. Whilst no attack speed artifacts are listed here, this is simply a case of a lack of good attack speed artifacts available on a jungler's budget, and is still a stat Supergirl wants if she can get it. It's more a case of personal choice when you do get it.

    Marauder Knife (4)
    The old favourites are still the best. Marauder Knife is the preferred jungle start on Supergirl, but it pretty much needs the attack pen mod to be worthwhile over Coda Blade. It can be replaced later on if the game has gone on long enough.

    [[Deathstroke's Claymore (2)]]
    The artifact changes kind of feel like an indirect nerf on Supergirl in a way. She still wants Claymore, with it's attack damage and Terminate active, but it no longer provides attack speed, which affects clearing. She has to get it from elsewhere now.

    [[Lobo's Chain (4)]]
    To get the most out of Solar Furnace, you need to be in range to auto-attack as much as possible. The slow from Attack Harrier, combined with Supergirl's multiple ways of getting to a target results in them having a very tough time getting away from her before she can wear them down.

    Hopefully the list of optional artifacts at the top of the page speak for themselves in terms of what you need at any given time, be it damage, defence or utility. In terms of attack speed, Huntress' Crossbow is an expensive option that at least grants you attack damage and a useful passive, Deadshot's Visor give you extra attack damage and will, whilst Batman's Utility Belt gives you an array of stats that Supergirl can use, as well as the cc cleanse active. 

    In terms of artifacts you DON'T want, despite appearances, V9 Implants are simply too expensive for a jungler's income, despite the enticing stats and passive, and Mega Rod is just an awful item, and adds nothing that DC and Worldbreaker don't already do.

    Alternatively, a different starting build path you can take is taking the +10 damage Marauder Knife (3) mod, and +10 damage Coda Blade (3) mod, only buying as far into the artifact is needed to gain the effects. This lets you stack AD more quickly than getting all four ranks of Marauder Knife and then starting on Deathstrokes, resulting in a stronger early game. It's also less dependent on getting early kills as less credits are needed per rank.


    Supergirl is a bruiser who leans towards the offensive, damage dealing side of things, but can certainly be a servicable damage sponge should the need arrive - Bounding Strike and Comet are more than enough crowd control for your team to follow up on. She's at her best once she finishes her core build though, everything after Deathstroke's Claymore is flavour. It allows you to do most of the work in a gank on your own, if not outright kill a squishier target.

    When ganking, try and flank your target to increase your odds of success. This goes for any jungler ideally, but particularly on Supergirl it lets you get the most out of the skills if you can use Comet first, pushing them away from safety, and THEN follow up with the additional knock down or Bounding Strike and speed boost of Determination. I'd almost go as far to say that failing to kill after this means someone messed up, be it you or your laner, unless they were sumpremely tanky in the first place, in which case you're probably better off going after more viable targets anyway.

    In team fights, zero in on the enemy teams biggest damage threat, mark them with Terminate, and dive them with Comet/Bounding Strike. Preferably you'll push them towards your team when doing this, but even if it's just separating them from their own team, if co-ordinated well, it still ought to result in a kill. Getting the jump on the enemy team first usually spreads enough panic amongst the ranks that it sets them on the backfoot and swings the momentum in your favour. Supergirl can peel for her carries in a bind, but it isn't really the best use of her skills. 

    Thanks for staying until the end of my guide! Supergirl is a very effective and fun champion to play, so I hope you all check her out if you haven't done so already!
  • Latest comments
    nice!!! (Like)
    7:31 am, Dec 23rd, 2014
    I think you could make the Mod section a little clearer. For example, right now I know you suggest the Deathstroke Claymore but I can't tell if you are talking about the +10 Attack Damage or the +5% CD Reduction. 
    1:03 am, Oct 18th, 2014
    Nevermind, I'm just stupid and was looking at the wrong section. I would just delete that comment if I could find an edit button. 
    1:04 am, Oct 18th, 2014
    Do you still build Deathstrokes Claymore instead of Huntress Crossbow? You say that Supergirl should get the AS from another source but viable items with AS arent really recommenend on Supergirl when you dont want her full glass cannon build. and what do you think about the new atomic joker detonate? :) but nice Guide btw ^^ +1
    9:37 am, Oct 16th, 2014
    If you're not building both, something is wrong.
    9:44 am, Oct 16th, 2014
    If you can get both, then great; they both compliment her tremendously, but Claymore should always still be the priority. The problem is that attack speed as a stat is difficult to itemise on junglers ever since the September patch - Crossbow and Deadshots are good but expensive, V9's are both expensive and you're spending credits on crit chance that you don't need, Zeiss Goggles are really an early laning item, and Cheetah's Claw is just bad. Your best option is probably still Crossbow, since you never run out of will on Supergirl anyway. Atomic Joker's Detonate is every bit as worthwhile as Joker's, having a stolen power up sooner is never a bad thing, especially if you have to contest a watchtower destroyer with the opposing jungler. It's personal preference whether you want that or an option to slow during a gank. Luckily Detonate doesn't have a huge cooldown anyway.
    6:54 pm, Oct 16th, 2014
    I have no idea why this guide is rated lower than the other guide that is way less detailed. As luck would have it i moved from playing AWW to SG and you have written guide on playing her as well! Unfortunately she turned out to be not that fitting to my playstyle and a little bit more difficult to play than AWW. But i hope that with practice i will be able to play her just as good. And i think i'll just buy any champion you're writing the guide about next :P Thanks.
    11:28 am, Aug 8th, 2014