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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Hawkgirl

    Bird of Prey (Jungle)

    A Hawkgirl guide by Aradon
    Last updated: Feb 10th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/nth-jungle
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    Greeting Protectors!

    My jungle guide to Hawkgirl. I see Hawkgirl as an Assassin/Bruiser combo and I build her as such. I focus more on attack damage with her because she can easily out trade most Champions 1v1.
    Urban Jungle (With Routes):

    Starting item Choice:
    I have two main starts with jungle items:
  • Marauder Knife (1)  Marauder Shield (1)  Modular Health Vial (3)
  • Marauder Knife (2)
    If you want a safer jungle or new to jungle start with  Marauder Knife (1)
    If you are confident with or experienced with jungling then start with Marauder Knife (2)
    Jungle Route:
    For me you ALWAYS start on the health camp. Reason for that is so you can sustain in the jungle longer or help out one of your lanes that is struggling. On the blue side, it is the bottom red dot. On the red side, it is the top red dot. When starting that camp if you want a quick clear use [[Atomic Joker's Detonate]] or save it for ganking or making shortcuts to counter jungle.  

    After health camp move to your next camp on your route and you should level up then you are close to a lane. If and only if,  the other team member is below 50% health and pushed up to your turent I would suggest to gank them if not don't wait your time, health and will. Only gank pre-level 3, if you know you can get a kill or assist.(You already get put enough behind as just being a jungler)

    Once you reach level two, I strongly suggest you to move into the other team's jungle and counter jungle 2 camps on their side to put the other jungler behind you. Special Note: When counter jungling, always leave behind one little creature so the camp doesn't spawn until your opponent clears it.  excels at counter jungling because of her Soar ability and early game she is really powerful. When counter jungling, keep an eye out on the lanes closest too you. If they are missing, Soar the hell out of their because you don't want do a 2v1 in their jungle.

    I will say, starting on red side route is an easier counter jungle path than blue's counter path. If you hold onto your [[Atomic Joker's Detonate]] use it on the car behind the  green dot on the top left because it gives you an easy way to the move-speed camp. Care: When you are at the move-speed camp, that is where faster junglers will meet you. So it might be the best interest for you to attack them there or go back into your jungle. 


    Once you are level 3(about after 4 camps), That is your ideal time to gank other lanes. Your main way you want to gank is going through the tri-stealth pads or through the pads closest to their turrent because it will cut your enemy off and you can get extra Autoattacks on them. SAVE YOUR SOAR AND MACE TOSS COMBO for chasing dont start with it. I found out the hard way you don't want to start a gank by using your dash. You usually want to start by flying towards then then autoattack then followed by Haymaker then continue to hit them until they get out of your of attack range then use your Mace and Soar combo. IF they have a escape ability, hold onto dashing them until they start to use that escape because it will interrupt their escape.(The dash has no maxinum range as long as Soar is active and you hit them with Mace Toss.) It should be pretty easy to pick up a kill at level 3.

    Tower diving: Only tower dive if they are below 150 Health, you usually can burst them down to nothing for only 1 tower hit then reactive your Soar and get out of there as fast as possible.

    Hawkgirl's Combo:
    W->Q->Q->AA->E->AA->R (This will mostly instantily kill most marksmans, casters, controllers and assassins)

    Mid Game(Split pushing and Grouping Phase):

    Hawkgirl is an amazing spilt pusher because you can clear waves quite easily with your AA and E. Your have a great escape a ability that lasts for 5s which is huge and it removes slows. If you need to use it, you still have your [[Hawkgirl's Super Speed]] to run away.

    Team Fights:

    Hawkgirl doesn't really do very well in team fights she is better coming later into a team fight than starting one. So have your Teammates initiate the fight. Her Howling Eye can really turn the tide in battles but make sure you us the knock up on their greatest damage dealer (Marksman, Caster). So they will be isolated as the rest of their team is knocked back.


    Core Items:

  • Marauder Knife (4) - A core jungling item. It gives you some of the best stats for a cheap price. Max this out as fast as possible.
  • Claw Of Horus (3) - It synchronizes well with your passive. It give you defensive and offensive stats.
  • [[Huntress' Crossbow (3)]] - It synchronizes well with your passive. Also is give a lot of damage, Hawkgirl is very much a autoattack based Champion even with her high burst combo.
    Items consider to buy:
  • Soultaker Katana (4) - A item that give quite of bit of Attack damage and life steal.(Fully stack) Give you damage and sustain in longer fights.
  • Deathstroke's Claymore (3)*- It give a lot of damage potential and great at assassinating other team's carries. Also to note It gives 10% cooldown which is great for Hawkgirl with her relatively high cooldowns. I suggest get this instead of  Atomic Axe (2)  if the other team isn't building much Attack Armor.
  • Atomic Axe (2) - If the other team is building heavily into attack armor get this over Deathstroke's Claymore (3)
  • [[Joe Chill's Revolver (3)]] - Personally I don't like this item. It has been nerfed and only one other item give critical chance. If you are a favorite of it, use it to replace Deathstroke's Claymore (3) 
  • Sword Of Beowulf (3) - If they are power damage heavy get this to replace Deathstroke's Claymore (3)
  • [[Mirror Master's Prism (4)]] - Again if they are power damage heavy get this item.
  • [[Batman's Utility Belt (4)]] - If the team is more balance, get this item because it give you a lot more utility with movement speed, cooldown, attackspeed, and remove debuffs. (Also if you know you are getting this item, you can change your MOD for [[Huntress' Crossbow (3)]] to something else)
  • Suit Of Sorrows (4) - If their team, is more attack damage heavy get this item.
    Situational Purchase:
  • [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] - I would say use this to replace [[Batman's Utility Belt (4)]] because it gives you the same health and the passive is great for your chases, but [[Batman's Utility Belt (4)]] has a lot more in its kit than [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] 
  • Coda Blade (4) - This item is great against hyper healers and making sure you kill your opponent but it is not as great as Deathstroke's Claymore (3) (IMO). If you get this item use it to replace  [Deathstroke's Claymore (3)
    My Ideal Build:

      Claw Of Horus (3) [[Huntress' Crossbow (3)]]  Soultaker Katana (4) Deathstroke's Claymore (3) [[Batman's Utility Belt (4)]]  Atomic Axe (2)

    Last 6th item you should sell:  Marauder Knife (4) 


    For a jungler you don't want scaling Augments because it won't help you in your early jungle where you need as much damage as possible(and ganks). IMO I believe you should never get scaling Augments because Augments are for your early game in which a few stats can make a difference than in later game where they don't do as much. SO I focused on attack damage, attack speed, attack penetrationg and movement speed in my Augments to give me the best stats for Ganking and clearing Camps.

    Thing about mods you make it to your play style and what you want. I will say one thing GET EMPOWERED MARAUDER KNIFE as a Jungler.  For all the stats that Marauder Knife (4) gives you, it gives the best bang for your buck in terms of items.

    *If you are wondering why Deathstroke's Claymore doesn't have a picture. I tried and it doesn't seem to want to work for me.

    Stolen Powers:

    For stole powers I went for [[Atomic Joker's Detonate]] and [[Hawkgirl's Super Speed]] -The Reason why I choose those two because you can Activate Detonate a lot more for shortcuts and Raiders.  You don't need [[Flash's Super Speed]] because with SOAR and [[Hawkgirl's Super Speed]] should be enough speed for you.

    Other Good Choices:
    [[Gaslight Catwoman's X-Ray Vision]] -It helps for using your MACE THROW combo to kill those low health champions
    [[Joker's Detonate]] -This gives you a nice slow when you are ganking a lane.
    [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]] -Like before it gives a good slow for ganking but it does have as much utility as [[Hawkgirl's Super Speed]] 

    Check out my other builds
    Blue Beetle https://www.dawnbase.com/guides/will-of-the-scarab-

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