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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Joker

    xawas's joker's mega guide

    A Joker guide by Xawas
    Last updated: Feb 16th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/xawass-jokers-mega-guide-59268645
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers

    Hello guys!
    My name is : Niels and I'm 21 years old.
    My hobby is gaming specific the moba gerne.
    I play on the EU server and my IGN is : Xawas.
    I made this guide because Joker was my first champion which i mastered in IC and got to level 20,
    i wanted to share the my knowledge i acquired, to help people improve their gameplay or build,
    just to let them enjoy Joker as i did.

    [[Flash's Super Speed]] and [[Poison Ivy's Healing Wave]]

    Why i pick those 2?

    Even though Joker has his Vanish i feel it isn't enough on GH, there are not a lot of walls to jump over which leaves Joker vulnerable. [[Flash's Super Speed]] gives him more movement speed for a short duration which can help a lot (To escape or to secure a kill).

    Like I mentioned Joker is squishy, the heal of [[Poison Ivy's Healing Wave]] can save your life in situation when you get caught or in fights of 1 v2 or 1 v3.
    Also I feel this is the best for Joker he has a good kit and doesn't need anything else than these 2 stolen powers.

    This is
    Joker 's passive. It gives you power life steal equal to 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%. When the Joker kills or assist in a kill his passive is doubled for 5/6/7/8 seconds, also he gains 1/2/4/5 seconds reduced timers for skills on cooldown. (So when you kill an enemy and your q is on 6 sec cooldown, it will have 1 sec remaining. this applies for all your skills).

    This is
    Joker's main dmg dealing 70/120/170/220 + 75% power dmg to the first enemy hit and stunning them for a brief moment the cost for this skill is 40/55/70/85 will . This is a skill shot with quite a range and its the strongest skill Joker has so, I recommend maxing it first. This skill is very useful for escaping or for stunning running enemies.

    With this skill
    Joker throws a surprise box to the ground exploding after a brief duration, dealing power dmg equal to 60/90/120/150 + 60% power dmg, and releasing 4 chattering teeth which deal 30/50//70/90 + 25% power dmg and slowing the enemy .The cost of this 75/100/125/150 will and cooldown 16/14/12/10 seconds. This is a great way to get away from chasing enemies since they will suffer from its damage and slow, or they will have to run a big way around.

    This is one of the best escape tools in the game.When activating vanish
    Joker blinks to the target location leaving a punch bag behind.This skill is best used to jump over walls. Because other champions doens't have a skill to get over walls and won't be able to chase you. TIP: your punch bag can block skill-shots like batman's boomerang.

    throws a doll to target location exploding afther a short duration, dealing 75/110/145/190 + 45% power dmg. Afther the explosion there will be a gas cloud which deal further dmg equal to 250/375/500/625 + 150% power dmg. This skill deals a lot of AOE dmg and is used in teamfights to maximize the dmg dealt.


    Why do you pick flat amps? Well, the reason for that is simple: I do think that the most GH games are won in the first 10 min. I want to get as fed as possible within that 10 min mark. So I pick the flat amp because they will give me more stats then the scaling ones at the start of the game. This boost might not be significant but it does matter.

    Also I don't like (or recomment) to pick scaling amps for the simple fact that GH games are fairly short, and you will almost never get that lvl 19, so you could never get the full power of scaling amps.

    The reason why I pick power penetration over cooldown reduction is simple , I already stated my thought about this : I like to have more dmg in the early game. Power penetration gives me more dmg while the 1.*** % cooldown reduction amps gives only a reduced 0.1 sec on your skill timers (which is in my opinion not that great).


    The reason for the enchanted power book of eternity is just for more power dmg because joker scales very well with power dammage.

    Empowered psi-scimitar I like this mod the most. It gives 50 + 50% power dmg boost to your next attack after activating a skill. This stat is doubled by this mod. The normal stat is 25 + 25 %.
    While joker has not alot easy to hit skills , i think this mod is a must have. Just to do extra dmg.
    Empowered Marauder Ring It gives you more power penetration which means your high PD ratio skills will even deal more dmg.

    In the early game you don't have a lot dmg, but you do have a stun and a slow. So the best thing to do is to go top with your team. Joker is one of the best champions to defend control points.
    Try to cap the top control point, in progress you will get some assist and mybe even some kills.
    (try to poke from a distance, don't get to close to an enemy champions because you will die quickly).

    Now just follow the flow of the game, cap some points get some more kills/ asists.
    (I will explane this more in a separate chapter)
    When you head back to base, buy some of the core items.

    At this point you can almost kill anyone( if you play correctly). Though I suggest to stay with the others. Reason? Very simple you are squishy, assassins can kill you very easily. Beside this you are a great value to your team. Your Mr. Punchy has 2 good things. Firstly, it has some good dmg and a stun (which can save people's lives) and secondly, it has a very long range, so it can secure kills that others couldn't finish.
    When you have the most core items or when you feel you can handle any of your opponents you are ready for the real job : getting a lot of kills.

    At this point of the game the Joker is kinda unbeatable. A simple Mr. Punchy , Surprise! , Last Laugh combo will rek any enemy (not a tank ofc).

    As the Joker you should always defend the control points. Because you have great poke Mr. Punchy , and some amazing AOE dmg Surprise! and Last Laugh because of these skills they can't dive you at a control point or they will lose their life .

    So help your team and follow this guide and you should own like a boss.

    So in this section I will explain how to play as the Joker and what to do in certain situation.

    Starting off with when do i defend a control point and how?

    This is a question you have to ask yourself every game , this ins't a general rule but if no one in your enemy team is haevily fed you can use this methode :

    VS 1 enemy : As the Joker you can definitely defend vs 1 guy you can poke the enemy with Mr. Punchy . Here you will have 2 situations : the enemy doubt or they need to dive you and get a lot of Mr. Punchy of you at their face, they will dropping low and will have to back away. Or situation number 2 : enemies will instantly dive you, in this case let them come close to you use Mr. Punchy - Surprise! - Last Laugh and then Vanish the enemy will be dead or as good as dead. When they aren't dead you can fire Mr. Punchy 's and auto attacks to finish the job (cause your Surprise! and Last Laugh ) deal over time dmg and slow the enemy they will also get massive dmg from the tower.

    VS 2 enemyies : two enemyies will be harder but still you will win this fight. Go ahead and do the same as vs 1 enemy , try to poke them low so they have to back away. If they dive you, you should do just the same combo as vs 1 enemy. In the progress you might kill them or at least drop them both to half hp. Are they half HP? Well now they are on your control point basic attack them + Mr. Punchy . It won't take long before they die or back away. In the end Joker still wins.

    VS 3 enemies : Well this is a different story.As I describe Joker is kinda OP and i think he is, especially in GH. But you can't win VS 3 enemies , what should you do? First of all don't let them close you in. When you see they are trying to get to your back to flank you ,just get out! If they all come from the front just try to defend as long as possible (and keep yourself save) max range Mr. Punchy Surprise! and Last Laugh will keep them a few seconds away from the control point. But when they dive , just get out.

    VS 4 or VS 5 enemyies : In this case it's just the same as vs 3 enemies. This fight you can't win still I don't recommend to back off straight away. When the enemies are in group 4/5 v 1 they feel themselves unbeatable. There might be low life enemies like 300 hp left, Surprise! and Last Laugh and you can kill them. Though you might be able to kill them. Pick for the safest option , and don't get greedy for that one kill. Not dying is better then getting a kill.

    Xawas aren't you a coward if you just leave that control point ? Well maybe people will say yes . But no, if they outnumber you . There is nothing that you can do , if you stick to the control point you die in 5 seconds. But if you leave it , throw Surprise! and Last Laugh and poke from a distance with Mr. Punchy you can extend the time they need to cap the point and stay alive . Here you win 2 things 1 you didn't die, 2 you won time (so your team can cap 1 or even 2 control points of them) ) which is definitely a win.

    Orbital canon

    When to go for the orbital cannon?
    ALWAYS! The orbital cannon is a great way to comeback and to extend your lead. So how do we fight for the orbital cannon?

    Well its basicly a neutral control point which sends big drones to the enemy control points to cap it.
    So as the Joker you should always be with your team at the orbital cannon and fight just the same as you would defend your own control point (explaned above) in the process stay behind your team and you will be OK .

    So as you can see above I showed my item build. This item build can not be ideal for you!
    I will explane here why I pick these items (etc)

    So I start with Marauder Ring (3), because it gives some PD dmg , later I build it into Marauder Ring (4) this gives you more PD then cosmic belt and the same amount of PD penetration

    Afther this I want to go for the Psi-Scimitar (3) this item is very useful, because it empowers your next basic attack after activating a skill. jokers Surprise! and Last Laugh don't deal intantly dmg but need to donetate wich takes a while , people can easily dodge them. Thats why I pick this item, to get that little extra dmg.

    Now we have some dmg ,I want to get a power spike so i go for the The Starheart (3) because it gives a lot of power dmg and also an extra boost of power equal to 30% of your power dmg.

    When you have these core items people will build power armor. therefor i build power penetration The Book Of Eternity (2)

    I recommend to buy this item because The Book Of Eternity (2) it gives you %PD penetration and Joker benefits a lot form PD penetration due to his high PD ratio’s.

    As last item i build [[Eclipso's Diamond (2)]] the for the fact that this item gives you PD lifesteal and more PD when you are missing health. This items together with your passive will keep you longer alive in the late game.

    OFC you can build some power armor and attack armor if the enemy is fed and you die a lot. But this is something personal and something I never do.

    This is my build feel free to comment on it!

    Latest comments
    Very nice guide , helped me alot th man!
    8:31 am, Feb 16th, 2015
    Thx i appriciate it
    8:32 am, Feb 16th, 2015
    feel free to comment
    6:54 am, Feb 16th, 2015
    feel free to comment
    6:51 am, Feb 16th, 2015