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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    We're moving on to new pastures, and we'd love it if you'd join us.

    We've moved on to new pastures, and we'd love it if you'd join us. If you play Gigantic, we have a site for that: GGRock. If you're a Paragon fan, we recently launched ParagonDB. And for Overwatch players, we're working on a player/team finder site over at overwatchers.gg.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Gaslight Joker Builds — up to date with current patch
    Guide Author Map Score Views Updated Freshness
    Gaslight Joker: The fastest tank clear you have ever seen dasdrawer 1 1,579 2015-05-09 Practically a fossil
    I'll Support - Just don't expect me to share any Cake! Fwob 1 859 2015-05-30 Practically a fossil
    Gaslight Joker Builds — legacy guides (from open beta)
    Guide Author Map Score Views Updated Freshness
    Graf_Zedd's Tank/Controller Gaslight Joker Guide (GD) Graf_Zedd GEN 9 2,252 2014-07-07 Practically a fossil
    V3G3TA,z HAM B4TM4N GH 9 2,357 2014-01-22 Practically a fossil
    The NEW HAMINATION B4TM4N GH 9 2,063 2014-02-06 Practically a fossil
    Semantik's Coast City Gaslight Joker Guide Semantik CC 5 1,372 2013-10-25 Practically a fossil
    [Unfinished] Hectorzeroni's Coast City Gaslight Joker Guide Hectorzeroni CC 5 1,246 2013-10-26 Practically a fossil
    King of Gotham's Top Lane Blawkfire GD 1 2,039 2014-03-02 Practically a fossil
    Gaslight Joker guide to being fat (Work in Progress) Tutonicdrone GD 1 3,438 2014-04-20 Practically a fossil
    [NEW] Gaslight Joker Build Top for GD Flori_Killer GD 1 1,344 2015-02-16 Practically a fossil
    DanuckInUSA's Coast City Fat Man Gaslight Joker Guide DanuckInUSA CC 1 1,782 2013-08-17 Practically a fossil
    Laugh through the pain with Gaslight Joker! Caf772000 GH 1 1,146 2015-02-09 Practically a fossil
    Gotham Heights Gaslight Joker Guide fidgetmls GH 1 911 2014-10-16 Practically a fossil
    psico's HAM HAM Guide - *Update* 12-07 psico CC 1 3,482 2013-12-07 Practically a fossil
    AwA Hubert's guide to solo lane GS Joker Sanctuary CC 1 1,642 2013-11-24 Practically a fossil
    Do Not Use Guide Protectoooor GH 1 954 2015-03-05 Practically a fossil
    Laughing Butcher Tank Guide GD/GH raymanlegends GEN 1 1,050 2014-10-25 Practically a fossil
    DrRockzo2487's Gotham Divided Gaslight Joker Guide - Top Lane DrRockzo2487 GD 1 2,267 2014-03-26 Practically a fossil
    manofsnow's Gotham Divided Gaslight Joker Guide manofsnow GD 1 2,977 2014-04-09 Practically a fossil
    DrRockzo2487's Gotham Divided Gaslight Joker Guide - Beef Castle Supreme!!! DrRockzo2487 GD 1 1,389 2014-03-27 Practically a fossil
    ElectricLeo Tells You How To Use Your Meat UPDATED FOR DECEMBER PATCH ElectricLeo GEN 1 11,954 2013-12-20 Practically a fossil
    Butt3rblume's Solo Top (in depth) Gaslight Joker Guide (Coast City) Butt3rblume GEN 1 1,835 2013-12-05 Practically a fossil
    Full Ham Gaslight Joker Innocentius GEN 1 5,979 2013-11-14 Practically a fossil
    blazinA's General Tank Gaslight Joker Guide blazinA GEN 1 1,573 2014-04-06 Practically a fossil
    Jungling Done Right: Gaslight Joker Spaghetti CC 1 7,671 2014-01-07 Practically a fossil
    Feylog's Gotham Divided Gaslight Joker Guide Feylog GD 1 1,700 2014-07-02 Practically a fossil
    Ham Power Gaslight Joker Guide karthus998 CC 1 2,060 2013-09-13 Practically a fossil
    The gaslight guide (gaslight joker) - GH guide jacklantern GH 1 2,968 2014-09-14 Practically a fossil
    Eat my pets! EAT! [GH Gaslight Joker APC guide] Starsaligned GEN 1 1,444 2014-07-16 Practically a fossil
    Here comes the fatman... sokituya GD 1 9,530 2014-04-25 Practically a fossil
    King of the Rats: Gaslight Joker Guide (Gotham Heights only for now) Cerviathrax GEN 1 3,459 2013-09-14 Practically a fossil
    iblitz11's Coast City Gaslight Joker For Dummies iblitz11 CC 1 1,500 2013-09-21 Practically a fossil
    Jenfo's Gotham Divided Fatman Guide - OP Gambit Patch Jenfo GD 1 3,146 2014-05-08 Practically a fossil
    Gaslight Joker: The Collector UhnDun GEN 1 10,753 2013-12-03 Practically a fossil
    GD Gaslight Joker Guide solo top lane (На Русском) FANkill GD 1 1,868 2014-05-12 Practically a fossil
    The Right Way To Play Gaslight Joker TheBlastyBat GH 1 1,548 2014-05-11 Practically a fossil
    Something went wrong and all my text is gone. Stay tuned! Joekel GD 1 5,511 2014-02-19 Practically a fossil
    vS_Swipe's Guide to AP Gasjoker RivenToStrong GD 1 1,792 2014-05-23 Practically a fossil
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