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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Wonder Woman

    Hellabit's Wonder how she got so tanky guide.

    A Wonder Woman guide by Hellabit
    Last updated: May 30th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/hellabits-general-wonder-woman-guide
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    First things first, don't plan on a lot of kills, plan on a lot of assists and a full build with this guide. I have gotten 33 aasists full tank in the heights with Wonder Woman. Remeber in the game focus on the arrmor you need most of, they have 3 Power damage get more power arrmor. They have more ad get more ad arrmor. 1 acception to the rule, you should never need to worry about their tank, if you do they have to worry about them they have already lost the game for greed. (A tank needs to tank) So if it's even ap and ad and say an ap tank, keep your arrmor even. Again acception if someone is fed focus arrmor for them or if they have a hard hitting assassin focus arrmor for that.

    Now get that necklass to 2 before you get off the base, either that or it wont start stacking, grab the the spear also, you can get it all in the heights to start. Farm as much as you can to 30 stacks from coins it is essential for the necklass, if you don't have the patients don't get the necklass!!

    Core and opetional items, I will say this for Wonder woman if you want to win go full tank. She can be in the front line and take a beating like no other with full tank.

    She has great juke with her abilities, I can tell you I have dove into an enemy to save my life after running from 4 of them. I have also done the same while sheilding and ally. Aslo use this to dodge skill shots while fighting.

    She has some of the best cc in the game, as long as you have one dps with you, you can win a 2v2 or 2v3 easy as long as the other team isn't fed, if your dps is squishy they stay behind you at all times. That is more your job as Wonder Woman with your cc than their job!!

    I played a game, with a Robin, Shazam and a Cyborg beating my skull in, durring a heights game. I was so tanky I ran from their top red tower to my blue mid range tower. Let the tower beat on them until my team came in and killed them. I died as all 3 of them dropped from full hp to 0 and I was already 3/4 down in hp when I got to the tower all dps done from them. They made a mistake they focused me, a full tank should never be the focus when others show up hit them! Because of that mistake by their team I got 3 assists and my team got 3 kills.

    I also had a game where 3 dove me under a tower in the heights. I lived they all died. They told me I shouldn't have lived through it. I told them to look at my build, I triggered all of my actives and used my shield on myself when that wore off the Doomsday shield back to my shiled. Durring those combos, stuns to keep them under tower and off of me while i ran around the tower center. I did this to avoid their skill shots, I got a double and an assist out of their mistake an adc got a solo. I backed and with the team work we turned a 3v1 moderate win, into a 2v3 easy win.

    If you have never tanked before you will have to get use to early game, tanks are never really tanky until mid game. When you get to mid game have fun baiting the other team into traps, while tanking for all of the dps on your team.

    One very, very important core item is the Fragment of Mogo, that with your ult is a great combo, on top of that Olympus Gambit, yet Oltmpus Gambit is not very important for this combo it does help. *The combo is- trigger Gambit> Trigger Mogo> Ult, try to get at least 3 with the ult. Now you take 75% reduced damage while in ult from the ones in your ult 25% less damage from those outside of it. you dps with ult and Mogo your team wrecks them while taunted. Depending on the outcome juke to an ally to sheild, or start stunning so they can finish the job. Do not waste your shiled on yourself after such a tactic; they will beat you down, even being a tank that really can do a lot of damage to you. if you want to stay in the fight use your doomsday shiled, but watch the shiled hp, it only takes 75 hp to destroy it, save a shield for an ally and make sure they are close enough to juke to them, run off if you need to, as Wonder woman in that fight you would have done more than enough for your team. Yet if you have a health regen item, or two you can stick behind them to make sure they make it, although again after that kind of assult that should not be needed.

    I love Wonder woman as a tank so I hope you all get a lot out of this, full tanks win games! enjoy

    Latest comments
    Her auto attacks are ad if I am not mistaken, all auto attacks are. It isn't like you got into battle use your cc and just look pretty, may as well do some ad with your ap.
    6:46 pm, May 30th, 2014
    Also, yes I made on mistake leaving it out to upgrade it I will fix that.
    6:48 pm, May 30th, 2014
    One more note, you ask when to upgrade an item the Spear of Destiny... I can't nor could anyone else ever tell you when to upgarde an item it depends on your needs in any given match.
    6:51 pm, May 30th, 2014
    Now for comment c. You could rush gambit, yet if they have 2-3 adc's why would you wait on the Suit of Sorrows? It depends on what you have to counter not what you want to do.
    6:54 pm, May 30th, 2014
    I'll add one more comment. Just because a champion has an ability that works off of health or ap that doesn't mean you need to focus those 2 things (tanks need to tank not focus on what their abilities call for.) I have made a build as such that the shiled doesn't really matter if your team is behind you. You could get you hp up and make a shield for a team mate, yet I explained in my guide they shouldn't need it, that as a tank you protect them, with Wonder Womans cc that isn't hard to do. The more hp you have in regards to getting rid of arrmor the more squishy you are as a tank. hp regen is good, but hp do nothing if they have arrmor and magic pen. With the way I build they can not rip my arrmor apart and I sack my kills for assists to help my team and still end up with a full build end game.
    7:01 pm, May 30th, 2014
    hey, i was just coming across your build, it was recommended by someone on my guide, and i just had a few questions about the reasoning.  1) Why use Spear of destiny?  I understand the bonus ability that % of your health goes as bonus attack damage, but  a) why do attack dmg? WW's skills benefit from Power Dmg and Health bonuses b) when do you upgrade the spear of destiny.?  it seems its only for lvl 1 and never upgraded? c) As a full tank wouldn't it be better to rush Olympus, or another armor?    I Agree in a tank build Mogo is essential, the other person suggested it on my guide as well.  Would you prioritize Reflection over regen?
    4:10 pm, May 30th, 2014