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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Gaslight Joker

    Gaslight Joker guide to being fat (Work in Progress)

    A Gaslight Joker guide by Tutonicdrone
    Last updated: Apr 20th, 2014
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/JHo2ByiP
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive item options
    Defensive item options
    Situational item options
    Stolen Powers
    ~Work in Progress, messing with formatting and getting some of the item links to work. Will also be adding another section that will be a basic guide what your goals in lane are and finishing up a comprehensive list of the uses of snacktime.~

    Gaslight Joker is one of the more underused champions. The open beta patch has given him a nice little buff so his Q will now scale slightly off of bonus health again. This makes health stacking builds like this even more viable. So the time has come to consider Spear Of Destiny (2)

    With these buffs I will be adding another section to the guide on jungling with the newly buffed Butcher Buffoon.

    The Way of the Obese

    Blood Money

    GL-Joker’s passive is by far the most interesting thing about him and you should never forget how strong it is even after it has been through a couple nerfs. 

    You will win your lane by out sustaining your opponent, if you are up against another melee champion fight near his drones then weave last hits in with your Q.  

    It is also very important to know at all times how close you are to hitting your cap on the max health bonus and level your passive just before you do.

    Fetid Cleaver

    This skill is the least complicated part of GL-Joker’s kit. Learning to reset your autoattacks with it is all about rhythm and is easy to get down. You only ever need to think about using this tactically when you have your ult and the filthy debuff comes into play. 

    It now scales off of bonus health making it even more usefull and an important part of the kit.

    Ham Snack

    There isn’t much I can say that will make you hit more of your hams. It just takes practice.  

    Anyone who has played with the ham at all will know that the enemies are feared away from the center of the ham. Use this to push opponents back into you or if you hit the left or right edge of the ham you can push them into walls. 

    Feared enemies will move at a speed of 300, I am unsure of the average movement speed now with this current patch but it is certainly higher than 300, so even if you land the tip of the ham on a champion that is running it will give you some advantage. Ham Snack will also disrupt some ults. If there is an enemy Nightmare Bat consider saving your ham to stop his ult, turning his easy kill into yours. 

    Snack Time

    If you thought that landing hams is the sign of a good GL-Joker you are sorely mistaken. Snack Time is the skill that separates a good GL-Joker from a great one. A lot of times I see other GL-Jokers spam this ability every time it is up but all that does is lose you health.  

    The movement speed makes this killer for chasing down a blaster who is spamming moves behind them. At the end of the guide I will have a section on particular champions and how I feel about blocking their moves. 

    With the new patch successfully blocking a skill is encouraged by refunding the health you spent to use the ability.

    Rat Swarm

    A dangerous move for both yourself and your enemies. Use this with caution, I’ve seen plenty of GL-Jokers kill themselves with this move. 

    Having 2 enemies in your swarm refunds all health cost making it free, 1 enemy will half the cost. 0 enemies and you should turn it off. With a 3 second cooldown you will be able to put it back on if you need it again soon. 

    Remember filthy will turn the 15% slow into a 30% slow so Q and W prime targets often to keep them from escaping. 

    This isn’t a PD build and even if it was the damage on this ult is not wonderful it is for slows not dps. 

    Fat Power

    I like running Super Strength on GL-Joker, a meteor ham combo is a deadly thing. If you are soloing top Robin's Cameras come in handy but I could see some other choices. 
    [[Wonder Woman's Super Strength]], [[Zatanna's Psychic Assault]], Aquaman's Super Strength, Mecha Superman's Consume, [[Robin's Surveillance Camera]], [[Atomic Poison Ivy's X-Ray Vision]] or [[Catwoman's Teleport]]

    Burgers & Fries

    For mod’s I concentrate on the core items of this build. I get Optimized Spear of Destiny and Capacity Ruby of Life and Phantom Stranger’s Necklace. I am not impressed by any of the Crime Bible mods so I ignore that. If you want to emphasize other parts of this build you could go with other mods:
    Enhanced Utility Belt for the extra movespeed
    Optimized Fragment of Mogo to get that out faster
    Enhanced Lobo’s Chain for a little more health
    or even Empowered Psi-Scimitar if you want to make your auto attacks hit for a lot more.

    Supersize Me 

    Core Items
    The idea behind this build is to get use from stacking health again so obviously Spear Of Destiny (2) is a core item for this build as is The Crime Bible (2) and Ruby Of Life (2) Since I am already collecting coins with my passive and Ruby of Life I pick up Phantom Stranger's Necklace (2) for the power and attack armor. You could argue that this isn’t part of the “core” build but I have yet to go a game where I didn’t want that armor. 

    My usual build order is start The Crime Bible (1) and some health pots. I get the crime bible finished ASAP then move on to ruby of life and phantom stranger's necklace. Once I have both of those at tier 2 I build spear of destiny. At that point I go to the optional items, I do not finish phantom stranger's or ruby of life until I have my full build. Normally having other items like mogo are more usefull than the stat increase of those two items.


    These are ordered by how viable I think they are:
    Fragment Of Mogo (3): Combined with your ult this is a dangerous active with a wonderfully short cooldown. The bit of attack armor is helpful but the health is what really pushes this item to the top of the optional list. 

    [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] : Slow all day with the passive ability on this, again health on this makes it perfect for this build. 

    Kryptonian War Armor (4): Next two items are counter build. If an enemy PD champion gets fed I’ll go for this for the extra power armor. Along with your other power armor from Spear of Destiny and Phantom Stranger’s Necklace you will be a force to be reckoned with. The passive also will also boost the healing from your passive and your Q

    Suit Of Sorrows (4): I take this if there are at least 2 fed ADC. Building it for just one champion is a waste as even a fed ADC will take a while to burn through your health.

    Psi-Scimitar (3): If you get fed and want to do some extra damage think about getting this. After every Q you will deal additional attack damage which makes for a deadly Joker.

    [[Batman's Utility Belt (3)]]: Health/Movespeed/Cooldown/Attackspeed you’d think this would be higher but I just don’t end up building it that often. Maybe it is the lackluster activated ability but if you find yourself wanting to try something different go ahead and give this item a whirl. 

    But Why Not… 

    [[Diana's Bracers (2)]]: You have enough health and sustain already, more certainly would be funny but once you build your core items your really want to focus more on damage or counter building. 

    [[Ra's al Ghul's Robe (2)]]: It takes a lot to kill you, any good team will kill you last and if you are dead coming back isn’t going to help anyone.

    Amulet Of Isis (3) I thought about putting this on the optionals because of the chase potential but really it is a better item on a support. If you really want this I suppose it won’t hurt but there are better choices.

    The Medusa Mask (4): Again you have the built in sustain save this item for squishier champions who need it and just play smarter. 

    Atlantean Royal Seal (4): The choice is either Atlantean and a PD Joker or Lobo’s and a AD Joker. This guide is for the AD variety see someone else about Atlantean. 

    Snack Time 

    This section is currently incomplete
    I plan on finishing notes on each champion move you can block and tips on blocking them. Then insert a color coded system to quickly show which moves you should always block, which you should sometimes block and which you shouldn't waste your cd with.

    Aquaman: (What to dodge and what to take changes based on whether Aquaman is AD or PD)
    Q- PD: Dodge this if it will not hit an ally behind you, otherwise block it. AD: Just take it to the face, move toward it to mitigate some of the damage.
    W- This is a hard one to block but is usually worth it as the knockdown length is annoying
    E- PD: sometimes it is good to block this as I beleive it does not count as havig hit you in that case denying him a second undertow. Need to test to be sure of that though. AD: Block, this is his most damaging ability.
    Ult-Block if you can no matter which one he uses, they are all annoying.

    Arcane Green Lantern:
    Q-Easy block if you really don’t want to be knocked up. There may be better things to block in the future though and it isn’t that hard to just dodge this.
    W-I haven’t messed around with this a lot but I seem to remember that you have to Snack Time before the slow to ignore it. Even if the slow hits though you can Snack Time and block the stun if you time that right.
    E-This is an easy block but the question is why do you want to? The damage is a joke.

    Atomic Green Lantern:
    Q-Let him pull you he is helping
    W-Yeah you can block this but the second one will hit you. The second explosion does work well as your own little speed pad though.
    E-I don’t think you can block the additional rad from this but haven’t tested
    Ult-It is always funny to block this baby you can almost hear the At-GL rage 

    Atomic Poison Ivy:
    Q-Only block this if you really need the speed.
    W-Easy block if she is using this on you it is because you are chasing or being chased so block it and get her!
    E- I can’t seem to get the block on this to stop the slow. Not sure what the deal is.

    Atomic Wonder Woman[/icon]Atomic Wonder Woman:
    Q-Not terribly hard to block but you are better off taking it
    W- Block this, if you listen you can hear her activate it.
    E- Only block this if you are trying to escape
    ​Ult- Block this if she ults you and then /taunt because, why did she ult you?

    Q- Easy speed boost also will deny him energy
    W- Easy speed boost also will block a stun
    E- Does not have as large of a tell as Martial Arts or Batarang also is only a debuff 

    Q- Block if you want to mitigate the damage.
    W- Better to block the whip strike over this but it is hard to tell which one is coming.
    E- NA
    ​Ult- NA

    Q- Blocking this is an easy speed boost and denies Cyborg extra damage.
    W- Blocks the slow good if you are chasing Cyborg and want to keep up.
    E- NA
    ​Ult- Long animation and easy to block. Block this one every time to piss Cyborg off.

    Q- Block the third one and keep yourself from being stunned.
    W-Not worth blocking
    E-Block every time, it is funny to see DD rush towards you then just stop.
    ​Ult- NA

    The Flash[/icon]The Flash
    Q- Block if you want to mitigate the damage.
    W- Block if you want to mitigate the damage
    E- I am unsure if you can block the damage he does by running through you but not sure if it would ever be worth it.
    ​Ult- It used to be very usefull to block the knock up at the end of this. Anymore it is better to just save snack time to block something else.

    Gaslight Batman[/icon]Gaslight Batman:
    Q- Block in team fights, this will deny him poke on your entire team.
    W- Block for easy speed boost
    E- Meh, not sure why you would want to block this. He is moving towards you and isn't doing much damage. Seems like a win win.
    ​Ult- Block if you want to mitigate the damage.

    Gaslight Catwoman[/icon]Gaslight Catwoman:
    Q-Blocking this will deny her the free ult. It is too hard, impossible almost, to block her ult so this isn't a bad decision.
    W-Block to mitigate the damage
    E- NA
    ​Ult- This has no visible tell, at least one that is humanly able to react to. You can sometimes get a premtive block but don't count on it. You are better off saving Snack Time for something else.

    Gaslight Joker[/icon]Gaslight Joker:
    Q-I am unsure if blocking this will deny the heal.
    W-Block this to avoid the fear.
    ​Ult-Blocking this is not worth it.

    Green Arrow:
    Q-The slow isn't that powerful normaly I'd save the snacktime for a different ability.
    W-I am pretty sure blocking this does nothing.
    E- I have yet to meet an arrow whose bombs do much more than tickle. That said if he gets one on you when you are low health block it, duh.
    ​Ult- Again most the time I'd rather take any of his arrows than waste my snack time on them. Block only if he is trying to snipe you at low health.

    Green Lantern:
    Q- Block always!!!
    W-Block this if you are running or chasing. If not save your snacktime to block the Q!!
    E- Save for blocking his Q
    ​Ult- The only thing that I'd ever block aside from Q on a regular basis. I'd still almost say it is better to take this to the face and then block the Q.

    Harley Quinn:
    Q- Don't bother blocking unless you want the speed boost
    W- Maybe block... I'd usually save snacktime though.
    E- NA
    ​Ult- Blocking this will mess her team up. Snacktime is underestimate a lot and if you are able to peel her team off of your knocked up teammates it is a win for you.

    Mecha Superman:
    Q-Normally you can take the stun and keep trucking, the silence would be more worrying to me. If you need to land a clutch ham that will mess you up.
    W- Block only if he will get the knockup with this. Otherwise easy to dodge.
    E- NA
    ​Ult- Snacktime behaves differently for some of these DoT AOE's, the joker's ult for example it will block the initial damage of the attack but doesn't seem to trigger for each tick as far as I can tell. This one needs more tests but I'd say normally you'd want to save snacktime.

    Mecha Wonder Woman:
    Q-Block this to mitigate damage, since her nerf I don't think it is as big of a deal though.
    W- It is hard to hit the block right on this and it really doesn't do that much damage.
    E- NA
    ​Ult- Block this for the move speed and ham and jump on her. Your team will thank you.

    Nightmare Batman:
    Q- Block if you are trying to escape. 
    W-I think that he still gets the energy even if you block this. I am unsure though.
    ​Ult- Hard to land but it can be done. I have gotten it maybe twice. Certainly worth an attempt if you are certain he will be ulting you not a teammate.

    Nightmare Superman:
    Q- Block to mitigate damage
    W- The best skill to block on NSupes. The vortex cc can be very annoying.
    E- Block to mitigate damage
    Ult- If somehow you can predict this yeah block it but good luck doing that. Better to save than try and guess in my opinion.

    Poison Ivy
    Q- A good choice to block if you think she will land it.
    W- Eh, block to mitigate damage I guess? If ivy is fed enough to make this hit you very hard then you have got problems this game.
    Ult-Again DoT abilities work in odd ways for Snacktime and I have not tested this out. From what little interaction I have had I think like joker's you need to cast snacktime before the DoT is placed down and then you will block the initial damage.


    Star Sapphire
    The Joker
    Wonder Woman
    Latest comments
    I like yur guide..Ham is my main..V3G3TA here...a couple of pointers though ...building Aegis , ruby, and diannas is a good idea because with the health regen, yur ult barely takes any life from u..perma slows..also note that Ham is an incredible jungle as well as laner.
    1:15 am, Apr 6th, 2014