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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Atomic Poison Ivy

    Atomic Poison Ivy - Let Me Wrap My Vines All Around You

    An Atomic Poison Ivy guide by MinervaDH
    Last updated: Feb 21st, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/twitchtv-minerva-dh-automic-poison-ivy-let-me-wrap-my-vines-all-
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
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    Stolen Powers
    ROLE: Atomic Poison Ivy is an Enforcer aka TANK. Her role is to jump into the middle of the fight and take the brunt of the damage. This allows her team to survive longer (with her absorbing the incoming damage) allowing them to position themselves in a way that allows them to get as much damage onto the enemy team as possible. Atomic Poison Ivy also has great lock down preventing enemies from both escaping you and chasing down your retreating allies.

    PLAYSTYLE: ALWAYS Focus the squishy Marksmen, Blasters, Controllers and Assassins! DO NOT attack other Tanks or Bruisers unless you need to (save an ally or prevent the enemy from getting their ULT off).  When attacking, pop your W or E to snare and slow them down while spamming you Q for damage. The Atlantean Royal Seal works AMAZING with her Q to slow down enemies! Pop Amulet of Isis to chase down or retreat and make sure you pop the Olympus Gambit (reduce damage taken by 25% and reduce damage dealt by 25% for 3s) to give your team more survivability in a fight. When helping an ally retreat pop your W to snare and/or your E to throw up your slow wall. The use of these skills will almost always allow you to save a retreating ally. Likewise, to prevent the enemy from escaping, lock them down with your W and throw down a wall to slow their retreat or the assistance of their teammates getting there in time. When it comes to her skills I focus on levelling her Q first for damage then her Passive. After that I like to level up her wall to use its scaling slow. Lastly I level up her W then her ultimate. I level her Ultimate last as I never find it's power armour buff more beneficial than her other skills and passive.  REMEMBER to adjust your build according to your team comp and the composition of the enemy AKA DON't BUILD Power Armour if they have no  Power Damage Heroes or IF their Power Damage champion is not doing enough damage to warrant it.

    [[Hawkman's Harness (3)]]
    Olympus Gambit (1) 
    NOTE:  After purchasing T1 Olympus Gambit, you want to level up Harness all the way. When you have 1500 credits, salvage the harness and build up Suit of Sorrows fully.

    Suit Of Sorrows (4) - Health, attack armour and attack damage reflect
    Olympus Gambit (4) -  Give +15 Attack/Power Armor & 10 Health Regen/10s for all nearby allies.
    Amulet Of Isis (3) - Speed buff for attacking or retreating!
    Atlantean Royal Seal (4) - Skills cause enemies to lose movement speed

    Cosmic Staff (3) - Damage (Damage over time and health/regen decreased)

    [[Mirror Master's Prism (4)]]- Health, Power Armour/Reflect (build if there are a lot of blaster on the team.
    Fragment Of Mogo (3)- Health, Attack armour and activate to deal damage over time to all nearby enemies.

    Bleed Portal - Great for sneaking back to top or ganking bottom
    [[Lobo's Chain (4)]] -  Health and Attack Damamg. Even though API is Power this item a GREAT option if you find your enemies escaping you. Its Passive: Basic Attacks Slow your target's Move Speed by 30%, decaying over 2s


    [[Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave]] -  I LOVE this Healing Wave over any other as it give you additional Attack & Power Armour when you need it most: DO NOT pop this when you are already nearly dead. You want to pop it earlier so you don't risk dying before your team can get there. Also if another enemy is coming to 2v1 you, you want to have as much health as possible to survive until your team comes to finish them off.

    [[Doomsday's Invulnerability]] - Sit in the thick of it all and pop your Invulnerability! Remember this is best used to escape or stay in a fight. If you intend to stay in a fight DO NOT wait until you are nearly dead! What you SHOULD do instead, is pop it when you are at mid health (earlier depending on  how quick your health is going down) and it looks like you won't escape. You want to use it more to STAY in a fight until your allies can position themselves properly to do the damage!

    Mods: I choose to get the extra MOD buff of Armour for the Olympus Gambit to help out allies more in team fights. The Suit of Sorrows mod creating more attack damage reflect is great against those pesky Marksmen and Assassins. Lastly the extra Slow on the Atlantean Royal Seal is an awesome match up for her Q skill.
    Augments: I focus on health, attack armour and power armour! I like to have a well balanced starting point for surviving the beginning game show down at the top of the map.
    Latest comments
    Awesome! I hope it treats you well. Let me know if you get in a team where you can use the bleed portal! Bleed Portal is SUPER fun in a well coordinated group ^.^
    12:09 pm, Feb 6th, 2015
    Great guide! I'll be using this the next time I play Atomic Poison Ivy! (Which will probably be in the next few minutes!)
    11:23 am, Feb 6th, 2015
    Awesome! I hope it treats you well. Let me know if you get in a team where you can use the bleed portal! Bleed Portal is SUPER fun in a well coordinated group ^.^ I posted this as its own comment instead of a reply LOL ><
    9:34 pm, Feb 6th, 2015