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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Swamp Thing

    Widows How to be a EnforcerTank they FEAR JuNgLe

    A Swamp Thing guide by Widowmaker116
    Last updated: Apr 11th, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2226-Swamp-Thing-Widows-How-to-be-a-EnforcerTank-they-FEAR-J
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    Ability levelling order
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    Starter items
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    Stolen Powers

    I Am the Avatar of the Green
    Can you say that and mean it? I can.

    Let me show you how to save the 'Green' and get all the ladies.

    So lets get to it guys,


    Hey everyone, my name is Widowmaker116 in game, and this is my POKE the face out of the enemy, and live to tell the tale team Swamp Thing guide. This is my first official guide I have put a lot of work into and I'm happy with what I've produced so far, this is what works for me, and should for you to. I thank you for the time for your looking at my guide and I hope that you greet me with a comment below.

    P.S I am looking for someone who can make really good Swamp Thing banners, please message me if you're interested in helping out, I'll give credit where it's due in my guide. Thanks all.


    - Insane Map Presence for objectives and lanes with
    - Very very very Tanky late game with his ultimate
    - Able to disengage from fights that are turning sour through the use of his Ultimate and
    - Great CC with his and his
    - Most effective with follow ups
    - God Mode


    - If you do NOT land your Skill shot abilities it can be very devastating and you'll not be effective in your role as tank/poke
    - Somewhat team reliant on following up after use of skills
    - Over Zealous

    Skill Explanation

    His Passive is a wonderful thing. If you can make trades happen when you wish to do some recovering that Health Pool back after trading it out with your enemy. At max level, which should be maxed 4th second from last before Tusks Swamp Things W.

    --------- ----------------------------------------------- Tips and Tricks------------------------------------------------------------------

    Try and take advantage of this passive by trading most when it's off CD.

    Here we have Swamp Things Vine Leash, you can Stun you can Slow 2 people and Speedyourself up while doing so. The amount of times you can run around Turtle slapping units and enemy while you have the enemy zoned is hilarious ALSO you're able to land your E easier after landing a Q how about that(Q is a Knock-up)

    -------------------------------------------------------- Tips and Tricks------------------------------------------------------------------

    With my itemization build you're able to be devastating to the enemy applying Cosmic staff burn to multiple enemys if not their entire team with the use your E also. Take ADVANTAGE of this fact.

    Also don't be so HASTY to just spam 2 Vines on him instantly, judge the situation....... is he a class that can get away? .... How far is he on my teams lane? The reason being because you want to slow him for as long as possible then root that bugger right there!

    Holy mother of earth, this ability right here makes Swamp Thing a REAL TERROR right here if used correctly early on to instill fear upon your enemys knowing that when you're not in sight on a lane you could be THERE ripe and ready to venge a Warrior Kings Death by you. Not to mention the fact you can be ganking someone in bot lane or top right after you take the relay, yes guys that's objectives! judge the situation and decide what's best at this present time.

    -------------------------------------------------------- Tips and Tricks------------------------------------------------------------------

    1. Best to place in stealth pads for the extra sneakyness
    2. You can be there at a moments notice ready to counter gank a gank! Hell YEAH
    3. In top lane where the blasters mostly reside you can place up near the relay and gank from behind if the guys being over safe and FIST PUNCH E him into your enemy then landing a double vine for a short root

    Earth strike can make your enemy's scared to even go in you keep punishing them by their bad placement on the map. If you're able to catch their Blaster and their Marksmen with this ability you can get them to 80% hp and that makes them NOT want to engage, now I haven't talked about this much but I think it's very very effective in giving presence and playing mind games with them because when you engage they are going to be running scared and there not going to be focused to want to fight the good fight.

    -------------------------------------------------------- Tips and Tricks------------------------------------------------------------------

    1. You can Knock enemy's to you and your team
    2. You can Knock enemy's away from you and your team to peel
    3. You can knock enemy's up to
    4. If you have trouble using this knock-up ability fear not you can Q to slow them first with vine and then use your knock-up, just take your time and have patience
    5. Try to hit as many enemy's as you can so they can feel the Earth burn

    This right here, NEVER do I repeat myself NEVER underestimate this ability you can Swiftly end your enemy's and troll day in and day out with this Ultimate. Yes I said it, you can be DAMAGE you can be #LiveLord just when they thought they killed you, then you peace out with Husk and laugh in their face as you fade out for a RnR session across the map.

    -------------------------------------------------------- Tips and Tricks------------------------------------------------------------------

    The Key to using Swamps Ultimate correctly can win you easy games. I'd like to discuss when you can use this ultimate to kill their MVP targets aka BLASTER and MARKSMEN. IF by some reason their MARKSMEN is winning their fights and you see such events happening before your eyes use your ULTIMATE right now and end that persons very existence on the map. Because at any moment they could come back to try and attempt to peel YOU ha! yes that happens and the second that happens you can laugh and know that you've done your job/role as Enforcer(Tank) soaking up damage and destroying their team

    Using his ultimate to #LiveLord plenty of ways to make the enemy think you're going to die when you just spring back to life with more hp they can even imagine and ability to fight to the death if needed(yes I have cleaned up their entire team once when all was lost and I was the sole survivor) that combined with his Passive also.


    - Marauder Ring (1)
    - Modular Health Vial (2)

    - Cosmic Staff (1)
    - Kryptonian War Armor (1)
    - Suit Of Sorrows (1)

    - Cosmic Staff (3)
    - Kryptonian War Armor (3)
    - Suit Of Sorrows (3)


    - Cosmic Staff (3)
    - Suit Of Sorrows (3)
    - Kryptonian War Armor (3)
    - Olympus Gambit (4)


    - Cosmic Staff (3)
    - Suit Of Sorrows (3)
    - Kryptonian War Armor (3)
    - Olympus Gambit (4)
    - Booster Gold's Power Suit (3)
    - Ruby Of Life (4)

    Item Descriptions:

    Marauder Ring (1) I prefer getting my Cosmic staff rush ASAP but you can build tier 2 Marauders Ring if you don't feel comfortable doing so. I normally purchase tier 1 cosmic right after elites after heading up to the quads (4 Jungle mobs)

    Cosmic Staff (3) CORE Does good damage and makes them burn!

    Suit Of Sorrows (4) CORE Very good against the Attack Damage characters despite the nerfs that reflect items received

    Kryptonian War Armor (3)CORE!This is part of THE core item build it makes his PASSIVE and his ULTIMATE even better!

    Olympus Gambit (4)CORE The item just makes you so effective the and the active is just godly because it is % based reduction

    Ruby Of Life (4) CORE You want to build this item right after Gambit because crits don't get reflected by MARKSMEN so you need to have that HP to sustain and be in their face

    Support/Tank/Bot lane

    Yes Support Swamp Thing is a well THING :> you can tank bot lane and carry your lane and take an early tower, also contesting enemy relays.




    I think HP late game for game is mandatory being that MARSKMEN can crit and BLASTERS do a heavy ton of damage.

    Also the other reason I picked these Amps because I feel you need the movement speed to catch up to your enemy's and not let them get away.


    You need this in order to be way more effective as Swamp Thing with my build and it's core Mod.

    This is Mandatory yet again the extra 10% you gain from this is just heaven compliment Swamp Things Passive and Ultimate

    Now I prefer the quicker stacking myself (Accelerated Mod) because I want to get that extra Health as fast as possible, you might like the other 2 options.

    Stolen Powers:

    Robins Surv cams. Now I originally took Green Arrows cams and used to clean Surv Cams and such but they'd just be with Robin cams and replace them instantly. So That's why I run Robins Surv cams over all others.

    Atomic Jokers Detonate. I take this for decreasing the clear time which helps a ton. Quicker up for Objectives.

    Less backing time, more time to farm gank lanes.

    With Surv cams you should be placing them in key points.

    Latest comments
    Dude, this guide looks incredible! Fantastic job!
    6:58 pm, Apr 7th, 2015