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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


    Infinite Crisis builds for Krypto

    Jungle Boogie? More like Jungle DOGGIE

    A Krypto guide by masamunekaigen
    Last updated: Apr 1st, 2015
    Link to guide: www.dawnbase.com/guides/2380-Krypto-Jungle-Boogie-More-like-Jungle-DOGGIE
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    Ability levelling order
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
    Starter items
    Core items
    Offensive items
    Defensive items
    Situational items
    Stolen Powers
    This guide is more for reasonably experienced Krypto players (I recommend you be at least comfortable with how his kit works in his usual role before trying this) and it is a Krypto that dips into the jungle in a 2-1-2 line-up, or full on is a second jungler. Krypto actually has pretty decent camp clear times once you get used to it and if you go into a lane with the mentality of feeding the lane kills, can be quite rewarding whether you get kills or not. You can also support the second jungler with double ganks, or piggyback for ganks with an ally like a Arcane Green Lantern or Superman when they initiate with their global ults.

    Some quick disclaimers:

    - First off, this doesn't work super well in solo-queue since most of the time allies won't know how to properly bone your enemies. This works best with good team communication and allies that have played with Krypto before. Even then, he is nowhere near a top tier jungler in a traditional sense. More a roaming support.

    - Second, go into the options and turn off the thing that makes you auto-attack things nearby. If you have that on, your clear times will SUUUUUUCK because you won't be able to consistently use your E in its' empowered form.

    - Finally, Krypto isn't very bursty, so you are going to need to coordinate your ganks with allies. You will hit pretty hard in this build, but you aren't someone that can solo gank bot lane. Act like you are a tank jungler, as you pretty much are. When the team fights hit, you are going to play like a support that also wants to consume the souls of enemy squishies.

    Mod Musings:

    Deadshot's Visor (3) - Wait... an AD item on a PD champ? Krypto has the highest attack damage of any Controller and relies heavily on his auto-attacks for damage. This gives you Will, AD, and speeds up your slow auto-attacks. Modded this will give you an entire 60 AD (20 extra from bonus will) once you have your other core items built. The toggle on it also scales bonus damage off your Will when toggled on and gives you a bit of extra Will recuperation when toggled off. Good stuff.

    Metallo's Heart (3) - Health for more tankiness and extra attack speed slows to your foes when you are near them. Many say put on the mod that raises the slow by 5%, but with your E the extra 5% is mostly irrelevant. Get more armor instead. Krypto is very item dependant and anything to make him more tanky without taking up more slots is good.

    Helm Of Fate (3) - Like before, more tankiness in less slots. This item gives a nice tick of power damage to work with your scalings and the mod makes the power armor quite respectable. the active on it will also turn your power armor into more damage.

    Note: Though not modded here, or listed as Core I highly reccomend Cosmic Staff (3) with how vials work these days. Plus, the extra damage over time getting tacked on your dash and empowered howl is very good.

    Build Order: After getting your jungling item up to tier 3 start either Deadshot's to enhance ganks and clear times or Abin Sur's Lantern so that you can get it stacked as soon as possible, then build the other. After that, get a situational defense item (Suited to the lane you gank most, the overall most abundant damage type on the enemy team, or Steel's Breastplate if ganks are not an option or you are really ahead and comfortable with your play. If you go Steel's then shield up with greater dedication to make up for the lower armor). After that, go with a mix of offense and defense, making sure you build both types as needed. Krypto (as of the writing of this guide) does not get per level Power Armor scaling like every other melee champ, so be mindful of that.

    Augment Arguments:

    Every slot above has cooldown reduction in it. This is mostly to compensate for not leveling Q quickly. You can change these if you like, but you should stick to mods that give you defense in some fashion. MORE TANKY LESS SLOTS!!!

    Stolen Powers:

    Green Arrow's Surveillance Camera is my personal preference because it practically gives you X-Ray Vision in the same slot so you can bust up enemy cams for more resources. It does have one less charge though. Alternatively go with Robin's Surveillance Camera for more charges. I also occasionally run Gaslight Batman's Surveillance Camera because the added vision range is good for keeping an eye on the Doomsday device. If you want something else in this slot Superman's Super Strength is nice for clearing, more shortcuts, and more Attack Damage or if you are more support inclined than jungle Krypto's Healing Wave, Arcane Green Lantern's Healing Wave, or Poison Ivy's Healing Wave by preference. Teleport of some variety is also nice for roaming.

    Detonate is pretty much "If you are jungling, take this every time." so I don't need to explain this. Harley Quinn's Detonate scales with your Power Damage, but Atomic Joker's Detonate is equally good for its lower cooldown.

    Skill Leveling Reasoningifications:

    Start with Q every game all the time regardless of situation. This and your passive are the bulk of your kit. Once you have unlocked your Q, W, and E immediately level your passive next for much improved clear times and better rooting. Anyone that tells you to do otherwise is a lunatic. Without that first rank, the root practically does not exist and you really shouldn't need the extra damage and cooldown on Fetch this early. Now that your root actually exists, you can either max Q first (more dashing and dash damage), your passive first (better clear), or alternate. The passive is important as your E's damage is based entirely off of it, and even in a laning environment it is slightly better for helping push and clear than your dash is. Plus EVERYTHING in your kit gains something from it.

    After maxing Q and passive, max your shield. The slow from you E isn't as vital, especially if you are packing Metallo's Heart. Level your Ult whenever you can, and max your E last.

    Some General Strats:

    - If you are more jungler than roaming support having the team invade the enemy mid-camps (the drones near the big taco on the enemy side) is a good idea. You'll want to have them heavily focus the jungler(s). Krypto is not a high tier jungler, so any hindrance to the growth of the enemy junglers is good. While they are dead, put cameras up in their jungle so you can safely steal a few camps.
    - Have great, not just good, map awareness. Use your cams and keep an eye on the other junglers as much as possible and coordinate with your team like it's your religion.
    - Counter jungle like you are the enemy jungler's crazy ex. Once you have your clears going quick and have a good track on the jungler's position, steal their camps at any opportunity you aren't using to gank. Whenever you can do so without getting far behind, counter gank.
    - As said before, don't gank with the mentality of a typical jungler ("NEED MORE SOULS! OM-NOM-NOM-NOM!"). Go for getting the harass and kill sure, but you are not hugely bursty. Assists are good and you are very supportive. If the lane gets fed, you are still doing well. You are more a support/jungler hybrid role so you should go in with that mentality. Gank when the person in the lane can kill them or counter gank the enemy.

    Some Tricks:

    - If you time it when the locomotion move starts, you can use Q's dash to follow an ally holding your bone as they use a dash or teleport. This is good for fleeing a battle or double ganking by riding along on global ults like Superman's (Man and Dog jungle OP).
    - Your ally can hold your bone indefinitely. If you are one of two junglers you can give your bone to an ally and wander. The enemy will see the Krypto bone, but not you, and might be wary. You can also use this sometimes to pop suddenly into the lane (like when you anticipate an incoming gank), as the bone dash has an enormous range on it (3000 units, which is about 3 Joker punchy lengths (about from Coast City's bot tower to around where raider is). However, never do this when your Detonate is on Cooldown, as you will lack clearing ability (though it isn't so bad if you have Deadshot's switched on and a will item or two.
    - You can initiate quite suddenly with your W "Man's Best Friend". It dashes fairly long fixed distance when used on a targeted ally champion or minion. Thus you can use this on an ally the enemy is close to get sharply behind the foe WITH A SHIELD ON. This shouldn't be your primary means of initiation (it can be imprecise), but it has the advantage of being unexpected, the shield, and not as telegraphed as the bone. Dropping your bone or giving it to an ally can also let you get right back out after snapping at them tasty haunches (slowing them as you pass through) then follow with a howl or root bite from a safe position. With a proper bone position, this can work well with my next point.
    - Krypto can proc items like Psi-Scimitar and Batman's Utility Belt in rapid succession very easily. Your Q's toss and dash BOTH count as seperate procs, so you can use this to your advantage sometimes. In the previous point you could (theoretically) trigger such items three or four times. Once on the shield initiate, another time on a bone toss, another time on a bone dash, and another on a howl. Maybe even a fifth time off your ult.
    - Unless you are trying to get foes into a particular spot with the drag of your ult, try to clip them with the edge so the dragtakes longer. Also keep in mind that this can not only be used to line up things like Green Arrow's or Gasbat's ults, but can sometimes drag foes back into the maws of melee champs. The cooldown is low, so be a playmaker with this thing.

    I hope you liked the guide! Happy hunting!
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