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  • Infinite Crisis has shut down.

    With its departure, Dawnbase will be going into permanent read-only mode and will remain as both an archive of information about Infinite Crisis, and a reminder of the times we all had with the game.

    Hats off to you all. It was a pleasure, ladies and gentlemen.


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    Total Cost:

    Deadshot's Visor 750

    Tier 1

    + 150 Will

    + 10 Attack Damage

    + 8 Attack Speed

    Total Cost:

    Deadshot's Visor 1,750

    Tier 2

    + 250 Will

    + 30 Attack Damage

    + 15 Attack Speed

    Total Cost:

    Deadshot's Visor 3,000

    + 300 Will

    + 40 Attack Damage

    + 30 Attack Speed

    Intensity: When toggled on, Basic Attacks and single-target skills cost an additional 4% Current Will and deal bonus Attack Damage equal to 150% of the Will consumed. When toggled off, Basic Attacks restore 2% Max Will on hit.

    One of the devices worn by the assassin Deadshot to ensure he never misses his target. This visor can magnify objects at great distances and provides real-time telemetry on environmental conditions. This data helps guarantee that its wearer's attacks hit their mark.

    Modifiers available for Deadshot's Visor

    Empowered Deadshot's Visor
    Force of Will 2: Grants Attack Damage equal to 2% Bonus Will. (Tier 3)
    Enhanced Deadshot's Visor
    +200 Will (Tier 2)
    Optimized Deadshot's Visor
    350 Credits Off (Tier 4)

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